Phish Officially Lands In Austin

When the line-up for Austin City Limits dropped in the wee hours of yesterday morning, Phish sat atop the bill as one of three major headliners, just as expected. Making their second mainstream, multi-band festival stop in as many years, the band will travel to Austin, Texas for the Indie-based festival in October. Phish will headline Friday, October 8, while the other nights will be capped by Britsh mod-rockers, Muse, and The Eagles, (yes, the ’70s band touring in support of their first studio album in 28 years!?) Boasting an eclectic lineup of modern music, distinctly outside the jam scene, the hippies will join the hipsters in Texas this fall.

In the manner of New Orleans Jazz Fest, the party disperses throughout the venues of Austin at night, as the artists play legitimate gigs after the official festival shuts down. Rumors have already started circulating about a Saturday night Phish show in Austin, boasting what is sure to be an intimate environment and a tough ticket, but making the trip all-the-more worth-it for the Phish-focused fan. And word also has it Phish will record a segment for Austin City Limits, now the longest running music series in American television, on Sunday. Though these are still rumors, all in all, it seems like October 8-10 will be a very Phishy weekend in Austin.

12.2.09 (W.Rogell)

Interestingly, the $185 three-day passes to the festival sold out before they even announced the lineup, causing most Phish fans to purchase single-day tickets for $85 dollars a pop. For many that will work fine as Phish will only play the festival grounds on Friday. However, the situation makes it slightly inconvenient for those looking to go to the festival throughout the weekend, as there are no ins and outs with single day tickets. Nonetheless, enjoy the only no-service-charge ticketing you’ll ever experience, as stubs cost $85 out the door..

As the band now has official plans for Columbus Day weekend, the rumored Vegas stand can be narrowed to the following weekend, October 15-17. Perhaps the West may get some love come fall, and it’s good to see that ball set in motion. We now have our first sense of fall Phish, and it isn’t even summer. Phish is heading back to Lone Star State s for the first since 1999. Giddy-up!


Jam of the Day:

Tweezer” 12.2.95 II SBD

Though not the most well-mixed soundboard, this is a wordly upgrade from any other source of this epic “Tweezer.” Pure Phish fire at their finest.




4.5.92 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO – Matrix < Megaupload

4.5.92 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO – Matrix < Torrent

The Fox - Boulder, CO

This show was not originally scheduled as part of this tour, and was only announced to the public at the previous evening’s show at CU’s Balch Fieldhouse.  (

I: Llama, Guelah Papyrus, The Divided Sky, Wilson, Poor Heart, Stash, Rift, Horn, It’s Ice, Possum, Sweet Adeline

II: Split Open and Melt, All Things Reconsidered, You Enjoy Myself, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Maze, Weigh, The Landlady > David Bowie, Hold Your Head Up > Love You > Cold as Ice, Take the ‘A’ Train, Runaway Jim

E: Lawn Boy, Rocky Top

Matrix Notes: “The following shows were recorded to DAT from a separate, recording board at the shows. They are some of the highest quality
Phish tapes in existence: 4/22/90, 10/30/90, 10/31/90, 11/2/90, 11/3/90, 11/4/90, 3/13/91, 3/15/91, 3/16/91, 3/17/91, 3/22/91, 3/23/91, 4/5/92.

Except for the 4/5/92 tape, they have all been fairly widely circulated. They were done on a large recording console (not EQ) and mixed completely separately from the board mix, rumoredly done in a truck outside the venue. The engineer used 2 audience mics to mix in crowd/hall ambience (on most of them).”

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587 Responses to “Phish Officially Lands In Austin”

  1. SillyWilly Says:

    If I ever had a chance to meet the band I hope I’d be cool enough to ask them how they were doing and then simply say, “Thanks for everything.”

    If I ever met them, I really hope it was either by accident or in the most non-intrusive way as possible.

    I often feel a little weird thinking of them differently than just 4 dudes who happen to be really good at melting my face. Can’t really say what I would be like if I had enjoyed the success these dudes have had.

    I feel maybe the best gift fans could give them is simply the feeling that their art is appreciated, and that we hope they continue to find joy in making music because we’re all still getting a huge kick out of Phish.

    just me, though.

  2. angryjoggerz Says:

    When I met them I had not even seen them in 2 years, was not even aware that they were playing in Japan. We just happened to be in the same airport, same flight. Mikes hair was shocking, though.

  3. angryjoggerz Says:

    ^ I am super not cool, btw. Not at all cool on the lot or in the scene. I am most defitinly not cooler than you, whoever you are.

  4. pagesidehighschool Says:

    i was lucky enough to get a “clinic pass” in camden 04. got to see melanie griffith backstage, i was really hoping to see her 5′ desperado, but no such mexicacn was seen

  5. zzyzx Says:

    When Mel got to talk with Fishman on Jam Cruise, the conversation was mainly about chickens.

  6. pagesidehighschool Says:

    ^no phish meet n greet either

  7. El Duderino Says:

    I’d probably rather hang with the people that work for them than the band itself. With Trey’s wit I’d be fodder for those guys. Just paint a bulls-eye on my back

  8. Aquaman Says:

    @ All

    I love the love fest today.

    Pea shout to all the heads….


  9. angryjoggerz Says:

    I always personally thought that working for the band sounded like a drag. Why work at your favorite fun time? I guess it was a means to an end, but they never seemed to be loving the show too much, too worried about work. Personaly I would rather work hard so I can go to shows and not worry about work. 2eachtheirown.

  10. SOAM Says:

    Dude-you’d be fine-he may be a powerhouse axeman and a bright cat but he’s a shmuck just like the rest of us who have cruised along the northway-late at night-after the old lady threw you out-only to get popped for crossing the center line and holding major henry and peter.
    He’s human….

  11. Chuck D Says:

    is it possible to drown a bowl in hash oil? like make it un-smoke-able? I wanna go home and just pour, but I think I might be getting ahead of myself.

  12. Aquaman Says:

    @ All

    OK one last story.

    Wedding in LA. Fishman already has kids at this point but is bedding down with my friends sister. My friend then gets married and Fishman is invited to the wedding. I took a picture of his place card and everything.

    Got to meet him and like a dork I say the following…..

    “Should I call you John or Bob Weaver?”

    He simply shrugged looked down and said, “No one calls me that anymore”, he then proceeded to walk away toward anyone who was NOT me.

    Later on once we were both drunk we chatted about about the “Swine Storm” or pork tornado for all the others.

    This is proof positive….that I am a total dork and lacking in cool!

    Aqua Audi 5000.


  13. SillyWilly Says:

    oh yeah, AJ, I didnt mean to say that other people were not cool for how they acted when they met the band, I just meant I hoped I’d be able to keep my cool well enough to limit my conversation to simply asking them how they were doing and saying thanks.

  14. SOAM Says:

    It also proves that Fishman can be a little rotund duchebag…..

  15. angryjoggerz Says:

    Silly, did not think you had, no worries. I just hate cool and dont want anything to do with it, haha.

  16. SOAM Says:

    I met Trey once-in 92-We got cooked and then he split-good dude-unassuming-though this was thus-along time ago….if I met him now I’d hide my perc’s and offer to smoke ahuge fatooski washed down with some conversation (Trey likes Hockey-me was hockey player) and some cold-natural-delightful to the taste buds-inequivocally amazing tasty kind brew-one that is red white and blue-MOTHERFUCKINBUDWEISER

  17. sumodie Says:

    Nah, at shows I get, “I love your website,” and {rolling person}, “May I touch your cape?” 😉

    @zzyzx: So can we touch your cape? I’ve always been too shy to ask 8)

    Srsly, though, as you’ve seen today, sometimes things get testy here, but usually it all works out. After all, as I always say, a message board is a very poor communication tool – it’s quite easy to mistype and misread intentions

  18. angryjoggerz Says:

    Since we are talking capes, can anyone explain what the deal was in the mid naughts with the kids with the tails?

  19. SOAM Says:

    Lick my ballbag

  20. SOAM Says:

    Remember China Cat Sunflower in all it’s glory…….

  21. SOAM Says:

    adieu, addios

  22. guyforget Says:

    Soam, what’s going on. Bruins pulled an epic collapse, huh. reminscent of the 04 yankees. now we both know the feeling.

    u gonna be out west this summer at all?

  23. Jtran Says:

    One story from my end…In middle school Trey played with Dave Grippo, among others, in our cafeteria with a band called the Vermont Jazz All Stars (the gig is in the Phish Companion..actually 2 gigs, 99 and 00 maybe?). After the show I went up on stage to meet Trey (privileges of playing in Grippo’s jazz band, I guess) and he ended up signing a scrap of notebook paper for me, and giving me his pick. He said he usually had extras to give out at shows, but he didn’t bring any to our school, so I got his “game used” pick. Really nice guy to a 12 year old like myself.

    Another experience…I was in Sadie Katz, a Jewish deli in Burlington, getting breakfast last year (post Hampton, pre summer tour) and Page came in and sat down next to my gf at the time and I. We were at the counter. I was too dumbfounded to say anything, but I watched him get his to-go Jewish food and leave. Surreal.

  24. sumodie Says:

    Got my 2 TB HD yesterday -it’s just waiting to be fed some tasty 2010 PH

  25. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Sumo- what did you get, and what did you pay? I’m in the market myself. Thanks pal!

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