Mid-May Melange

5.16.10 Trey & Classic TAB @ The Hangout Festival, Gulf Shores, AL

Gotta Jibboo, Push On Til the Day, The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Burn That Bridge*, Money Love and Change, It Makes No Difference, Alaska, Sailboat Man*, Sand, Valentine, Cayman Review, Plasma, Drifting, Black Dog

E: First Tube

*debut, original

5.16.10 The Hangout Festival < Megaupload

Source: Unknown


11.20.09 - Cincy (W.Rogell)


Jam of the Day:

Ghost” 7.23.97 II

One of the best from ’97 – SBD style.




3.25.92 Trax, Charlottesville, VA SBD < Megaupload

3.25.92 Trax, Charlottesville, VA SBD < Torrent

1992 Poster

A classic spring ’92 SBD, another relic from the analog era.

I: Wilson, Sparkle, Split Open and Melt, Rift, Fee > Maze, Glide, Runaway Jim, It’s Ice, Run Like an Antelope

II: Tweezer > Mound, Reba, All Things Reconsidered, The Squirming Coil, You Enjoy Myself > Setting Sail*, Horn, My Sweet One, Chalk Dust Torture, Cold as Ice > Cracklin’ Rosie > Cold as Ice, Golgi Apparatus

E: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

*out of vocal jam

Source: SBD

631 Responses to “Mid-May Melange”

  1. BTB Says:

    Listening to Divided Sky 2,409 times doesn’t help either – to what some of us were saying earlier, taking a break is a necessity.

    Still nothing I love more than 3 or 4 straight days of shows.

    Art. Music. People

    All make me happy

  2. SillyWilly Says:

    …and now you’re the manager of what is sure to become a legendary occurrence along the lines of the scene at the end of Star Wars when the Emperor is dead, The Wedding of Aragorn to Arwen Evenstar, and the Second Vatican Council (much better than the first, I hear):

    The First Annual BTB Fest

  3. William H. Bonney Says:

    Evening BB; reading back have to agree 12-28-95 Tweezer is top 5…Palmer and I had a listening a few months ago and show was better than I remember. Some fans are stoked just to the boys were those of us who have seen a few more shows, tend to be looking for a little more. Either way a good balance and a good crew make for a life changing time with Phish on the road……BANE ON

  4. SOAM Says:

    I am the east coast tune caller.

    That’s about all I have to say about that (Forrest)

    and phish is much like a box o chocolates-you never know what is going to get you HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but sure enough-you pick up a sweet rip every time……..


  5. gavinsdad Says:

    good stuff Silly…we’re getting pumped up…

    it’s hard to love a band and have a band be so special to you that when they are not as special as they used to be you wonder…will they be special again? i’m saying that as a general hypothetical because phish is still very special to me. the opening notes of DWD at the Gorge last summer were still very special to me…they spoke to me and turned my 40 year old body into an 18 year old body. and i danced. and lo and behold, the phish from VT were good.

    in the end i think we all make a choice…does this band still do it for me? my personal answer is an unequivocal yes…but as i’ve mentioned numerous times, i’m pretty easy on these guys….if i really was having a shit time at shows with the music and the people i’d probably shove off…but for now that magic still exists…

  6. SOAM Says:


    He can’t win….. for losing

    Lotta po’ man got to walk the line-JUST PAY HIS UNION DUE


    If I’m going back again!!!

  7. Mr. Completely Says:

    pardon if already posted, not keeping up with the flow right now. just a little surface level treatment but interesting

    “Plummeting Marijuana Prices Create A Panic In Calif.”


  8. voopa Says:

    Enjoyed the webcast last night. Trey looked like he was having fun. I was!
    Stream sound was steady, the video was a bit choppy, but the combo made for a nice effect at times.

  9. gavinsdad Says:

    thx C

  10. SillyWilly Says:

    Right on gavinsdad

    thats a great point about the personal choice thing.

    sort of a microcosm about life: we’re continually faced with re-committing to different things. work, friendships, marriages/relationships.

  11. El Duderino Says:

    60 – 120 is a crime

  12. Leo Weaver Says:

    Interesting article Mr. C. It’s a shame the S/D is outta whack and their market is limited…plenty of takers on this coast I’m sure.

  13. Chuck D Says:


    is that the teet of an Insane Clown Possette?

  14. Chuck D Says:

    Juggalette? what is the preferred nomenclature for a female ICPer?


  15. gavinsdad Says:

    @LeoW: was just going to say the same thing…the philly market is softening however and i think there is a slight ripple effect going on…i’m also feel as if the indoor contingent here in the city are getting better at what they do and that contributes to the glut. they get more proficient and also create more volume in the marketplace. who would have thought such a thing? i’m not saying it’s dirt cheap here…but i’m not sure that Phila can support a West Coast delivery and not feel the same implications to it’s local market.

  16. lastwaltzer Says:

    anyone need a toyota GA for face? I’m trying to get the gf a ticket but this guy will only sell if i take two?


    shoot me an email if its a yes and we can work the details out there.
    m a t t m c 1 9 8 6 @ y a h o o . c o m

  17. kayatosh Says:

    premium bane in the philly area goes for $500a zeezer, as far as i know.

  18. Mr. Completely Says:

    great posts the last few pages about the balance between critique and positivity

    the distinction @albert makes between having a great time at the show and hearing the music for what it is is a profoundly important one

    also his point about the progression – the trend is what matters – takes a market trader to really understand that, but it’s true

    but then what do I know, I haven’t listened to a note of music played by white people in weeks 😮 (saving it up for when we get close to tour time)

  19. bouncin fan Says:

    Chicago is 400 / 4800

    And it has been flooded

    All west coast indoor and outdoor

    Drivers been busy

    Blueberry kush and gdp with the og and sour diesel lately

  20. kayatosh Says:

    bouncin: nice selections. 4 hundo also sounds good.

  21. kayatosh Says:

    right on g’sdad: the magic still exists. I had my doubts in 2003 and 2004. roll-on four headed phish dragon

  22. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Pretendica going for $80/z

    marquee breeds in that world pricing band $80-$120 quad or $250 – $450 z

    haven’t paid in years to many friends in the biz

  23. bouncin fan Says:

    You got good friends pb

    I’ll my friends are in the business

    None are stepping up to provide for me and my girls half a week habit

  24. carleethian Says:


    The lineup is getting announced tomorrow at 10am (CST)!! (And 1-day tickets go on sale too.)

    I’m getting so excited just thinking about it. I bought four 3-day passes a while ago and am gonna load up on 1-days for what I hope is a phishy day!

    If I have extras I’ll of course let everyone on here know about it first.

  25. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    I’ve consulted for all of them and consider it part of the retainining agreement.

    The thing about gift horses, is that you must not look at their teeth until you are at your own castle, so to speak.

    I am having a party this weekend where the salad bar will be funkin nutz.

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