Weekend Nuggets: August ’93 Encore


Carrying Friday’s focus into the weekend, here are two more complete shows from August ’93. Once I get the archive caught up (hopefully next week,) most of August, and much of July will be available for download in one place. Until then, enjoy a couple more from this phenomenal era.


8.16.93 American Theatre, St.Louis, MO < Torrent

8.16.93 American Theatre, St.Louis, MO < Megaupload

American Theatre - St. Louis, MO

I: Axilla, Possum, Horn, Reba, Sparkle, Foam, I Didn’t Know, Split Open and Melt, The Squirming Coil

II: Mike’s Song > Faht > Weekapaug Groove, Mound, It’s Ice, My Friend, My Friend, Poor Heart, Big Ball Jam, Take the ‘A’ Train, Good Times Bad Times

E: Amazing Grace, Rocky Top

Source: Nakamichi 300 Omnis


8.17.93 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS < Torrent

8.17.93 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS < Megaupload

Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS

I: Wilson, Llama, Guelah Papyrus, The Divided Sky, Weigh > Maze, Fluffhead, Fast Enough for You, Daniel Saw the Stone

II: 2001 > David Bowie, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Rift, Suzy Greenberg, You Enjoy Myself > Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, My Sweet One, Cavern

E: Memories, Fire

Source: Unknown


Jam of the Weekend:

YEM > Halley’s > Slave” 8.6.93 II

This classic segment of the Cincinnati Zoo’s second set featured a “Cocaine” jam in “YEM,” and the first “Slave” since October ’91.




“Glide” – 7.21.93, Middletown, NY (H.O.R.D.E.)

“Fast Enough For You” – 8.8.93, Cleveland, OH

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483 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: August ’93 Encore”

  1. Mr.Miner Says:

    maybe the fuck should be “kindly shut the fuck up.”?

    food for thought…..

  2. Mr.Miner Says:

    see post about shirt on p.12….

  3. beepaphone Says:

    I strongly urge a post about pockets…mine or someone elses.

    All about the subtle references, peeps

  4. beepaphone Says:

    In other news….how bout them Butler Bulldogs? Indy is about to be a zoo. Can’t wait.

  5. EL Duderino Says:

    @ beep

    ixnay on the Perdue avatar.

  6. joe Says:

    just went back and listened to the Roses from cypress that was posted the other day. A nice song ease my way into the morning. That’s some real communitcating/summoning the aliens music towards the last half of the jam. Would any really have been surprised if the UFO landed in the everglades at that moment in time?

  7. Gavinsdad Says:

    With all this “reflection” on 1993, I looked back at my own experience that year. The spring found me pretty torn down in Fort Collins, CO. I was months from putting myself in rehab after 6 years of dead tour, and a couple years of Phish mixed in. I was only 23.

    It’s hard to explain what a massive shift I made in my life, I literally hid in Florida…3 months of rehab…then I was invited to live at my parents house…a vote of confidence by them…I re-entered college that fall, and set my sights on finishing a degree a had left behind when I got kicked out of Colo st U in Dec of 1990. Phish played in Florida in late ’93, but my advisors (parents, aftercare therapists and the like) said I should stay away. Over the next 14 years, figuring out a “safe” way to mix music with recovery was a focus of mine, and an interesting tighrope walk.

    In Dec I gathered up my strenghth and conviction and took a trip up to the NYC area to stay with my old friends in GSW. My buddy Thomas calls me to say that he had an xtra for the Dec New haven show, so we set off for the show in the whipping snow. My re-entry was instantaneous, I found some hallway space behind the stage, what would become a sweaty little portal, and let the music I loved, played from a fishtank set no less!!, wash over me. Ran into the Timer. Danced my ass off. Shed some emotional weight. Rejoiced.

    I’ve always lamnted my “one show year” but it was what needed to happen at that time. I needed to build a foundation where I took care of myself, and didn’t just attend shows to get faded. My new focus at new Haven would serve as a launching pad for dozens more sober shows, shows that brought me immense joy. I’m just so glad that I can now go back and revisit all this 93 music, and experience the bands mastery, and know that in the end, I really didn’t miss a thing. It was with me the entire time.

    Let’s look for the magic in 2010. It can happen at any time, perhaps for some of you in the only show you can get to this year.

  8. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Great post Gdad. Preach it my man. That New haven show was the night i fell for the Phish. Remember it vividly. The snow, the aquarium, the music . that was the stepping stone for me.

  9. Gavinsdad Says:

    Thx mr p. A wave of positive nostalgia washed over me. And I know that show opened u up as well. By the way, that was the Thomas who was with us at TAB at Term 5 🙂

  10. Mitch Says:

    I’m with bk on the phish always wins. Didn’t know it was green board and I was drunk at a bar when I said I wouldn’t buy one. We all know I’ll buy one anyway. Who am I kidding?

    I think next show is the best show is better without the always in there.

    Beep is right tho. Pockets fucking suck.

    nice share dude. One show year, hope I don’t have any of those coming up tho.

  11. Mitch Says:

    One f bomb? Really gotta make it count.

    Pockets fucking suck. Or
    fuck pockets.
    ^those are just for fun, prob don’t wanna waste the one fuck on pockets, but it’s true.

    Gonna go read what sumodie said now.

  12. Mitch Says:

    And I rocked the jukebox last night. Dude in the bar said “what’s up with this phish? Least you could do is play some dead”

    so I walked to the jukebox, found a dark star from 71 I think on a dicks picks and pressed play. That’s what he gets. I like being at a bar where I actually hear the music I pick instead of leaving before it gets to them cause somebody clogged it all.

  13. Mr.Palmer Says:

    should have played Kung on repeat 8 times!

  14. pagesidehighschool Says:

    My vote is for “never trust a wook in a blazer” with a picture of chewy in a tux

  15. Mr.Palmer Says:

    there are so many great ideas for the shirt already. just think, Neemor and BTB haven’t even chimed in yet. Two of the funnier cats on here.

  16. jdub Says:

    @gdad, thanks for sharing your story! 93 was a great year for you and the band. Nipping that stuff in the but at a young age is something to be very proud of. My cousin had a serious drinking problem before he was 21, almost killed himself and a pack of bikers. He hasn’t had a drink since and it saved his life.

    The list idea is a good one, we have to refine the list with humor and wit but we have a great start.

    Positivity can be be contagious.
    So would you kindly shut the fuck up while the band is playing.

  17. jdub Says:

    @Mitch, killing him with kindness always works.

  18. jdub Says:

    A w00k in need, will be your friend indeed.

  19. joe Says:

    a nice way to piss people off at the bar is a good, long vocal jam too.

  20. jdub Says:

    I’ve been guilty of using phish as jukebox weapon of choice. When I’m particularly annoyed at peoples song selections I go for Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner followed by Mike’s from Slip Stich and Pass. Get’s a strange look from everybody, particularly when they have it turned up real loud and Hendrix starts screaching in the middle of our national anthem.

  21. pagesidehighschool Says:

    My jukebox litmus test is hall and oats “I can’t go for that” if you’re down, you’re cool with me, it helps that it’s on all oldschool jukes. On the new intranet ones, I go for spinal taps sex farm>big bottom

  22. pagesidehighschool Says:

    A question for deadheads, in alligator does pigpen say “out of the river all fugly and green”? Was fugly even a phrase back then? I heard a version on gd radio (xm) the other day, thought I heard fugly

  23. jdub Says:

    Pigpen might of been slurring his speach, thus creating a new adjective.

  24. Angryjoggerz Says:

    “thought I heard fugly”


  25. ThePigSong Says:

    thanks for sharing gdad – you bring such a positive sentiment to this board. I really should kill more time here!

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