Mid-May Melange

5.16.10 Trey & Classic TAB @ The Hangout Festival, Gulf Shores, AL

Gotta Jibboo, Push On Til the Day, The Devil Went Down To Georgia, Burn That Bridge*, Money Love and Change, It Makes No Difference, Alaska, Sailboat Man*, Sand, Valentine, Cayman Review, Plasma, Drifting, Black Dog

E: First Tube

*debut, original

5.16.10 The Hangout Festival < Megaupload

Source: Unknown


11.20.09 - Cincy (W.Rogell)


Jam of the Day:

Ghost” 7.23.97 II

One of the best from ’97 – SBD style.




3.25.92 Trax, Charlottesville, VA SBD < Megaupload

3.25.92 Trax, Charlottesville, VA SBD < Torrent

1992 Poster

A classic spring ’92 SBD, another relic from the analog era.

I: Wilson, Sparkle, Split Open and Melt, Rift, Fee > Maze, Glide, Runaway Jim, It’s Ice, Run Like an Antelope

II: Tweezer > Mound, Reba, All Things Reconsidered, The Squirming Coil, You Enjoy Myself > Setting Sail*, Horn, My Sweet One, Chalk Dust Torture, Cold as Ice > Cracklin’ Rosie > Cold as Ice, Golgi Apparatus

E: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

*out of vocal jam

Source: SBD

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  1. kayatosh Says:

    Phamily B: salad bar — classic. That’s the type of party I would love to get an invite to.

  2. voopa Says:

    Hash oil dressing

  3. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Kaya this event itself of an overall debacle. I have an open invite to those who can make it. I hit folks for $20/head to cover costs plus managment fees. 😉 No one has complained of the lack of value.

    It is a a memorial sloshball game in honor of my dog, Keiss, who passed away at 5 from Valley Fever a nasty fungus that lives in the desert soils. I call it the Keiss Klassic. What is sloshball, you may ask. I define it as a fairly competitive, yett remotely athletic version of coed softbal where no base runner passes second without finishing a beer. I play universal pitcher/umpire/MC and am, as has become expected though not approved by the missus, face melted through the game. Second base is really and easy up with some couches and a keg and keg mistress who is also a green goddess. Post game we return to my place, two houses from the park and fire up the grill and swim until the sober ones can drive and /or the cabs show up. Also between the piano, guitars and harmonicas and othe instruments and my frineds/acquaintances, the missus usually sleeps at the neighbor because of some jamming. It has become an institution.

    I do one in the fall that is a masquerade debacle.

    Before, during and after there is plenty of fun for all willing, open-minded participants.

    Myhouse is trashed the following day
    I hit everybody for $20/head to cover the kegs,

  4. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Liquor license, other consumables, noshables and rent a portopotty

  5. lastwaltzer Says:

    anyone know if there is a way to get a pc to read a hard drive formatted for mac?

  6. halcyon Says:

    Sounds awesome PB

    I know a good photographer in AZ to document your event … 😉

  7. Mr.Palmer Says:

    LW- i had an external HD from my PC that wasn’t formatted for my MAC when i bought it. Unfortunately there was no solution. I could have formatted the HD for MAc but the process would have erased the files that were on HD. I hope you find a better solution.

  8. kayatosh Says:

    phamily b: wow! sounds awesome. what state you in?

  9. halcyon Says:

    Music for ya….

    Jimi Hendrix Box Set

    Buffalo Springfield Box Set

    Lynyrd Skynyrd Box Set

    Crosby Stills Nash Box Set

    Head East – Flat as a Pancaske (1975)

  10. Jtran Says:

    12/12/95 Antelope is nice

  11. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    I spaced the other fun thing and you can do thi one with your friends and family.

    For the seventh inning stretch, we celebrate all of the recent birthdays and unbirthdays with piñata. Only this pinche piñata is full of lottery scratchers, single serve liquor bottles, papers, lighters and whatever the contents were of the $10 grab bag at Zorba’s adult store. Content may vary according to audience.

    The simple joys of bashing something with a bat only to showers in goodies and the like.

    Piñatas Rock!

  12. lastwaltzer Says:


    Thats how it seems, really hope there is some kind of trick, cause I’d like to put off buying another mac for a few months.

  13. Leo Weaver Says:

    @PhamB…sounds like a helluva time. I’ll be sure to look you up if I find myself in your neighborhood. Great pinata idea!

    @gdad…not sure the market is exactly softening here, but things are very stable and consistent overall with fair prices. I’ve seen the same thing re: indoor practitioners…it’s better overall with more variety, just not enough quantity/regularity here. Gotta know when and where to look. Market could absorb more for sure.

  14. lastwaltzer Says:

    so im listening to the soundboard leaks posted earlier and as for the harry hood>helpless is neil on hood? I only hear one guitar

  15. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    idk if this has been posted but shwah!

  16. halcyon Says:

    Over at Phish Twit

  17. lastwaltzer Says:

    i take it back i hear him now

  18. SplitOpenAndSparkle Says:

    thanks for posting the trey show link….shooo much fun last night….right on the rail!!
    Black Dog melted sufficiently melted my face…….got it all sandy even.

  19. lastwaltzer Says:

    “sufficiently melted my face…….got it all sandy”


  20. Mr. Completely Says:

    400 is a nice price for off the left coast

    250-ish here, +/- 25 depending

    pdx custies pay around 300-325 i think

  21. (Formally Known As) BrandonKayda Says:

    11/25/09 was a great show. YEM, Birds, and TTE were all really good in set II. Tweezer got into a incredible funk theme for a little near the end but then they stopped for no real reason. Big first set as well

    I think I’m gonna play 8/11/09 next. I want to play all of the shows that people don’t think of as much or overlook cause’ of setlist/length/etc

  22. El Duderino Says:

    400 a z has been the going rate in chicago for the last 3 years. Unfortunately the choice/variety of strains in Chicago can limited. So when something nice comes into town, you tend to pay more. But that’s the mid-west. You get more of a choice of strains in the southeast than you do in the midwest, but that Florida and the coastal areas that help that situation.

    Just my opinion

  23. El Duderino Says:

    @ Mr. C

    that 7/29/74 link I posted earlier today is a highly under circulated show with one 1 source until today. Plus Nobody’s Fault Jam and a Spanish Jam in the same set. That’s pretty frickin’ sweet in my book

  24. lastwaltzer Says:

    have mail order tickets gone out yet?

  25. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Go suns!

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