Weekend Nuggets: August ’93 Encore


Carrying Friday’s focus into the weekend, here are two more complete shows from August ’93. Once I get the archive caught up (hopefully next week,) most of August, and much of July will be available for download in one place. Until then, enjoy a couple more from this phenomenal era.


8.16.93 American Theatre, St.Louis, MO < Torrent

8.16.93 American Theatre, St.Louis, MO < Megaupload

American Theatre - St. Louis, MO

I: Axilla, Possum, Horn, Reba, Sparkle, Foam, I Didn’t Know, Split Open and Melt, The Squirming Coil

II: Mike’s Song > Faht > Weekapaug Groove, Mound, It’s Ice, My Friend, My Friend, Poor Heart, Big Ball Jam, Take the ‘A’ Train, Good Times Bad Times

E: Amazing Grace, Rocky Top

Source: Nakamichi 300 Omnis


8.17.93 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS < Torrent

8.17.93 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS < Megaupload

Memorial Hall - Kansas City, KS

I: Wilson, Llama, Guelah Papyrus, The Divided Sky, Weigh > Maze, Fluffhead, Fast Enough for You, Daniel Saw the Stone

II: 2001 > David Bowie, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Rift, Suzy Greenberg, You Enjoy Myself > Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, My Sweet One, Cavern

E: Memories, Fire

Source: Unknown


Jam of the Weekend:

YEM > Halley’s > Slave” 8.6.93 II

This classic segment of the Cincinnati Zoo’s second set featured a “Cocaine” jam in “YEM,” and the first “Slave” since October ’91.




“Glide” – 7.21.93, Middletown, NY (H.O.R.D.E.)

“Fast Enough For You” – 8.8.93, Cleveland, OH

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483 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: August ’93 Encore”

  1. c0wfunk Says:

    verno I was at that show and just about fell asleep by the end. Half of that was my fault having had like 3 hours of sleep but I remember being generally unimpressed (was pretty jaded at the time…)

  2. Mr. Completely Says:

    To be clear, in case you missed it, there’s a good chance whatever list we end up with will get printed on the back of the 2.0 PT Benefit T.

    That’s the point of this discussion…not just, uh, academic

  3. joe Says:

    * we will all be divorced or single by the time Phish call it quits again ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. voopa Says:

    12) Happy birthday Mr. P!

  5. Mr. Completely Says:

    FWIW I was also thinking we could do it this way, combining a rule and a tagline, e.g.

    Shut the fuck up during the music
    if someone is talking too much, kill them w/ kindness and puff โ€˜em down til they canโ€™t talk at all.

    With the second part in a smaller font. Only works if we have a second line for each.

    I’m not gonna be able to hang out for a bit – will someone please keep a running list of all serious suggestions? I’d appreciate it

  6. joe Says:

    also – we could come up with parody screen names if you still are into that idea of making it look like a thread.

  7. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Mitch

    I made it to the USPs office before noon and sent those 4 ABB DVD’s to you.

    I put the discs in those nice sleeves you sent my Island DVD’s in so you’ll have them back.

    Thanks again.

    I hope you enjoy what I’ve sent you!


  8. joe Says:

    for instance when my girlfriend makes fun of me for posting here she likes to ask how YEMLover420 is doing.

  9. lastwaltzer Says:

    @Mr. C- I like the second idea much better.

  10. c0wfunk Says:

    lol @yemlover420

  11. Robear Says:

    -Stop by the Waterwheel Booth and Kick-down before you get down.

    verno, I was at that 11/18/98 show. It was a bit underwhelming.

    Too many expectations:

    southern town, small venue, college campus

    -Expectations, the source of disappointment

    wanna check out huggiebears least fave’s?

    Waterloo ’95
    Pima Az. ’99

  12. EL Duderino Says:

    CM just put out a fix GD shnid#106116

    The pitch was too fast therefore had to be redone.

    GD 8/28/82 Oregon County Faire – Veneta, OR.


    Workingman’s Tracker:


  13. kayatosh Says:

    salutations, BB. Finished Mrs. Tosh’s list of chores fpr me to do while she’s out w/ kids. all done and time to rebane. popped in a CD (gasp) of 3/28/93 from arcata, in honor of all the 93 love. Humboldt state University — why didn’t I go there? well ,at least, i get to feel good about basketball victories.

  14. kayatosh Says:

    and let me reiterate how blown away i am by The set from 12/31/99, including a great slave. love the unhurried, spread out feel of this slave.

  15. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    You guys are making the permanant list for the PT 2.0 shirt today?

    That’s awesome!

  16. Mr. Completely Says:

    If you have the kind, share the kind
    If someone shares with you, don’t hog it – puff, puff, pass

  17. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    anyone out there…

    I have a friend thats coming over for a jam session, he plays guitar schooled in jazz, he often throws jerry licks without knowing, ive played phish and the dead
    (div sky studio & hundred year hall trucking>the other one) he loved it but thats all hes heard. didnt seem to blow his mind enough to go get shows…

    was wondering what you folks think would be a good show to gift. He likes prog
    jazz and more traditional stuff but he enjoys getting out there, I want him to have a phish show, any suggestions? I orriginally thought of 97 but when I gave him a taste he mis interpreted as another funk jazz rock band…


  18. Mr.Palmer Says:

    My Seat is My Seat!
    -I don’t care how many people you stubbed down.

  19. Mr. Completely Says:

    Never skip the “skip show”
    That’s where the serious shit goes down.

    ^^^ second line needs work

  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    good one Palmer

    definitely needs to be something in there about seating, space, stubdowns etc

    @stupendous, for Dead, try a ’73-74 Eyes

  21. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Never miss a Sunday show

  22. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    hmmm shirts huh

    how bout
    It’s not my fault
    Im on PCP

  23. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    Good one C
    but i want it to be phish as I want to expose him to the dynamics of a phish jam
    to incorporate in our musical conversations…
    at least an era
    94? 99?

  24. Robear Says:

    kaya, where can i get that 3/28/93 show? I’m about 2 hours from HSU.

  25. Luther Justice Says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Palmer!!

    Gotta go get the other half of my hippie speedball.

    Oh, my first show back was DC. I went through a lot of emotion during the opening BDTNL. Just surreal. I had accepted the fact the band was gone after Coventry, so to be back in front of them live was like seeing a love one you thought were dead rise from the grave. I actually teared up during the 1st set Split. That version of that song signaled to me this band was not only back, but they could still deliver the feeling I forgot. And then after an adventure w/mother nature, they drop a 2nd set bomb showing me signs of the brillance that is unique to Phish.

    Then, as 2009 rolled on, they continued to surprise and amaze me. You have to keep pinching yourself. It’s such a beautiful thing these guys are doing. Happy, healthy, and sober, these guys not only produce the best music going right now, but the love they are showing for making music has really been an inspiration.

    Finding a place like the BB to share the love for this band has been a beautiful thing too!

    Back in a bit!

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