Weekend Nuggets: New Year’s Run ’94



When thinking of New Year’s Run ’94, people generally think of two things – The Providence Bowie on the 29th and Tropical Hot Dog Night on the 31st. While the odd numbered nights may have stolen history’s spotlight, the 28th and 30th are two shows that routinely get glossed over. Philly’s “Mike’s Groove” and, more specifically New York’s “Tweezer,”nights brought some of the most engaging music of the run, while “Reba” and “Stash”provided first set highlights, respectively. Enjoy the weekend, and best of luck with the rest of the ticket chase.


12.28.94 Civic Center. Philadelphia, PA < Torrent

12.28.94 Civic Center. Philadelphia, PA < Megaupload

I: Mound > Simple, Julius, Bathtub Gin, Bouncing Around the Room, Axilla (Part II), Reba, Dog Faced Boy, It’s Ice, Run Like an Antelope

II: Suzy Greenberg, NICU, Mike’s Song > The Mango Song > Weekapaug Groove, Contact, Llama, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Hold Your Head Up, The Squirming Coil

E: Bold As Love

Source: Unknown


12.30.94 MSG, NYC < Torrent

12.30.94 MSG, NYC < Megaupload

MSG Marquee

I: Wilson, Rift, AC/DC Bag, Sparkle, Simple, Stash, Fee, Scent of a Mule, Cavern

II: Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart, Tweezer, I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome*, You Enjoy Myself, Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, Harry Hood, Tweezer Reprise

E: Frankenstein


Source: Unknown


Jam of the Weekend:

Tweezer” 12.30.94 II

A high point from New Year’s Run ’94.






“Tweezer”  Pt. I (Watch the Jam of the Weekend)

“Tweezer” Pt.II

“Tweezer” Pt. III

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  1. garretc Says:

    Oh man, that Tweezer in the VJotW (Video Jam of the Weekend) is face-meltingly good! Love the slow down at the end, ridiculously tight music wise…

    Also, I really dug the ’94 lighting rig, I don’t think I’ve seen any videos from ’94!

    Makes me curious, what’re everyone’s opinions on CK5’s lighting rig? I know he works it like a pro, but I think it’d be cool if they had something totally different back there, besides the standard sorta rig they have now…

    And finally, I’m still in need of a ride from Camden to MPP, so if any of you kind folks has an extra seat in their automobile I’d be real grateful to hitch a ride! Thanks in advance!

    You guys (and girls!) are great!

  2. garretc Says:

    Actually, one more thing!

    Bought myself a corn cob pipe the other day, because they’re awesome, and so I had to name it. Being a corn cob, I figured she should have some sort of rustic countryish name, so I figured I’d turn to the dead for inspiration. Having done so, I christened her Anne Marie, and she’s my hearts delight…

    BUT! The story ends not there!

    A couple days later I started thinking, “I’ll need to replace this corn cob eventually, they don’t last all that long… I’ll brainstorm some names now!”. And so this time I decided to turn to Phish for inspiration, but I found them to be somewhat lacking in suitably rustic women’s names (although now I recognize Nellie Kane to be a reasonable choice…). Then, almost immediately after I thought that previous thought about a lack of names, it struck me! The perfect name for my next corn cob, without a doubt, and a solid Phish reference taboot taboot.

    That name is:

    Wait for it…


    Kernel Forbin!!!!!!!!

    Bahahaha! LLFA

  3. beepaphone Says:

    10 AM sale time for Deer Creek…Not very sensitive to an Indianapolis bartender who is just now getting to bed at 7AM. This Final Four crowd is getting out of hand. I’m talking to you, Michigan State fans.

    Setting my alarm for 1 hour, 45 minutes from now. Better score some decent pavs for this one.

  4. beepaphone Says:

    Can’t really complain though. Near record friday night sales, with tomorrow looking even better.

  5. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Had a realization last night. Sunday June 20th is Father’s Day! This is more than likely going to take me out of the running for that Spac show. Major bummer, but what are you supposed to do. Can’t be away from kids on Father’s Day.

    Not sure, but i think 12/30/94 is the 1st Wilson chant from the crowd. The rest is history. Great show!

  6. ThePigSong Says:

    @ Beep – that’s how we do
    go green!

  7. Willowed Says:

    Come on Mr. P. I am a father of three and I am doing the Spac run. This is my wifes father day gift to me. Get out of here for the weekend and go nuts with the boys!!

  8. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Well. considering i have tickets and hotel already reserved all is not lost yet and i still have saturday. The wife doesn’t really care either. Its my own guilt complex. I have 2 months to get over it. 🙂

  9. Willowed Says:

    If there is anything I can do to help you get over it, just let me know.
    Aren’t we staying at the same hotel? We can share our guilt together on Sunday!

  10. Willowed Says:

    Since the tourney is starting back up I just wanted to say one thing in regards to our Phish Thoughts Tourney Bracket put togther by jdub.

    Who is in first place?

    That’s right…..It’s Willowed biatches. I have held my tongue for to long. Time to start talking the smack!!

  11. Mr.Palmer Says:

    We are staying at the same hotel @willowed. I am known to change my mind frequently and irrationally as well.

  12. Willowed Says:

    Sweet. My plan is to bring a few mountain bikes up there for that weekend. It’s such a beautiful place. I plan on zipping around town durrig the day! I may be bringing a few extras if you need one. Biking and baneing (is that how you spe it?) go hand in hand.

  13. sumodie Says:

    No more on sale ticket scramble for me this morning -YES!

    Yesterday was brutal enough, though I still am seeking out SPAC pavs

    Unlike yesterday, I plan to get a jump start on enjoying a beautiful day outside

    Best of luck to those playing the ticketbastard game today

  14. Mr.Palmer Says:

    @willowed- if you have an extra bike, that would be sweet. That motel looked a lot better than the Spring. It actually had a decent looking pool in the back, unless it was photoshopped!

  15. Ghostface Says:

    When it comes to moving around, anyone know the wurd on SPAC security inside the pavillion? Do people usually hit the aisles and steps once show starts? Or are you stuck in your seat?

  16. Willowed Says:

    @ Ghost
    Never had Pav’s at SPAC but I can tell you this, they pack that place. Mobility is tough from my experience.
    I wil bring an extra Mr. P.

  17. bhizzle Says:

    anyone trying for tix today…c. falls and hershey in a couple hours or less.

  18. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Ghostface

    I’ve found as you move further west security is more relaxed.

    I’m trying for Raleigh and Charlotte pavilions this morning at 10:00 and 11:00am.

    We’ll see. If I can’t pull pavs then my morning is done.

  19. bhizzle Says:

    limit it to just the morning – el dude. lifes too short, eh.

    i almost feel the same way if i dont’ get c. falls pav but at least i’ll be there and it’s an unseasonable 80+ plus degrees here. Once I’m done with this mayhem it’ll be time to go buy a 12 pack of some cold ones. I’m going to drink myself to the put of picking up a shovel to get some dirt ready for gardening. no rototiller = busted back.

    anyway…good luck

  20. whole tour! Says:

    good luck el dude!

    i’m in the same boat….raleigh, charlotte, and alpharetta night 2 on deck today.

    may the good lord shine some pavillions on you…make every spot you have…your favorite seat!

  21. whole tour! Says:

    t minus 29 minutes till raleigh drops it like it’s hot.

  22. bhizzle Says:

    also can anyone describe to me the situation at hershey. looking at the seating chart for the show, i’m not sure if i want a reserved spot on the sides.

  23. whole tour! Says:

    hershey is a tiny stadium…any spot is good

  24. lastwaltzer Says:

    so what do you all think the likely hood my me getting rid of a set of deer creek lawn tickets for face would be?

  25. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Here we go again…

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