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The Final Season


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  1. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    had to post this. I don’t watch jimmy kimmel very often but this is a pretty good Lost skit (with the real MiB and Jacob no less)


  2. famousmockingbird tim Says:

    i bet you could do a psychological study on the people that watch LOST based on whether they believed in jacob or the MIB and separate personality types around that fork in the road.

    i think i’ve mentioned this here before but to some extent this show is based off of the game Myst, where you may recall both of the brothers trapped on the island were trying to trick you into setting them free (at which point, if you fell for it, you would take their place and be trapped &c…)

    anyhow, here’s the real kicker- MIB getting told “you’re special” is the same way John Locke used to be told you’re special. Now we remember how this annoyed Locke back then, but imagine those same scenes knowing what we know now- that MIB eventually assumes the form of John Locke- what if the cataclysmic mindblower at the end of the show is that we loop back somehow to what is essentially the first episode. this is where i see it going.

    the flash forward/flash back to season one when jacob lays the MIB and LIB to rest was like a weird, late second set tweezer bra.

  3. Hojo Says:

    I think that during their sabbatical, when everybody thought that Trey was isolated in vermont, he was teleported to the island. The teleportation process caused time to turn elastic. Trey had to spend an eternity protecting the source of life (ala the “Dude of Life”).

    During his stay he pondered the light that he could not enter. Until he realized that that same light was carried within in him… somewhere between him and his mind.

    In order to pass the time, Trey played a bizarre, nonsensical game with Bob Weir who kept singing about eternity and his brother Esau whilst twirling his mustache in a hypnotic fashion. Ever since Bobby entered the light back in the 60’s he hasn’t been quite right…

    Somehow, antelopes, llamas, and ocelots inhabited this island even though they were clearly not native to it… Trey refused to eat them however, and was forced to live on roadkill possum and mangos.

    Finally, Trey figured out how to escape from the island by stealing time from the faulty plan and then going backwards down the number line. Although he had spent an eternity on the island, only five years had passed. Filled with joy, he quickly set out to reboot his band and tell the world what had happened to him, only to find out that the writers from Lost had beaten him to the punch…

    …at least that’s better than getting sliced on the nipple…

  4. bright light Says:

    @ Hojo

    well, in some respects trey beat the writers to it, since on a friday in late 2002, after hanging with his mexican cousin in a blizzard with a wind chill of seven below, he dreamed of leaving the cold of vermont for the sun and waves of hawaii. for the next 46 days he kept a sleeping log. his favorite of all of these dreams was the one about the brothers who used to play games with pebbles and marbles on the beach, watching the thunderheads roll in without a care in the world, until things got ugly and the younger brother murdered his fake mom in a round room. the older brother then beat the crap out of his younger brother, and muttering something about never asking for the responsibility and wishing he was anything but me, turned his brother into a monster and forced him to spend the rest of his days writing names on the walls of the cave.

    trey thought about putting lyrics and music to his dream, but deciding it would sound too much like a mock song, figured he should let the idea go.

  5. GatsbyGatsbyGreatDog Says:

    Ok, so that episode shot my skeleton theory right out the water, but such is the glory of LOST.

    A. whether you liked the episode or not, you have to admit they came up with a twist on the dynamic between Jacob and MiB that NO ONE had quite expected… the fact that they could be brothers, yes… that it was a game between them, yes, etc… but for it to have started between them the way it did (the step mom commiting murder, etc) is totally classic LOST mouth gaping stuff.

    B. there is admittedly some disappointment in seeing Jacob as whiny momma’s boy and simultaneously wanting to join with the MiB and help him build that F’n wheel but, as several folks have said, what the hell did we want exactly? I didn’t see the details coming and its fitting in, its ‘canon’, let’s deal with it, move on…

    C. someone earlier wrote a very long passage (like mine here) stating this:
    ‘I would have been happy with the island being a special place with healing properties because of the strange electromagnetism. Throughout the years different people have stumbled upon it and have fought over it because they wanted to control its powers, sort of like the fight over the natural resources in many parts of our world’

    I think we all agree with this to a certain extent, and I still think, at essence, this is what we’re going to get. NO ONE has the ‘answer’ to the island… we’re human, maybe we’re not meant to. the step mom didn’t know.. she had tried to learn as much about the mystery’s as possible, but she was just as greedy about ‘the light’ as any other human on earth, she lied, stole, and killed to ‘protect’ it.

    Maybe we’re all (including the losties and jacob and MiB) supposed to learn that this light is there forever, its the life of the earth (or whatever wonderful word you want to use, ‘gaia’, ethos, etc), it can’t be extinquished. People will constantly try to use it to their gain and at the same time, it gives them respect for its power… its the light and the dark; everyone and everything has it, even the ‘light’ under the island… but it can never go away, just as the darkness never can fully go away… just like bernard and rose said, ‘everybody running around trying to kill eachother’. whether they think they are protecting the island or exploiting it, its still to their ends, to make themselves feel better…. they all need to let go. thats my new theory and had to write it out to make sense of it… thanks.

  6. beepaphone Says:


  7. Billy88 Says:

    The secret is to surrender to the flow.
    HAHA The truth is unknowable.
    Enjoyed the episode. Better than so much of the rest of TV.

    One question answered creates two more questions and so on. Luv that intro. Even protecting the most important thing ever, that possibly is existence, is REALLY tiring after centuries. MOM or LIB, gets to have two young uninfluenced Candidates…..the cost is something she is willing to pay. Murder the real mom.

    Who was the spirit of the Dead real mother?? LIB?

  8. Billy88 Says:

    THerefore she forced the conflict on esau?

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    The Ultimate Hurley “Dude” Compilation.

    submitted for your enjoyment

  10. joe Says:

    pretty cool podcast with Carlton Cuse from the sportsguy on espn. (I like his other podcasts, so maybe that is why I like this one) Doesn’t seem like a spoiler type of thing as long as you are current, so you can be pretty safe to listen unless you are trying to avoid anything lost at all.


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