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  1. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    WTF?! While I know that we were given a whole bunch of answers, I’m afraid that just as Allison Janney said to the real mother of Jacob, every question that is answered only produces more questions, I now have a whole bunch more questions … and the producers only have 3.5 hours to answer them. Not fair!

    So, if Smokey died when he went into the light, how did he incorporate his own self/body again later (for the beach conversation with Jacob that we saw next to the statue, when the Black Rock arrived)?

    Also, it sure does seem now that Smokey is not the bad guy. Jacob wasn’t either. Their step mother sure seemed like she screwed both of them over. And what was so damn wrong/bad with the people on the island that smokey lived with?

    Questions questions questions. Next week is going to be excruciating, knowing that there is a 2.5 sized finale just a few days afterwards.

  2. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    A big “meh” for last night’s big reveal. Probably a case of too high expectations. I’ve always felt like Lost respected the viewers’ intelligence, and last night seemed as if they realized, Oh crap this is almost over, let’s try to answer all the big questions at once.

    The result was a mash-up of new agey hippie metaphysics, Greek mythology > weird Freudian undertones, and not so great special effects. And frustrating child actors

    I agree that there’s still plenty left to baffle us, but I feel less Lost now, and that isn’t as satisfying as it should be. And NTM is right, everybody’s lying to everyone, everyone is selfish and murderous, and there’s no real distinction between people and the island demi-gods other than lifespan.

    However, it does confirm my longstanding belief that Bernard and Rose are the true heroes of Lost. Every other character fits the bill described by the Mom (from hell) as coming, coveting, cheating, stealing, and fighting. B & R were the only ones to turn their backs on all of that and just live out their lives loving each other, come what may.

  3. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    This is all setting up to be very unsatisfying when it’s over. And that’s Bullshit! The producers have had the opportunity to wrap this thing up neatly and brlilliantly, but they know it’s too difficult to do and do well, so instead, they are pissing in our ears.

  4. TheSloth Says:

    This all makes me think Hurley will be the one. He can see and talk to the dead (and Jacob) so he can learn why he is there and what needs to be protected. Also, Jacobs brother, who could also talk to the dead, was thought to be the one just like jack is thought to be the one.

  5. bright light Says:

    Count me in the camp of people hoping for some loose ends at the end. The uncertainty and mystery of the island (and the show itself) have been among my favorite themes from day one. I have no problem if I’m left to do some thinking when the scren goes dark for the last time.

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I’ll be the first to say it, I guess. I really liked this episode. Yes, there were some questions answered in ways I may not have “wanted” but in the end it moved the story along to a point that I think will help fill in some of the gaps as we round third and head for home.

    look, no matter what the writers do here there is always going to be room to find things that we don’t like about the way the story goes. With as much build up as there has been with this show, it stands to reason that we may not like every explanation we get here.

  7. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    i liked the episode. It’s just that they are answering questions by not answering questions – what they are really doing is this giving us history back to a point that we are supposed to feel satisfied.

    That’s like saying I’m satisfied with the Big Bang.

    Nuh-uh! I wan’t to know what happened BEFORE the Big Bang.

    IOW, I want to know where the Light Source came from and how it came to be that someone had to protect it.

  8. FunkyButtLovin Says:

    What i dont understand is that the light went out when smokey came out. What is left to protect?

  9. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    you’re probably not a very religious man then are you, auntie em?

    kidding, of course, but at a certain point don’t we need to take certain things as they have been presented. deus ex machina and all of that?

  10. what are my choices? Says:

    great episode – looking forward to watching it again to soak in some more. Something that jumped out at me last night was the ceremonial drinking of wine from that bottle with “mother” and Jacob in front of the Light. Didn’t Richardo and Jacob share a sip of the same vino on the beach in Ab Aeterno?
    And are we led to believe that “mother” was a smoke monster as well? She dominated the camp and filled in the hole with the greatest of ease

  11. Mr.Palmer Says:

    i thought the episode was good as well T3, your not alone.

  12. Wilson8or Says:

    I wasn’t very happy with it, fwiw. I’m sick of everyone dodging answers. Jacob and his bro questioning their “stepmom” seemed a LOT like our survivors questioning Ben. The same answers were given, albeit with a shiny cave as a back drop. I don’t even think finding out the secret of Adam and Eve was that great of a payoff. And I, too, am wondering how the hell smokey gets back to his body. Is he not fully dead? So much for Jacob not being able to kill him either. And not giving MIB a name?? Come on! I’m just going to call him Al from now on.

    And let me be the first to draw a slight reference to a Phish song from last night: “Woah oh OH. Somebody’s jumping in the creek with your brother!”

  13. joe Says:

    my only complaints about any of it is that I wish there were about 10 episodes left and that last night’s story got spread out into 2 episodes.

  14. bright light Says:

    Me three.

    I like the idea that someone has been guarding the island for a very long time. We don’t know how or why or when it started, just that it is, and that the protector has special powers. From what we saw last night, the (fake) mother thinks she is doing a crucial job (which she very well may have been doing) but has more than her fair share of faults (to put it mildly). Same goes for Jacob, the last protector we saw.

    More than anything, last night gave me quite a bit of sympathy for Jacob’s brother. Not really a bad guy at all. Just longing to see what else is out there. Hard to blame him.

    I also liked the twist that if not for Jacob acting all insecure and pissy and throwing his brother down into the light, his brother likely would have just ended up a desperate guy wishing he could get off the island but failing time and time again. Instead, Jacob’s actions killed his brother (at least his body) and (literally) created a monster. Whoops.

  15. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    I think the “how he got his body back” question is pretty straight forward.

    didn’t he also use the dead body of John Locke as a means to take on that countenance? never occupied the actual body though, did he? why is it that hard to understand that he took on his own body in the same way?

    the implications of using Locke’s appearance are clear to me as well. he “needed” to be able to relate to the 815 peeps so he took on the appearance of someone they knew rather than showing up in his “old” form.

  16. cwc Says:

    I guess I am just bitter that it is coming to an end, but overall weak sauce to me. This is the conclusion that they have had all along for these many years??

    Too high of expectations for such a wonderful show.

    I kept waiting for Vincent and Jules to show up and take the light to Marcellus.

  17. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Here’s my beef:

    They’ve had 3 years to plan this. They’ve built up the expectations. They’ve tried to a “different” show.

    And now they’re pulling the same crap as others have done … telling us that it’s better if we are left with some questions.

    Bullshit! They are taking the easy road out.

    I’m a little cranky, as well.

  18. El Duderino Says:

    These shows have been anti-climatic for me. I’m somewhat disappointed with how this is playing out.

  19. Mr.Palmer Says:

    NTM- the show isn’t over yet though. There are still 3 1/2 hours of Lost remaining. I truly think you will change your tune when it’s all said and done. At least, i’m hoping so.

  20. devo Says:

    I think the writers and the fans alike have made a big mistake. Everyone wanted things tied up in a nice little package so that everything that happened made sense was consistent. People wanted a”theory of everything” if you will. Just like the earth, what is is and why are we here. To give everyone what they wanted the writers cooked up this Jacob/MIB super-structure to “explain” everything. Unfortunately, what that did was just create a story that was only tangentially related to the characters we care about. Frankly, I do not think there needed to be a “super structure” to fit everything into. In fact, I think they were on the right track with having Ben/Widmore be the main conflict and there fight for power over this island that has mysterious healing powers. That would have been enough of an answer for me. As far as the smoke monster goes I think they should have stopped at Ben’s explanation in season 4 that it is some kind of security system for the island. That would have been enough. But for some reason people needed more of an explanation. Are we really surprised that the answer to what the big cloud of shape shifting black smoke that kills people on the island, ends up being a stupid answer. I dare you to come up with a cool explanation that people would be satisfied with. I would have been happy with the island being a special place with healing properties because of the strange electromagnetism. Throughout the years different people have stumbled upon it and have fought over it because they wanted to control its powers, sort of like the fight over the natural resources in many parts of our world. I think that the structure that i just gave, which the writers had in place, should have been where they stopped explaining what the island is. The rest of the story could have been how are characters responded and what they did and the fight between Ben and Widmore. The end of the show could have been our losties leaving Ben and Widmore to fight it out on the island and going back to live there lives in LA better for learning what they learned about themselves on the island. Had they done this the writers could have answered more interesting question such as why pregnant women die on the island and what shadowy network Ben belongs to such that he needs many fake passports and has access to huge sums of cash off of the island. To do what I have proposed they still could have done season 5 time travel (which I thought was cool getting to see Dharma in action) just not have had jacob and MIB shown during the finale of that season. They still could have set off the bomb as there attempt to get away from this island and all the loss they had experience becuase of it and then still really had the flash sideways of season 6. They just would have had to change the on island action this season and come up with a dffierent reason as to how the timelines will merge. Anyway just my thoughts. For What it is worth I actually though “across the sea” was pretty good for what it was. I just think it was unnecessary. I think the writers and the fans are complicit in its creation though. Its what everyone wanted and its not that cool. I still like the show and hope for a good resolution for the characters as that is what the show is about at its core

  21. Wilson8or Says:

    Next week’s episode should be completely frustrating. Historically speaking with this series, the episode before the finale usually sets up the chess pieces, and kills off a person or two. I see Rose and Bernard coming back and hooking up with Desmond. I like Dr. P’s angle on their significance as true heroes, and Desmond seems to be a hero as well.
    Also, one of my favorite moments was the preview for next week. Although it was all clips from already aired episodes, the back drop of the Doors “The End” was chilling!

  22. Lycanthropist Says:

    Ok I liked this episode.

    Yes it was different than I had hoped it would be.

    Yes the history of the island is left vague.

    But that is the point to me.

    This show has always been about theorizing and postulating based on the small bits of information they have given us.

    I for one don’t want to know all the whys and hows just like I have no interest in knowing what happened prior to the big bang or creation or whatever.

    This show is about the 815 characters. Always has been and will be to the end. Frankly I am surprised they should us as much as they did about the origins of Jacob and the MiB. They showed us what we needed to know for the story at hand.

    We needed to know the MiB’s true motivations and why he is the way he is. Jacob did NOT kill the MiB, and I thought that they went to great lengths to drive that home.

    The MiB was stripped from his physical body. He can project the image of his former self in the same way he used Christian and Locke’s visages. But he can never have a true human body again.

    My guess is that the cave of light expelled all that was bad in the man in black in the form of the smoke monster.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is still some remnants of the human and goodness that the MiB possessed before he was consumed by greed and the desire to escape the island.

    Bottom line is this:

    They told us the basic paramaters of what the guardians are supposed to do. It doesn’t matter where the stepmom came from, only that she had the mantle before Jacob and now someone has to fill Jacobs shoes.

    I find it interesting that Jacob resisted the burden much like all of our “candidates”.

    There are 3 and half hours left of LOST and SOMEONE is going to be initiated as the new Jacob, and my guess is that they/we will find out some of the missing pieces at that juncture.

    They have created a mythology that can hold up to any other. Full of have truths and mystery that is left to the individual to interpret; whether it be a character on the show or us as viewers.

    I do have some lingering questions though:
    -How did the stepmom destroy that whole village?
    -Why did she say thank you when MiB killed her?

    All and all I felt like it was a good Lost story and a nice peek into the deeper history of the island.

  23. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    good points. I think she thanked MiB since he had freed her from her task as protector. I would think that after so many years (hundreds? thousands??) one would want it to end but I think it is safe to assume she was not in a position to end it herself, just as Jacob wasn’t either. Part of me assumes that Jacob wanted to be killed since he was already going about the process of picking his successor. saving the world must be very tiring business.

  24. Lycanthropist Says:

    look for Desmond to be thrown into the cave of wonders!

  25. shaftytim Says:

    dudes, jacob DID kill the MIB by throwing him into the cave, thereby releasing all the evil in the inner-sanctum. the black smoke is PURE EVIL, esau (for lack of a better term) was not, and now he is dead, and like every dead body on the island, black smoke can take its form.

    it’s my guess that black smoker chooses to look like esau primarily to torrment jacob. and that jacob’s game of keeping it trapped on the island is not to spite esau, but because at this point that shit truly is “pure evil”.

    black smoke =\= esau

    and esau, just like locke, christian, yemi &c… is really dead.

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