Weekend Nuggets: International Phish


Osaka 2000

Listening to Prague ’98 this week inspired me to dig into the international archives. I’ve dug up two stellar show, continents apart. The Osaka show from 200 features a creatively demented “Down With Disease” that may be the greatest jam that nobody talks about from Phish’s prolific run in the Pacific. The first set “Ghost” brings another dark-horse highlight from a show that took place three stories up in a massive shopping complex, (the second show of Japan to take place within in an elevated shopping plaza!)

The second selection comes from the transformative tour of Summer ’97, and the band’s gooey, raw funk is on full display throughout. The second set brings the heat from start to finish, bookended by thick explorations of “Wolfman’s” and “Ghost.” Have a great weekend!

6.15.2000 Big Cat, Osaka, Japan (Matrix) < Torrent

6.15.2000 Big Cat, Osaka, Japan (Matrix) < Megaupload

I: NICU, Chalk Dust Torture, AC/DC Bag, Uncle Pen, Ghost, Frankie Says, The Divided Sky, Farmhouse

II: Down with Disease > The Lizards, Bike > Hold Your Head Up, You Enjoy Myself

E: Gotta Jibboo

Source: source: DSBD+AUD Matrix Mix AKG C1000’s


6.24.1997 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France < Torrent

6.24.1997 La Laiterie, Strasbourg, France < Megaupload

I: Split Open and Melt, Beauty of My Dreams, Dogs Stole Things, Vultures, Guelah Papyrus*, Runaway Jim^, Talk, Free, Prince Caspian, Rocky Top

II: Wolfman’s Brother, Reba, NICU, Twist, Piper, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Ghost

E: Loving Cup

*aborted, ^Gypsy Queen jam

Source: Schoeps CMC6/mk4v > SX-M2 > D8


Jam of the Weekend:

Bathtub > funk > Gin” 7.10.97 I

A relic from Marseilles, France in early Summer ’97; back when tapers tracked “funk” jams, and Phish grooved unmercifully.




“Farmhouse” 6.11.00 Hibiya Outdoor Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

(Check out my review from back in the day.)


“Tweezer” 2.26.97 Cologne, Germany

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1,088 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: International Phish”

  1. EL Duderino Says:

    @ willowed

    Sounds like you owe the wifey an apology today…huh?

  2. JerZ Says:

    “A relic from Marseilles, France in early Summer ‘97; back when tapers tracked “funk” jams, and Phish grooved unmercifully.”

    -Great Quote Miner!

  3. willowed Says:

    I must have embellished.
    9 #9’s sounds better than
    4 #9’s (It was probably more like 4)
    Either way, willowed had a solid buzz and was “wookin pa nub”

  4. EL Duderino Says:

    LeighAnne and myself go back and forth wether we want ’em. When we say we do want them it’s always the “Only One” deal.

  5. Angryjoggerz Says:

    I snapped at my wife this morning as well….
    Looks like the BB had an asshole night last night and it wasnt fake, ha.

    Now if the grey area just had a link to FTD for flowers or something…

  6. willowed Says:

    Apology will be needed.
    After you stop at Mr. P.’s come to my house.
    You will never have sex again
    7, 5, 2

  7. Angryjoggerz Says:

    However… I should point out that I am pretty much bowled over crazy in love with my wife and daughter. 2.5 hours of sleep does not bring out the best in me. Off to the gym.

  8. neemor Says:

    @ KP
    “llfa Willowed, my thoughts are with you in this difficult time.”

    ^ pfft.

    Ended up going to the Kung Fu show that I found out really late was in Hartford.
    Made it just in time to catch holy hell break loose and the rafters shaking.
    2/3 of the first set and a monstrous and more well-developed second set than any previous time seeing this band reaffirmed my notion that seeing Kung Fu now is a very special thing to do indeed.

    I can’t stress enough:
    See this band!

    Late night (3am) but somehow energized to be early at work right now…
    Good music has that ability for me.

  9. willowed Says:

    I already told Miner to sell a spot to a Self Help/Support Group for wives.

    “Come to Miner’s Hospital where you can openly discuss your husbands obsessive compulsive issues as well as his devotion to something other than you”

    Miner’s Hospital, helping women divorce their husbands for 25 long years.
    Satifaction Guaranteed

  10. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Problem is, first kid was a girl. have to try for the boy, right? 3 kids later, 3 girls later, Mr. P is smoked!

  11. nonoyolker Says:

    Taking an audio tour through Phish’s last two night stint in ’00 at the Meadows in Crapital City, CT. Forgot how good the Halley’s > Mango > Twist segment is. Bon bon

    I may or may not have drank a twelve pack + to myself and bought a Kevin Dinnen Whalers jersey as well… Oh drunk purchases, you make every day Christmas!

    Mrs. yolker and I are going to browse condos to buy today. I have a feeling this is going to be an extrordinarily expensive endevour. ::commence grabbing ankles in 3…2…1..::

  12. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Nah – Leo head’s to his in-laws without making the stop-over in Grenville usually.

  13. Angryjoggerz Says:

    My god do lots of you work on Saturdays.

  14. Gavinsdad Says:

    “only one” became three before I knew what was happening.

    Have a good day all. Sanding and water sealing my deck is on the list for today.

  15. Angryjoggerz Says:

    “only one” became three before I knew what was happening.

    I fear this, though I think 2 would be our limit. I love my daughter, but 2 seems like twice as much work and half as much focus. All in time, I imagine.

  16. Angryjoggerz Says:

    I like the BB when it is all grown up.

  17. EL Duderino Says:

    We went to the local watering hole just down the street from the house last night.

    2.50$ Bass Ale bottles.
    I had 7

    She had 6

    2 shots of Petrone Silver. hmmmm

  18. neemor Says:

    Palmer, you poor, poor bastard.
    3, huh.
    :::shakes head:::

    Mrs. Miner could run the support group, sort of an off-shoot site for wives support.

    ’00 Meadows were two of my favorites…that whole Jersey>HTFD>Jersey run was the stuff of champions.

  19. willowed Says:

    @ nonyaloker
    I love those shows. My backyard concerts
    Ha Ha Ha opener the first night and a chunky Tweezer in the first set. Don’t sleep on that Bag either!

  20. EL Duderino Says:

    @ gdad

    That sounds labor intensive.
    You think you can finish all that today?

  21. jdub Says:

    Kids=no sex, the way it is. Women view the need for sex after children as pointless, the work has been done.

    Neemor, I would’ve gone to Sully’s had I known. I love that place, used to go there 3 times a week when I was young and lived in Harrford. Great to hear the band is taking off! Will definitely have to catch Kung-Fu sometime soon.

  22. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    I used to have about 40 live shows on cassette.

    then I started buying LP CDs, and LP downloads, and downloading AUDs from etree and the Archive.

    Now i have about 325 shows, but will probably get to 400 soon (catching up on Miner’s archives).

    Will that be enough?

  23. nonoyolker Says:

    @ Neemor – glad your raged Kung Fu. The merging of two really incredible bands, with fantastic musicians.

    I always thought Raq was going to be the next thing. I mean, for real, like the next GD or Phish significant type band. They have the talent, the song selection, the personality. Heart broken when they broke up. Still holding out hope that they reunite.

    I’ve been trying to plan out a trip back to motherland CT during the week to catch Kung Fu. Let me know if there is ever a night you are definitely going and I may pop down from the bean. All my friends growing up have moved away and the rest turned into creepy townies I’d rather not see…

  24. EL Duderino Says:

    @ Marshall

    If your gonna spend the time and bandwith I’d suggest you get your Phish from bt.etree. Miner’s posts from his archive are in mp3 format, bt’s are lossless.

  25. Angryjoggerz Says:

    That Japanese Phish poster is funny, funny to see what they write about Phish in Japan (from what I understand of the Kanjis; I read Chinese, not Japanese, but they are shared). Mostly just hype, but funny to think that the show would even have to be hyped.

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