Ten Tunes For Friday

8.2.09 (G.Lucas)

With under a month left until Summer 2010, each Friday inches us ever closer to new Phish music. Until then, each week we can focus on the relics from the past with ten more tunes. Enjoy the music, and enjoy the weekend!


Auld Lang Syne > Disease Jam > Split” 12.31.93 III

Arguably the greatest splash into the new year that Phish has ever pulled off, debuting the cathartic “Disease” jam before anyone knew the song. “Down With Disease” would be unveiled in ’94’s first show in Burlington.



Reba” 4.9.94 II

A soaring version with a ferocious peak from Binghamton ’94.



Tweezer” 6.29.94 II

A heavy, imposing rendition that emerged deep in the second set at Walnut Creek ’94.



Antelope” 12.6.97 I

During Fall ’97, Phish looked through a lens of funk grooves, transposing their vision on any and every song. Here’s a dancy first set example from Auburn Hills.



Wolfman’s > Scents and Subtle Sounds” 7.7.03 II

In the first show of Summer ’03 in, Phish led off the second set with this one-two punch, debuting “Scents and Subtle Sounds” to the Phoenix audience.



Mike’s Song” 11.7.98 I

1998 was the last consistently great year for “Mike’s Songs,” and this dark-horse version that all-but opened UIC’s three-night stand, moves from militant rhythms into a blissful second jam to balance things out.



Yamar” 12.13.97 I

Kicking off the final show of Fall ’97 in Albany, Phish jumped onto the dance floor quickly with this funktastic take on “Yamar.”



YEM > Fast Enough For You” 4.29.94 II

This “YEM”oozes ’94 energy and creativity, veering from a vocal jam and melting into “Fast Enough For You.”



David Bowie” 4.30.94 II

A classic rendition from Orlando, with “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” intro.

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578 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday”

  1. Kaveh Says:

    7. Foam

  2. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Roggae is another one i’m really hoping to catch this summer.

  3. gratefulcub Says:

    To add a 3rd to your list Marshall, if you listen to quite a bit of phish, and vary your tape years, AND don’t listen to all that much 2.0…..

    I have heard so many Tweezers, I usually FF through the first 4:15 of the song to get to the jam.

    SSS, Waves, WOTC, P&M etc are somewhat fresh to my ears even on tape. Even fresher than 3.0.

    I wouldn’t mind a:

    SSS Intro>Waves>Liquid Time>Ghost (just because)>Friday (just to piss people off)>Show of Life>SSS

    Enc: Greyhound Rising (I’ve never heard it, but I have heard OF it)

  4. BTB Says:

    Roggae is the summer shed set I favorite of mine

    Yamar and Roggae are summer tunes.

  5. verno329 Says:

    @Kaveh Well I guess I’ll have to see what else I can find then. Miley Cyrus live in Vegas? The wooks on Miley tour were stoked to be in Vegas and it translates to the performance. You’ll love it

  6. BTB Says:

    Roses would be great

  7. BTB Says:

    Shakedown Street would be dope

  8. yanzlow Says:

    Wow, great day in NY, the boys on TV last nite, 12/2/09 on the ipod on the way to work (fluff came to new york!), and of course TTFF. The bug’s biting hard today. less than a month to my part of tour starts in Hershey, but it feels like years! Love that Bowie today – here’s to the boys trying a bit of that deconstruction style jamming this summer.
    my wishlist for the summer:
    1. Watcher of the Skies opener – dig the tune, and it’d be cool if they jam out the part with the funky beat.
    2. A super sized funky tube!
    3. Mozambique! Forgot how good this tune was until this winter’s trey tour, and it’s great summer tunage!

  9. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Hmmm … iTunes just spoke to me at told me that the Gin from LJVM, Winston-Salem is 31 minutes long.

    Must listen to that right now.

  10. Guyute711 Says:

    My list:
    Dog Log
    Amongst a few others of course.

  11. BTB Says:

    News songs = a must

  12. Mr.Palmer Says:

    NTM- i listen to that show yesterday. I suggest grabbing Kenny power’s re master of that show. Sounds terrific. I’m not an AUD guy usually, but i enjoy his work.

    Don’t forget- TAB couch tour this Sunday on iclips. Live from the Hangout Festival…

  13. yanzlow Says:

    Yeah Roses needs to come back. They looped it over and over again under the announcements outside the arena in miami. oh, and Fee. with megaphone.

  14. Kaveh Says:

    OK BB’ers since we are throwing out tunes for summer. I want one bustout song from each of you. One. And it has to be a played tune already; because of course there will be new music, but a bustout from the current catalog. Ready, set, go!

  15. willowed Says:

    wish list
    Saw it Again

  16. [An Unrelated] Wilson Says:

    I saw my rock hero introduce my favorite band last night.

    i wet myself.

  17. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Not Tom
    Well said. I took time off during that time and like you am loving the good stuff they wrote during that time. Fresh quality music that I have not experienced live. Yum. Would love to see some them this summer. Possibilities are endless.

  18. Kaveh Says:

    My Summer 2009 bustout: The Sloth

  19. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Alumni Blues

  20. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Shaggy Dog bustout

  21. GOOCHY Says:

    Sounds like there were several of us who took the entirety of 2.0 off.

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    if he doesn’t already have it, hook him up with that awesome set from the MCMACCWFSILCTTF* Festival back in ’95. that all star jam with Tesh, Bolton, Kenny G, Michael McDonald, and the rythym section from Manhattan Transfer is unreal. they positively tore apart When A Man Loves A Woman that day. No way anyone will ever top that.

    *Why, the Middle Class Middle Aged Cookie Cutter White Folk Sitting in Lawn Chairs Tapping Their Feet Festival (sponsored by Metamucil), of course!

  23. willowed Says:

    Bust Out
    Golden Age (does this qualify, if so. I want to see this done again asap))

  24. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Phish song- Alumni Blues

    Cover- Izabella

  25. BTB Says:


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