Weekend Nuggets: New Haven ’92


The first two nights of New Year’s Run ’92 took place in The Palace Theatre in New Haven, Connecticut – home of the best pizza in the nation. Before moving north to Springfield and Boston, Massachusetts, Phish blew up The Nutmeg State on their way to 1993. Enjoy the old school shows, and most importantly enjoy the weekend. Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers that make the world go ’round!


12.28.92 The Palace, New Haven, CT < Megaupload

12.28.92 The Palace, New Haven, CT < Torrent

I: Maze, Sparkle, Foam, Buried Alive > Glide, It’s Ice, Bouncing Around the Room, Rift, Golgi Apparatus, Sweet Adeline, Run Like an Antelope

II: Poor Heart, Split Open and Melt, Reba, The Sloth, You Enjoy Myself, The Lizards, Hold Your Head Up > Bike > Hold Your Head Up, Harry Hood, Cavern

E: Memories, Fire

Source: Schoeps CMC5/mk4 >Sonosax >DAP20


12.29.92 The Palace, New Haven, CT < Megaupload

12.29.92 The Palace, New Haven, CT < Torrent

I: Funky Bitch, Runaway Jim, Guelah Papyrus, Llama, My Friend, My Friend, The Divided Sky, Wilson, Uncle Pen, Stash, Tela, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg

II: The Curtain > Tweezer, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, My Sweet One > Big Ball Jam, Fast Enough for You, All Things Reconsidered, Mike’s Song* > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up, The Squirming Coil, Tweezer Reprise

E: Big Ball Jam, Carolina*, Rocky Top

Source: SBD > DAT > Cass/x, Patch Source Schoeps MK4/CMC5 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Sony D10 (FOB)
These tracks had to be patched with the FOB source due to a tape flip in Mike’s song, and the Carolina being absent from the SBD.


Jam of the Weekend:

Mikes > Hydrogen > Weekapaug” 6.10.95 II

Red Rocks. Mike’s Groove. 1995. Good stuff.




“Light” 12.2.09, MSG – Pt .1

“Light” 12.2.09, MSG – Pt .2

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408 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: New Haven ’92”

  1. Jtran Says:

    Big Apple in SLC is REAL good. Ate there once in March while I lived out there.

  2. voidboy Says:

    Los Angeles Pizza rocks! (just kidding…)

    Well sort of… If you guys are ever out this way (because Phish plays Los Angeles a lot on their West Coast swings…) try Baroni’s Pizza… a square pan pizza that is actually pretty good. Alright, other than that, I don’t know what else L.A. has to offer in the way of the pizza pie (without getting dirrty)…. Because the doubleyouCee must be represented… word.

  3. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Sorry – Chitown has the best pizza in the world. No question.
    ^ oh, the ignorance

    ^ Oh, the Ignorance! Chicago pizza rules and people who try to fight it are just funny.

  4. SillyWilly Says:


    No way!

    you know where Im talking about?

    Its like a little neighborhood spot. Use to eat there 2-3 times a week in high school and ALWAYS after a football game.

    Hardly ever anyone there.

  5. Gavinsdad Says:

    Kenny P or NTMarshall: total audio noob. Just got a turntable so dug out my 1990 denon amp and Polk audio monitor 5 juniors for a chill little listening station. Realized I’d lost my speaker cable so bought a 20′ spool of that basic pink translucent monster cable. Is there any way to determine which “side” of the cable is + vs. – ? I think in the past I just made sure that if the side with the writing on it was + at the amp, that I made it + at the speaker as well. I also just plug in the raw, twisted wire and forego banana clips…that a violation?

  6. voidboy Says:


    Get a bike already, will yah? But seriously… I’ll have to try the pizza if ever I’m in town…

    Ignorance, signing out…

  7. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Haha, voidboy. I guess I am heated cus my wife is from NYC, so you know the battle gets heavy in the casa de joggerz. Much love to ALL pizza (except ones with fruit on it… wtf is that?). Pizza unity.

  8. Angryjoggerz Says:

    Oh, and Canadian pizza. That is just wrong.

  9. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    I highly suggest you all check out the 11.25 Antelope from Fall.

    Trey hits the peak like 3 times before going into Rye Rye Rocco

    Page solo and Mike Solo in the Rye Rye section – Trey has some fun during the intro.

    A+ version

  10. SillyWilly Says:

    civil war buffs: the history channel is showing some gnarly re-enactments.

  11. ChefBradford Says:


    I love that word, never use it, and now twice in the last hour or so I’ve come across it in two media: here and a novel

    go figure


  12. SillyWilly Says:

    Let’s bring it back, Chef

  13. ChefBradford Says:

    I’ll do what I can, Silly, but it’s going to take some effort to get it into my everyday (or occasional) vocabulary.

    Maybe I should turn it into a mantra

  14. Jtran Says:

    @Willy. Yep, definitely been there. Got the recommendation from a NJ ex-pat that I skied with a lot the past couple winters. He said it was the only good place to get pizza in Utah besides this one spot in Sugarhouse.

    Are you from SLC?

  15. SillyWilly Says:

    Jr. High and Highschool. Haven’t been back in 5 years.

    I have lots of friends there still though.

    Were you there for long?

  16. Jtran Says:

    I lived in Alta this past winter, maybe went down to the valley once a week if it wasn’t snowing.

  17. SillyWilly Says:

    Yeah…I lived in Sandy at the bottom of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

    Beautiful City, but not my style. Dont think I could make it my permanent home.

  18. Jtran Says:

    Same..enjoyed the winter, but can’t beat VT in the summer.

  19. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    gavinsdad – speaker cable is just a medium for transmitting electricity (low voltage electricity in this case). Markings on the cable jackets/sheaths are just to help you make sure you connect the same piece of copper at each end. Your method is correct.

  20. Jtran Says:

    I don’t know if any of you read/post on the Oh Kee Pa, but they’re doing a March Madness style bracket for shows.


    Here’s the Elite 8..I’ve been downloading a lot of the nominations and listening to them all for the first time. Great experience. The only show of the last 8 I haven’t heard yet is 12/1/95, so I’ll be spinning that tomorrow morning if anyone’s interested.

  21. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Oh – and bare wire is a great way to make a connection. Banana clips and spade lugs mainly make connection and disconnection quicker. Doesn’t really improve the flow of electrons.

  22. Kenny Powers Says:


    “I think in the past I just made sure that if the side with the writing on it was + at the amp, that I made it + at the speaker as well.”

    that is correct – usually one of the wires either has writing or a white stripe or something…doesn’t matter which wire you choose to put in + or -, as long as they match on both ends.

    “I also just plug in the raw, twisted wire and forego banana clips…that a violation?”

    that should be fine too…for years i never even dealt w/ banana clips. Marshall – feel free to correct me, you’re more of an audio pro…

  23. garretc Says:

    @Silly and Chef

    There’s no need to bring back gnarly, it never left! It just hangs out in CA now…

  24. SillyWilly Says:


    you know whats coming…

  25. ChefBradford Says:

    whew, less work on my end then

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