The Aftermath

“dear phish lotto, I hope you die in a fire”

“Never been so stoked to see a $324 charge on his credit card!!!”

“The MO ticket goddesses rejected her…booohoooo”


“Who’s got my extras…??? i need Phish tix”

“The Phish lottery did me right!!!”

“Phish tickets sucks…No if’s and’s or butt’s about it. It’s a scam like spam.”


“tickets are for noobs”

“Best birthday surprise ever (revealed at dinner): we won the ticket lottery. See you at the Greek and Telluride!”

“Scored 471 Greeks and 202 Tellurides! YAY!!”


"There Are Two Sides to Everything"

There are two sides of every coin. Regardless of what names one affixes to them – the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the lightness and the darkness – all experiences are split in two, allowing for life’s peaks and valleys. Yesterday, this dichotomy became evident as as emails rolled back from Phish, pronouncing our pre-season ticket fates. Above were excerpts from my friends’ Facebook status updates, a news feed that was dominated by the swirling emotions left in the wake of the ticket lottery. In a cloud of black smoke, peoples’ dreams of stress-less Fridays were crushed, while many others sung a distinctly jovial tune. As is the aftermath of each tour’s mail order maelstrom, the community is left divided – celebratory and bitter – waiting for this weekend’s public on-sales.

And now everyone braces for a ticket barrage like none in recent memory, as the entire summer tour will drop within two days. Ticketmaster is hosting many of the shows, and everyone knows what to expect from their servers. But the biggest farce of the summer is Telluride’s chosen agent, Tickethorse, who will sell 2-day passes through one phone number and a janky website that will go down like Oceanic 815. The bottom line – get your credit cards and mouse clicking fingers ready. Or plan a stealth getaway to that outlet that you discovered last summer, because after Saturday, all the ticket will be spoken for – temporarily.

Ticket Mania - (P.Tschudy)

Through grassroots efforts, fans always seem to get tickets to other fans, and now with the Internet’s help, it’s never been easier. Between Phantasy Tour, Cash For Your Extra, Phish Thought’s very own Ticket Exchange,and other various message boards, the web is helping the community subvert scalper efforts. While stressing face-for-face exchanges, these fan-run sites do allow people to set their own bargaining chips, providing an friendly, online marketplace for fans to barter with other fans, instead of high-priced, geeked-out guidos with mullets. Since the modern era of Phish has dawned, and largely following Hampton’s (expected) debacle, fans have stepped up to facilitate a fair-trade ticket market, doing their best to intercept scalping middle-men, TicketsNow and StubHub.

But alas, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here people. Tickets haven’t even gone on sale; chill out for just a minute. Nobody is shut out of anywhere. And aside for the Greek and Telluride, any other ticket should be easily attainable for face value or under between now and then. Point being, don’t write off summer plans based on what the lottery spun your way, because aside for these western shows, tickets will be out there!

Jones Beach '09 (W.Rogell)

Regardless of anything else, the conclusion of this weekend’s “official” festivities will bring us into April, as the community shift gears with Chicago’s summer opener only two-plus months away. And that is what is important to keep in perspective. Most of these preseason ticket shenanigans are fueled by emotion in the moment, but in 2009, tickets were the last concern on anyone’s list, so in 2010, the situation should only get easier. The only stubs that should cause a stir in the scalping landscape will be The Greek and Telluride. Otherwise, they’d best be served my sticking to U2 and Hannah Montana, where the demand actually far outweighs the supply. But if not, you know they’ll always be there if you need em!

As we all embark on individual quests this weekend, just remember, everyone will be inside in the end. But, as always, the wait is a bitch.

Best of luck. And remember, all is fair in love, war and tickets. Game on.


Jam of the Day:

Ghost > Taste” 8.9.97 I

A standout chunk from Alpine’s opening frame in ’97; another audio retrospective of an upcoming summer visit.



Download of the Day:

8.10.96 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI < Megaupload

Continuing today’s mini-musical glimpse on Alpine history, here is a re-post of Phish initial visit to their now-staple tour stop in the Midwest. Check out the stellar versions of “Reba” in the first set and the “Hood” in the second.

I: My Friend, My Friend, Poor Heart, AC/DC Bag, Fee, Reba, I Didn’t Know, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Rift, Bathtub Gin, Cavern

II: Wilson, Down with Disease, Scent of a Mule, Free, Fluffhead, Hold Your Head Up > Whipping Post > Hold Your Head Up, Harry Hood, A Day in the Life

E: Contact, Fire

Source: B&K 4021 > PSP-2 > DA-P1

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1,118 Responses to “The Aftermath”

  1. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:


    scalpers for tride will have to make fake IDs on the spot in some van and take a quick polaroid of the scalped and crazy glue it real quick, or maybe even giving you the ccard used to purchase tix “which was obtained with that only purpose” and cancel it later that night…. there cockroaches theyll find a way

  2. AintNoTele Says:

    I’ll pull a Tony Montana and crush those little cockroaches

  3. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    Shirt Idea:

    Kick Down Tickets or Get Kicked in the Nucking Futs!

  4. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    Are u an ass man Larry?

  5. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    65? I myself am an 82 guy, 65 is way too cold…

  6. AintNoTele Says:

    Long ball larry respects wood

  7. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    I swear Ive turned into Larry David over the years…

  8. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    Except for wearing woman’s underwear

  9. AintNoTele Says:

    My woman tells me that all the time

  10. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    uhhhh, when 6 out of 8 posts on the BB are yours, I guess is time to enjoy a nice cup of shut the hell up

  11. AintNoTele Says:

    haha, let your inspiraton flow my man

  12. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    self consciousness interrupted the flow…

  13. halcyon Says:

    everything is freeleech this weekend on

  14. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:


  15. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    Thats bad ass

  16. ChefBradford Says:

    is that a torrent site? Bummer. My computer sucks. So does my iPod

  17. garretc Says:

    It’s ok Chef, at least YOU don’t suck!

    That’s the important part…

  18. Prince Nabby Says:

    Evening all. I hope everyone is well and managing to land the tickets they want/need!

  19. Prince Nabby Says:

    Wow. Quiet night on the BB. Especially now everyone’s drunk a cup of shut the hell up!

  20. KWL Says:

    what’s up night crew.

    savoring a few san luis valley brewing co brown ales tonight, very tasty. getting ready to try to snag a few tickets tomorrow am bright and early. will be out of the house by 7am to set up high-bandwidth position in plenty of time.

    haven’t ventured over to the meet-up sheet, nor the ticket exchange board yet. seriously pumped for BTB fest though, especially after that nice pic of blossom from earlier. sa-weet.

  21. Prince Nabby Says:

    Hey KWL: What was the url for the BTB meetup again?

  22. KWL Says:

    hey PN, just checking in. If I recall you had quite the CC charge from lotto, even if mostly lawns. Well done.

    hitting blossom, spac, or cmac?

  23. KWL Says:

    Do not know. I think BTB sent out a few facebook invitations (which I am not on), he might have put up some info on his blog also (which you can get to by clicking his handle)

  24. Prince Nabby Says:

    OK, good enough!

    Thinking of trying TM tomorrow to see if I can snag some MPP pavilions and offload my lawns. Anyone have any advice — other than fast connection — for ensuring good results. I have my atomic clock set up, but I am a hunt and peck typist, and I always fail when it comes to the captcha part . . .

  25. Prince Nabby Says:

    Also, on TM, can you specify pavilion vs lawn/GA?

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