Weekend Nuggets: August ’93 Encore


Carrying Friday’s focus into the weekend, here are two more complete shows from August ’93. Once I get the archive caught up (hopefully next week,) most of August, and much of July will be available for download in one place. Until then, enjoy a couple more from this phenomenal era.


8.16.93 American Theatre, St.Louis, MO < Torrent

8.16.93 American Theatre, St.Louis, MO < Megaupload

American Theatre - St. Louis, MO

I: Axilla, Possum, Horn, Reba, Sparkle, Foam, I Didn’t Know, Split Open and Melt, The Squirming Coil

II: Mike’s Song > Faht > Weekapaug Groove, Mound, It’s Ice, My Friend, My Friend, Poor Heart, Big Ball Jam, Take the ‘A’ Train, Good Times Bad Times

E: Amazing Grace, Rocky Top

Source: Nakamichi 300 Omnis


8.17.93 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS < Torrent

8.17.93 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS < Megaupload

Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS

I: Wilson, Llama, Guelah Papyrus, The Divided Sky, Weigh > Maze, Fluffhead, Fast Enough for You, Daniel Saw the Stone

II: 2001 > David Bowie, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Rift, Suzy Greenberg, You Enjoy Myself > Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, My Sweet One, Cavern

E: Memories, Fire

Source: Unknown


Jam of the Weekend:

YEM > Halley’s > Slave” 8.6.93 II

This classic segment of the Cincinnati Zoo’s second set featured a “Cocaine” jam in “YEM,” and the first “Slave” since October ’91.




“Glide” – 7.21.93, Middletown, NY (H.O.R.D.E.)

“Fast Enough For You” – 8.8.93, Cleveland, OH

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483 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: August ’93 Encore”

  1. Gavinsdad Says:

    Just havin fun, you guys already got a ton of keepers

  2. stitchstash Says:

    You said this would be like a DMB show crossed with a rave.

    This sucks! I’m going back to the parking lot.

  3. beepaphone Says:

    14) This whole custie/w00k thing is played out…

    …unless you are a w00k…then you’re fair game.

  4. stitchstash Says:

    re: 14)

    ……unless you’re selling blazers.

  5. beepaphone Says:

    “I am not a w00k”


    Sorry. That was terrible, but I had to.

  6. stitchstash Says:

    It’s makes sense that they would hire the little person wookette nitrous scout. I’m sure she’s half the price. You know, because she wears an eye patch. She really only has one good eye for the job. It probably helps keep costs down for them. With $10 balloons they’re making a huge profit.

  7. beepaphone Says:

    But I always heard LP’s earned double

  8. Gavinsdad Says:

    @beep: it’s only march and I’m already lamenting not being able to sample your BBQ skills this summer at DC. The wife is cool, but I couldn’t clear the DC trip (I’m doing both NCs earlier in June). Maybe a care package delivered by a midget wookette?

  9. stitchstash Says:

    Really? I thought I was on to something with that one.

  10. stitchstash Says:

    Your having a BBQ @ Deer Creek, beepaphone? My husband and I will be there. The Friday show is my birthday. You will be missed Gavinsdad.

  11. Col4bin Says:

    Got this in my inbox today, I’m sure most of you have seen it but for those that have not yet…..


  12. Gavinsdad Says:

    Stitch – what shows ru planning on hitting? I forget where you’re located…

  13. Mitch Says:

    How we gonna kick it? Gonna kick it w00k down!

    I havent read them, but caught on to what you guys are doing. Thats my input for now until I read the rest.

  14. stitchstash Says:

    Gavinsdad, I did get back to you the other night when you asked, I wasn’t sure if you saw. I’m planning on 8. Ohio, SPAC, Canandaigua, DC and Alpine. Are you only doing the NC shows?

  15. Col Forbin Says:

    where did my pic go? Maybe I used a different name, I’ll try it this way.

  16. Gavinsdad Says:

    Missed ya…were ships in the nite…I’m getting Hershey, the camdens, both NCs, and both JBs. Woulda been cool to meet a couple more of the BB women (met Wendy at MSG). You’ll have a tad time at those 8 and I’m sure alot of new bb bonds will be made 🙂

  17. Forbin Says:

    maybe just forbin

  18. Mitch Says:

    Never skip the skip show
    The boys reward those who travel
    ^i know you were working on the 2nd line. still not perfect but a diff idea.

  19. stitchstash Says:

    I haven’t met anybody yet. It would be nice to get to know some of you this summer. It might be a little hard to convince my husband for any pre-show activities but Water Wheel meet ups could work.

  20. stitchstash Says:

    I usually visit the Water Wheel during set break. If anybody is going to the above shows and would like to have meet up, that would fun. Otherwise, I’m game for in show dance parties.

  21. Robear Says:

    @ Mitch,

    which one’s the skip show(s) from the summer tour?

  22. Gavinsdad Says:

    @robear: seems like the skip money is on canandaigua, but Im also wondering about that Portsmouth VA show.

  23. joe Says:

    I read that wrong. thought it said slow dance parties (show dance parties makes much more sense). wasn’t sure what your husband would say about that.

  24. joe Says:

    he’s not up for hanging out pre-show, probably wouldn’t want to play last song of the 8th grade dance with us 🙂

  25. stitchstash Says:

    We could all just slow dance at the Water Wheel. There’s no way he’d be against that idea.

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