Monday, Monday…

10.31.09 - Indio (Photo: Graham.Lucas)


Jam of the Day:

Ghost” 8.7.98 I

This whirling, melodic “Ghost” emerged after an early rain subsided at Walnut Creek ’98, providing a show highlight.




7.30.93 The Veranda @ Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN < Torrent

7.30.93 The Veranda @ Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, TN < Megaup

Pollock Summer '93

On the brink of August, Phish carried a month of momentum into Tennessee this evening, and it typical Summer ’93 fashion, crafted a beast.

I: Contact*, Llama, Horn, Uncle Pen, Stash, Esther, Chalk Dust Torture, I Didn’t Know, Reba, Cavern

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Tweezer, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Poor Heart, Fluffhead, My Friend, My Friend, Golgi Apparatus, The Squirming Coil, David Bowie

E: Walk Away, Amazing Grace

*cuts in late

Source: Set I: Crown Stereo PZM Mic > Sony PCM DAT > SSL SBD > API EQ > Pultec Compression > DAT / Set II : Unknown

696 Responses to “Monday, Monday…”

  1. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    The mention of Sister Christian earlier reminded me of the coke dealer from Boogie Nights.

  2. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    Cal –

    It’s 11-24, btw. Not 11-29


  3. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    The thing with Mr C surprised me. neemor asks for feedback. I give what was at the moment a minority view here, and it didn’t sit well with him. I don’t think he’s that concerned about me and we should see him return soon.

  4. cal Says:

    I’ve been trying to get into the Dead for years. I got several recs from C, aw and others a while ago. I decided to start at the beginning and dove into one from ’69 that I’m told was the beginning of, essentially, type 2 style jamming (can’t recall the exact date at the moment).

    It didn’t grab me. I’ve listened to a bunch of ’77 stuff that someone told me years ago was THE SHIT, but it didn’t do much for me, either. I’ve got some ’72 and ’74 stuff to check out next, which may be more up my alley.

    But it’s tough to shake the idea that I’m trying to insert myself into a piece of history that I can never really grasp. I used to work for a guy who listened to nothing but random dead shows on archive all day, and I heard some random stuff those days that I really liked, but it was fairly infrequent. I really dig a lot of their songs, respect them as musicians, but growing up on Phish, I feel like Dead jams are never gonna hit me hard enough.

    I’m gonna keep trying, though. At least for another handful of shows.

  5. cal Says:

    I know, Marshall, I was just joshin’.

    Thanks BK, typo on my part.

  6. KWL Says:

    Teen Spirit Underachievers

    Cobain Forever


  7. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    No problem Cal.

    Well, seeing as I got 4hrs of sleep last night, I plan on getting more than that tonight. So I am off to bed folks

    Goodnight Marshall/Cal/BB. Thanks for the art discussion today Silly, that was really intriguing. On that note, I’m out


  8. SillyWilly Says:

    Good night, BK!

    sorry i sort of faded on the convo. at the end there…Im working on a paper.

    You guys should see this early draft of a paper I got back from my prof. I can barely read what I typed because of all the pencilled comments about what I need to change.


  9. cal Says:

    G’night, BK. I gotta hit it as well.

    SW–good luck on your paper. Don’t profs use red pen any more? What’s the world coming to?

    Hasta la vista.

  10. sumodie Says:

    @Cal: Try the Grateful Dead compilations that MrC has put together:

  11. Lycanthropist Says:

    well that was kind of a fail…
    so much for CF practice

    and Chef if you are out there:
    bad news TSU got moved to this Thursday, not next…
    I hope you still try to come for the BIlly Martin and the CF shows..

  12. sumodie Says:

    @Marshall: I thought your reply to neemor was fine as you were just throwing out an idea.

    Message boards, like email, texting, and other e-comunications, are often very poor ways to communicate. So hard to include EVERYTHING that makes your message accurate and effective.

    Don’t worry about MrC. Perhaps an off moment, day, hot button, etc.

    Always something new to learn here at the BB

  13. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Thanks Sumodie.

  14. Lycanthropist Says:

    ha you like that KWL?

  15. KWL Says:

    re: art

    to me the process of creation is almost like bricolage, rather than straightforward ‘expression.’ ideas don’t emerge out of thin air, or come from within.

    well, they do come from within, but that within is constituted by the discourses and experiences and relationships that make up any individual.

    individuals aren’t bounded and separate entities, to touch on another theme, they are relationally constituted, made who they are by the relationships and culture(s) they are embedded within and products of (and sometimes help shape).

  16. KWL Says:

    one reason why is b/c you have to cite and re-cite what is already intelligible in a particular culture. Art can only be so far ‘out there’ if it is to remain recognizable as art–it has to fit a culture.

    I’m with Exree Hipp that art is about producing new ways of seeing, thinking, feeling, etc; to do so, however, said art must access (cite) a particular cultural milieu in order to destabilize it or displace it or shift it in some way.

    in a sense, you have to at least invoke the boundaries before you can push them.

    if that makes any sense.

  17. DocGanz Says:

    Hey all. Not much time to talk, just wanted to pop on and say hi. Caught up on the early conversation, agree with the comment that whether or not you choose to censor yourself comes down to the question of How well you like this guy, and How much the relationship means. Your principles are your principles. I’ll make concessions for some people more willingly than others- it’s context dependent I’d say. My I’m-on-the-West-Coast-and-can’t -be online at work-so-I’ll respond 20 pages later-2 cents.

    On another note, I keep mashing up lyrics to the Dead and Stones today inexplicably, and its going round in my head:

    I Don’t know it must have been the roses,
    The roses or the ribbons in her long brown hair
    I dont know, maybe it was the roses,
    Got to scrape that shit up off your shoes

    Thought it was amusing enough to share.

  18. voopa Says:

    Love the alternate band names Fake Cobain!

  19. Lycanthropist Says:

    you can call me Fake Kurt 😉

  20. butter Says:

    i must say, watching 4.3.98 set 1 (2nd nite island run)

    some of the best music i’ve ever heard

    fully into cross eyed without playing it during mikes > week

    but i wouldn’t trade it for 2010, no way no how

    i’am so proud of where this band is rite now

  21. SillyWilly Says:

    Good night, Cal.

    and yeah I wish the red pen would come back. At least I knew to feel bad with red ink, now Im just like: should i really change this part? if she REALLY wanted me to change it why didn’t she write in red ink?

  22. Gavinsdad Says:

    The first year was amazing. It swept me off of my feet.

    Now the real work begins.

  23. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:


  24. kayatosh Says:

    funky jerry alert: 11-30-79 GSET

    i believe i got some 6/24 pavs. 202 way back. can’t wait.


  25. Gavinsdad Says:

    My buddy died a year ago today. Life moves so fast I needed another old friends facebook status to remind me. At the time I couldn’t process the pain, but more than that, the loss. Those wounds heal fast. I think too fast. You wanna hold onto a memory of people. Maybe a picture of them on your wall or in your car would be a good spot. Lord knows this “in memory of Berm” tattoo I got when my grandfather died years back doesn’t hold the power it once did. You wanna remember the specialness of the person…understand their grace…not relive the pain. But time gets in the way. I love you Paul…if your carbon based wormfood, or in heaven, or now on your 5th turn of the reincarnation wheel.

    “if the thunder don’t getcha than the lightning will”

    he always used to say that. When we worked for God Street together he was a major evangelist, much like he was with the Dead. Over the years I’d always wanted to debate this point but I never did…he wanted everyone to “get it”. And believe me, many of us did. But he had so much wrapped up in needing us all to be on the same page as him. This is like the color spectrum thing….do we all see the exact same shade of blue? I always wanted to say, “yes, I do love this band. But I love it in my own special way.” there is a convergent place where our love for a band intersects, and we form a shared love around that place. But we also will always have our own individual interpretations…our own shade of blue as it were.

    It seems that I would get a band when I stopped trying to get a band. When I let go of my mind and let all 6 members of the GD enter the room at the same time during friend of the devil off dead set and all the instruments stood in front of me, proud as ever, together and alone, all perfectly volumed, and I saw what they were doing. I saw what the dead were doing together as a band. Over on the couch two of my classmates grappled like young teens in love do. But at that moment in time, the GD revealed themselves to me. And I’ve played with their musical rubiks cube ever since.

    Garcia is old as the dirt to me. Not trying to bend anyones arm here. When he sings I hear the plaintive earth sing. I miss him dearly. On the day my good friend died one year ago I remember him, the song of him and the dance of him. And I remember our being together…house of blues in Atlantic city…watching chris Robinson channel a fat man we both so dearly loved…and I miss him.

    “how are you he said to me and I said it back to him”

    Some rocky roads here lately. This is a phish site that spawned some relationships. Lots and lots of personalities here. Lots of passion. I do hope we make it thru.

    Thanks bb. Choked up missing such a sweetheart of a guy. Thanks for letting me talk.

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