The Ticket Lottery

The Phish Lottery Continues

Never have I wanted my credit card to be charged as much as I do right now. The magic digits of $564 are the numbers that would bring me bliss, celebration, and relief. $564 (or $282 if you’re rolling solo) represents the cost of two tickets for The Greek and Telluride. (Or any 10 single tickets, but that’s mere trivia in this instance.) Anyone who gets the privilege to purchase these golden tickets via Phish’s lottery this week will be able to deeply exhale and put their feet up, while everyone else sweats it out. Lottery winners will be automatically freed-up to stab for east coast lower pavilions, or to help friends on the harder missions this weekend. But more than anything, one’s hassle will be over before it ever began.

6.16.09 - The Fox (C.Smith)

Phish tickets are fickle bitches these days. At times costing upwards of $300 in the secondary market for the smallest shows, at many other times, one can’t give them away if they tried. The actual market value of a single Phish ticket fluctuates so greatly in relation to locale, as one can clearly observe this summer. Other than The Greek and Telluride, all other tickets will be easy scores, and the only issue will be lawn or pavilion. If one waits out the initial feeding frenzy, many of these tickets will be for sale on lot for far under the $60 face plus fees value. The same scene took place in 2009, where the only hard tickets (besides Hampton) became the tiny Fox Theatre in St. Louis and the band’s uber-climactic return to Red Rocks, holding only 10,000 people. (Asheville gets an honorable mention, but it wasn’t the same.) For most other shows, one could score a stub for $20 -40 easily, and it was a fair deal leaving both parties happy. It used to be that one could walk to the venue with an extra ticket with no doubt of selling it to someone along the way. But at this point, when trying to sell extras, one encounters far more people trying get rid of their own superfluous stubs than anyone looking to buy one. Except for these special shows when tickets are worth more than gold; it’s quite an interesting dichotomy.

The Greek Theatre - Berkeley, CA

Last year’s Fox show, one case study, turned out to be a very funny occasion. So many people flew across the country and paid top dollar to get into The Fox, and Phish responded with one of the tamest shows of the tour, centering “Time Turns Elastic” in the second set. A decent, yet linear, “Halley’s” jam held the only redeeming value on a night that everyone had circled for months as the “can’t-miss” show of summer. But unquestionably, The Fox represented an exception rather than the norm, as Phish rarely disappoints. And something tells me the band won’t be dropping duds in Berkeley and the Rockies come August.

With only a few days separating us from summer tour’s general on-sales, everyone and their mother (pun intended) will be getting their lottery emails before too long. Over these next two days fans will obsessively check their credit cards, praying for that magic $564 or $282 hold, and before long, we will all know one or two people who scored huge. But in the meantime, all we can do is wait and cross our fingers. With the amount of requests versus the amount of available tickets, the word “lottery” has never seemed so appropriate.

Good luck to all, and may the force be with you. We are gonna’ need it.


Jam of the Day:

Wolfman’s Brother” 7.26.99 II

The second set opener from Summer ’99’s US finale at Deer Creek.




6.20.04 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY < Megaupload

SPAC 6.19.04

This show concluded Phish’s last gasp of full-blown creativity in 2004. As the band sculpted their unofficial post-hiatus finale over SPAC’s magical nights, they left us with two more shows to remember forever. The band’s first visit back since Summer ’95 proved to be high point of ’04. The second set – “Seven Below > Ghost > Twist, YEM” – contains top-notch jamming throughout.

I: Rift, Julius, Bill Bailey, Won’t You Please Come Home?, Waves, Gumbo, Water in the Sky, Horn, Poor Heart, Drowned

II: Seven Below > Ghost > Twist, You Enjoy Myself

E: Good Times Bad Times

Source: Unknown


NOTE: I am out of town for a few days at an undisclosed location with very sketchy Internet connectivity. This will effect the site in a few ways this week. First off, there will be no torrents. I will do my best to get torrents of this week’s shows up when I get home. Also, I may not be able to connect for long enough to upload new shows for Downloads of the Day, therefore, I will likely feature shows that were posted a long time ago or went directly to the archive. Things will be back to normal by the weekend. Thanks for your understanding!

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1,187 Responses to “The Ticket Lottery”

  1. Matso Says:

    @ Gdad –
    Thanks. I know that’s the deadline, but more curious about how long it took the last few times from the time the holds started appearing to when people actually got their emails?

  2. whole tour! Says:

    FWIW…people have begun to recieve their ticket requests…this girl i know just scored atlanta tickets.

  3. SillyWilly Says:

    morning, all

    good luck with tickets.

    requested mostly for friends. haven’t got anything it looks like.

  4. sq3.0 Says:

    i got more nervous this morning when I saw the $230 hold on my card. I’m in for Raleigh and Charlotte, but really hope they’re pavs.

  5. BeantownBoy Says:

    No hold as of yet.

    So far in Phish 3.0 I have done the lottery every time, but was only lucky for last year’s summer tour. Then again it was a pretty great hit: Fenway (field; Asheville; Great Woods (10 rows back, Page side).

    Good luck to all!

  6. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Phish is losing in the bracket to Coheed and Cambria. Vote phellas! Let’s at least get a matchup against U2 or Coldplay before we get shut out by the generic masses.

    Can’t see a hold on my Amex, but it doesn’t shows “holds.” Might have to call them.

  7. whole tour! Says:

    ^ the only reason phish is losing is because the coheed fans have been cheating using a program called “hide my id.”

    I’m surprised none of the tech savy phish phans have retalliated using the same program yet??

  8. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    ^^^^ Oh, and I paid about $450 for two tickets to Asheville. Only time I paid above face all year.

  9. SillyWilly Says:

    Phish fans have integrity…….

  10. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Well, I’ve got two computers and an iPhone so I’ll be voting at least three times the old school way.

  11. BTB Says:

    “Phish tickets are fickle bitches these days.”

    Ha, great line. After 2009, I’ve just assumed all midwest shows are free. A tix to Helluride might cost you a kidney or an unborn son.

  12. whole tour! Says:

    yeah…i guess you have to cheat when you know your band is so shitty ther eis no way in hell they could ever beat phish in a fair fight.

  13. vtsnowboarder802 Says:

    no holds. spac will be my one show, so I’m not too worried… but it would be nice to know I have them in hand.

  14. c0wfunk Says:

    wow great news just found out my buddies who booked a telluride condo months ago and were planning their whole summer around it have a hold for t-ride! almost as good as going myself, this is great. Now they’ll get over not going to miami with us 😉

  15. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    set up my hotmail to send text alerts to my phone whenever Sender has Phishthickets in the name… now its the waiting game.

    anyone have the link to vote for phish in that bracket?

  16. whole tour! Says:

  17. c0wfunk Says:

    if you have yahoo mail expect your ticket request 4 hours after everyone else sees there

  18. c0wfunk Says:


  19. marcoesq Says:

    morning all

    Wasn’t able to put in for lottery by Friday due to delay in tax returns. Come to find out yesterday, (After I learned of my good friend’s passing) Federal Government kept my returns to pay for 2K in back taxes I didn’t even know about from california 4 years ago.

    Turns out my CPA did some shady dealings and never informed me of it

    It’s been a bad week and it’s only Tuesday..

    Who’s got my extra Camden, MPP?? 🙂

  20. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    The MTV things is actually paying some respect. In the last round vs. DMB the accompanying blurb mentioned that the winner would likely make the finals. Now, it’s describing the current matchup as “the biggest showdown in the sweet 16.”

    I’m not reading the other matchups, so perhaps they all appeal to the fanbases the way the Phish match writeups have.

  21. SillyWilly Says:

    Damn. Marco.

    you could probably get your damages back through a breach of fiduciary duty action

    If I was a few years older, I’d be able to help you out.

  22. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    I’m going to be watching my gmail account like a hawk. I would think once one person gets an email that the system would be sending all emails within a short time frame. It’s automated, right?

  23. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    laughing @ silly and his newly acquired K-nowledge.

  24. JMelby Says:

    Kaveh, Happy Birthday brother!! Hope you get the greatest gift of all today; a hold on your credit card! Talk to you later as I have training all day.

  25. marcoesq Says:

    yeah silly, I’m having my attorney look into it. It’s tough trying to do these things from 3,000 miles away though

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