Ten Tunes For Friday

11.21.09 (Photo: Wendy Rogell)

With two months left until Summer Tour, let’s bust out ten jams for a springtime Friday! These selections span the mid to late-’90s, with some real gems in the playlist. Enjoy the music folks, and have a great weekend.


Stash” 3.30.93 I

One of the first profoundly expansive versions of “Stash” helped lay the foundation for the explosive year of 1993.



Funky Bitch” 11.30.97 I

The funkiest bitch in history.



Birds > If I Only Had a Brain > Caspian” 7.8.99 II

A gorgeous piece of improv from Virgina Beach; the band seamlessly slipped right into a Phishy take on The Scarecrow’s “If I Only Had a Brain.”



The Gorge

Split Open and Melt” 8.2.97 I

This fusing of “Split’s” menacing nature and the emerging, slowed-down textures of Summer ’97 put a spectacular cap on Phish’s first set ever played at The Gorge.



Tweezer > Lifeboy” 6.10.94 II

The first-ever Red Rocks “Tweezer”- a seriously dynamic and intense version strewn with Mind Left Body jam overtones.



Mike’s > Life On Mars? > Weekapaug” 11.15.95 II

"Mike's Song"

This multi-dimensional “Mike’s” from Tampa, Florida in Fall ’95, reminds us of the time when “Mike’s Grooves” were psychedelic events in the Phish universe, sparking fires in arenas across the land. And this “Weekapaug” ain’t too shabby either!

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1,145 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday”

  1. halcyon Says:


    I am not going but I feel you should go on my behalf, and the behalf all BB’ers that cannot make it to that show. If you can afford it of course.

  2. neemor Says:

    And who wrote:
    “In the tradition of a decade of legendary SCI Halloween Incidents, and at a venue that holds its own as an East Coast favorite, The String Cheese Incident’s 2010 Hulaween weekend at Hampton Coliseum promises to be an over-the-top event that only SCI could invent.”

    I know another band that’s been doing it longer, better and could easily think of something much better and cooler as an event.
    And the band I’m thinking of does it constantly.

  3. Little Buddy Says:

    @ Neemor

    I’ll be at CMAC. It’s only 30 minutes from my house. I wouldn’t miss that one for exactly the reasons you cite. And, the lawn really isn’t bad at all there. Beautiful place with great sound.

  4. jdub Says:

    @Neemor, you’ll being doing the whole tour before you know it. There is a good reason to do them all.

  5. Josephish Says:

    Good Afternoon,
    During my drive to school this morning I thought, in about 2 months phish will return to Toyota Park(Home Town). Phish’s return to Chicago will be a battle between The book and Spirits. They may be kicken off in Chicago in attempts to battle again after last years (I mean this in the polites way) fail. They may come in with vengeance and produce something mind numbing.

  6. Josephish Says:

    (Home Town)=my hometown

  7. Kaveh Says:

    Good morning. Excellent picks for today Mr. Miner! Thanks. I’m going to be taking on that 1995 gem first thing.

  8. marcoesq Says:

    I’ve been to 2 SCI halloween shows (’00 Portland ’01 NYC) merely for the fact that Phish was on hiatus

    They were both good times, got some good Beasties cover in NYC, even got the Wedge in Portland! (That was actually really sick)

    But that was 10yrs ago, I could never bring myself to do that again

  9. Stupendous Says:

    Get ur hula hoops ready kids!

    The SCI is back, of course theyre back

    Kang was like : Hey guys phish is getting back together, shouldnt we?

    Now that he got his inspiration back they can be a band again.

    Who cares?

  10. kayatosh Says:

    all hail, miner. thank you. today’s bitch is funky. Listening now, it immediately brought the allman brothers to mind. the blues funk.

    anyone else feel that the good ole ABB had a profound influence on the pHish? or is that just obvious.

  11. cwc Says:

    Has Trey ever played slide?

  12. pagesidehighschool Says:

    sci talk, im outta here! peace

  13. Jen Says:

    @ Not Tom Marshall – I just have to comment …. first show 1994, and you didn’t see your first Tweezer until 3.6.09 …. Wow, you must have been insanely excited.

    I fluctuate back and forth between tweezer and mikes as my favorites – and I’ve seen a lot of both, and I STILL get excited every time they start (though my Mikes excitement has been more hesitant lately) …. you must have been so happy!

  14. Little Buddy Says:

    I’ll never understand how SCI can play anything larger than a club. Who the hell is going to these concerts and why?

  15. neemor Says:

    I honestly can rationalize going to every show on tour.
    Except out West.
    That’s just due to monetary reasons.

    But anything within a four hour drive is fair game, and more than that, another opportunity to hit the road and do what I do.
    With the best band in the world.

    Not much in that last statement that would make me say, “No, thanks, man…I think I’ll sit this one out…”
    Why would I?

  16. kayatosh Says:

    re. 11.30.97 fbitch . .. then that space funk JB slow groove hits at about the 9 and half minute mark and it truly becomes the funkiest, slinkiest bitch of all time. this is where phish sounds like . . . Phish. tight pocket groove — all mike and fish –tight. add trey’s watery git skank and you got 97 magic. so dope.

  17. Stir it with a Ladle Says:

    @ marcoesq


  18. Stupendous Says:

    I’ll never understand how SCI can play anything larger than a club. Who the hell is going to these concerts and why?

    – confused little kids and neo hippies chasing rainbows

    I can understand hittin a couple of shows while the phish was on hiatus,

    it beats the other options left IMO (WSP, TDB, Moe, STS9, DMB)

  19. kayatosh Says:

    @aw. calling aw. come in aw. come back; it’s friday and no sign of el dude. drop a few pearls of wisdom/music rec/mrkt news/old school anecdotes before your nemesis shows. seriously. not the same without your input. peace

  20. Kaveh Says:

    @punk – Surly is totally overrated; tasty, but completely overrated.

  21. voopa Says:

    Great picks Miner.

    I’ve been pimping that Gorge SOAM here and elsewhere forever…it’s a monster!

    One of my least favorite sportscasters is guest hosting Jim Rome today, so I’m loading up the iPod with shows from last Summer with which I’m not too familiar. Should be a fun day!

  22. Kaveh Says:

    Anyone else getting a Silent in the Morning for the Mike’s Song from the 1995 show? Thanks.

  23. Kaveh Says:

    @Mr Palmer – Did you receive your envelope yet?

  24. Little Buddy Says:

    “it’s friday and no sign of el dude.”

    FYI – El Dude was in the house a bit earlier with an astute observation regarding how today’s soft greens play right into Tiger’s hands if he is on his game.

  25. marcoesq Says:


    Who dat hosting?

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