Fall Forecast: Vegas Baby?

Las Vegas 2010?

While Phish has yet to play a single note of summer tour, rumors are already circulating about what they may do come fall. And right now, the whispers are all talking about a three-night return to Las Vegas during the second week of October. If this happens, Phish would return to face the city that has come to symbolize the beginning of their demise in 2004. But at the same time end, Phish in Vegas is a tradition like none other. There’s nothing quite like spilling out of Thomas and Mack, wide-eyed onto the strip, as the night has just begun. An annual rite from ’96 moving forward, Sin City hosted many memorable Phish shows, and if the whispers are correct, three more are coming down the road.

Vegas 2000 Poster

While a stop in Vegas may seem surprising given the sober, family-oriented vibe of the band these days, returning to Vegas may be a way for Phish to right the wrongs of ’04, and they know there is no better locale for their fans. Regardless of reasoning, it seems that Phish may once again visit the neon desert oasis before too long. Apparently, these dates would be in conjunction with an appearance at Austin City Limits Festival, this year taking place between October 8-10. So if one were to hazard a guess, Phish would hit Vegas the following weekend of October between the 14th and 17th. Going purely on speculation here, perhaps the band would then head west for a run up the coast after these rumored dates in the desert. One can only hope.

And in other overheard mumblings…It sounds like the Holiday Run will shift back up north to Madison Square Garden this year, after two consecutive appearances in Miami. And maybe – just maybe – Indio may present itself as an option for Halloween again, after the original dates conflicted with Austin’s festival. Obviously we are be getting way ahead of ourselves here, but sometimes, as Phish fans, that’s what we do. And with less than a month left before Chicago’s summer kick off, what better way to kill some time.

What do you think?


Jam of the Day:

Sand” 12.13.99 II

This Providence rendition is one of the most adventurous “Sands” during the song’s peak era of December ’99. This remaster comes courtesy of Paul Shapera.




10.21.94 Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL < Torrent

10.21.94 Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL < Megaupload

A Sunrise In Florida (M.Lilly)

This nugget from Fall ’94 with a non-stop second set goes out via reader request to Gavin’s Dad.

I: Fee, Down with Disease, Foam, The Mango Song, The Old Home Place, Stash, The Lizards, Dog Faced Boy, Run Like an Antelope

II: Also Sprach Zarathustra > Mike’s Song > Simple > Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Sleeping Monkey, The Curtain > Fast Enough for You, Scent of a Mule. Slave to the Traffic Light

E:  Sweet Adeline, Foreplay/Long Time, Cavern

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672 Responses to “Fall Forecast: Vegas Baby?”

  1. Luther Justice Says:

    Shouldn’t Kenny Power’s new season be starting soon?

  2. flarrdogg Says:

    Garretc- So they remain WAVs if I add them to itunes as such? I thought they converted to mp3 when I added them to itunes? Perhaps the work of the mp3 fairy. Seriously, that answers my initial question which was: is it beneficial to download flacs if they are going to end up in itunes.

  3. flarrdogg Says:

    LJ- ALL about $$ down there. The most awesomely corrupt place I’ve ever been. Got a speeding ticket the first week I was down there and my boss had it “fixed” so I didn’t have to pay and it wasn’t on my record. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve got some stories…

  4. flarrdogg Says:

    Many Thanks for the knowledge today, fellas. I have bookmarked this page and will most probably be referring back to it frequently.

  5. MangoMan Says:

    NO vegas! Trey will relapse!

  6. garretc Says:

    Yeah flarr, everytime I put a WAV into my itunes it stays a wav, hogging up all kinds of bites and shit! You can always check by selecting a song and (on a mac at least) pressing “command” + “I”. Or going to “file” “get info”. It’ll tell you what file type it is in the “summary” section

  7. Luther Justice Says:

    Now you know and knowledge is power!

  8. Kenny Powers Says:


    iTunes will not automatically change a WAV into an mp3 upon dragging and dropping said WAV file into your iTunes. you would need to “tell” iTunes to convert to mp3. i think to do that you would right-click the song files in iTunes and telling it to convert to mp3 or AAC.

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    Now you know and knowledge is power!

    and you would know, Mr. T!

  10. flarrdogg Says:

    Yup GC- I’ve seen that, but I needed kangfirmation that was actually the case. Thanks.

    My favorite Mr. T role- Samson in D.C. Cab. That movie was wacky! 8)

  11. SillyWilly Says:

    Hey, Mr. C, if you’re still there…

    I bought Fela Kuti’s Confusion and Gentleman a few days ago. I love it.

    What should my next Fela Kuti purchase be?

  12. Luther Justice Says:

    Thank you for posting some of my life lessons T3. No need to pity you.

    First name “Mr”. Middle name “.” Last name “T”.

  13. Kenny Powers Says:

    “Shouldn’t Kenny Power’s new season be starting soon?”

    greatest mystery in the universe. it should’ve started by now, not sure what the holdup is. i’ve been searching online and no word.


    i feel i should reiterate what i said i few pages ago, which was probs lost in the midst of the technobabble:

    “There is truly nothing quite like listening to an amazing Phish jam for the first time…like, a jam that happened years and years ago that you never got a recording of.

    I just spun the DWD from 6.15.00. Holy fucking crap, that is an absolute masterpiece of rediculous proportions. There’s a section about 2/3’s through the jam where they sound like the soundtrack of a demented theme park. Outstanding! Then the last 3 minutes or so of the jam….it’s hard to find words, but it’s just this really hypnotic, almost Far East (duh) sounding ambient fade where Mike is dropping such thick notes and Trey and Page are dotting the soundscape with specks of feedback-ish awesomeness…Fish just laying it down super smooth.


    seriously, if you haven’t heard that, play it soon and CRANK that shit.

  14. flarrdogg Says:

    KP- If I keep them in WAV and don’t switch to mp3 once in itunes, they play in the enhanced quality and I win?

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


    in you don’t mind another person’s perspective, I highly recommend Expensive Shit. one of my favorite Fela Kuti albums. Black President gets a lot of props (for good reason) but Expensive Shit is probably my favorite.

  16. flarrdogg Says:

    6-15-2000 is a phenomenal show. That Disease (IMO) is every bit as good as any of the improv from Fukoka. They were on fire that whole tour.

  17. SillyWilly Says:



    I didn’t mean to just ask Mr. C. I just saw him talking about Fela Kuti one day.

    My favorite local music shop has 8 or 9 different Fela Kuti albums/collections. I had no idea what to get, so I closed my eyes and grabbed. Sometimes its fun to see what fate will turn up.

  18. garretc Says:


    Yes, you win!

    Click here to claim your prize!

  19. Kenny Powers Says:


    yes. the WAV files stay perfectly intact, you are just moving the location from another place to your iTunes library. WAV files are large as hell, but yes it will remain as is.

  20. Kenny Powers Says:

    expensive shit is awesome. not too schooled on his whole library but that one is a winner.

  21. flarrdogg Says:

    You guys rule.

    First listens are the best. Second best is listening to something you once loved and completely forgot about. This happens to me on a regular basis- thanks in large part to this site and y’all. I’m out. Thanks again for tech support.


  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    a fun little thing to note about Expensive Shit is the legend of the reason it is named that. Supposedly, Kuti was set up by cops who planted a joint on him to try to arrest him. He ate the joint so they put him jail until he, um, produced the evidence again. he gave them another inmate’s, er, production and they had nothing to hold him on.

    also, you will probably find that album as a double album cd along with “He Miss Road” (i.e. two albums on one cd). that’s how I have it and both are worthy.

  23. SillyWilly Says:

    Yeah, there were a couple double albums.

    I think this Confusion/Gentlemen one is a double.

    Thanks for the story, too.

    I love what I’ve heard so far.

  24. yematt Says:

    not sure if this has been posted


    ^interview with trey about exile

  25. pabalive Says:

    Miner – just read the post now.

    Love the idea of NYE being back at MSG. West Coast fall run is overdue and they have to have heard loud and clear that you westies have had a tough go of it with only 10 of their 57 appearances west of the Mississippi.

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