Ten Tunes For Friday

Red Rocks '09 (G. Lucas)

Don’t try doing the math today because nothing adds up to ten. But it is Friday, and we have ten central tunes to take up some of the day. This week I tried to switch up the song choices a bit, going for a fresh vibe. Also, these selections focus on the late ’90s with a dash of post-hiatus. Enjoy the tunes, and. as always, enjoy the weekend! (Song titles double as download links.)


Tube” 2.22.03 II

A bumpin’ version that kicked off the final set of Cincy’s two-night stand on Phish’s first tour back from their break.



Timber > Simple” 11.16.97 II

McNichols Arena

A dark piece of improv, “Timber” moves into a gorgeous section of melodic resolution before an energetic transition into “Simple” overtakes the arena. This was part of a strong second set that gets rightfully overshadowed by the musical mastery of the following show at McNichols.



The Curtain > Tweezer” 11.12.95 II

A dynamic, multi-tiered excursion from Gainesville, Florida during Fall ’95. Page leads the initial segment of the piece while Trey hops onto his kit. But when he steps back onto guitar, it’s some of the more uplifting music you’ll hear. A truly great version through and through.



It’s Ice > Velvet Sea” 9.20.00 II

"It's Ice" (Unk)

In the middle of Cincinatti’s second set, Phish went deep in the subterranean section of “It’s Ice.” The stanza’s centerpiece drifted into the most interesting version of the song I’ve ever heard. A section of awesome improv sees Trey move from guitar to keys, toying with many of his signature licks.



Frankie Says” 12.28.03 I

Amidst a heavy first set of Miami ’03’s New Year’s run, “Frankie Says” brought the surprise psychedelia.



Twist > Slave” 7.4.00 II

July 4th

The triumphant final suite of of Phish’s stand out second set on the 4th of July in Camden, NJ.



Emotional Rescue > Split” 11.21.97 I

The comedic opener of Hampton ’97 moved from humor to funk, and eventually into a dark and twisting “Split.” Things were officially underway.

[audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ph1997-11-21d1t02.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ph1997-11-21d1t03.mp3] Tags: ,

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  1. Selector J Says:

    Linked to the Nas and Damian Marley review on Pitchfork. Not a terrible review but the dude obviously has very little knowledge of the elements of reggae which he describes. Overall, I agree with the sentiment, tho. Too many weak beats/riddims.

    Could have been a nice 5 song EP:
    1. As We Enter
    2. Nah Mean
    3. Land Of Promise
    4. Dispear
    5. Patience

  2. bouncin fan Says:

    You like damien. Selector

    He’s kind of whacked


  3. Selector J Says:

    speaking of reviews, anyone checked out grupo fantasmo’s new album?

    If you like cumbia/latin funk type stuff, give it a whirl. Those guys are on to something.

  4. Selector J Says:

    Damien’s the most talented living Marley, imo. He could have made it in JA dancehall without the last name. I don’t dig most current dancehall all that much but that’s mostly because the riddims are so kooky. When I heard Welcome To Jamrock on that old Ini Kamoze riddim, I just about flipped. If he has a real riddim backing him, the guy is mad decent, as they say. My advice for him would be, “Stay away from the pop 40 and head to the sound systems, Jr Gong!”

  5. tela'smuff Says:

    @miner – the comparison was meant to highlight how as inhibiting as it seems to me to takes notes during a jam, i find the comment about not needing to listen to any of the actual song before the jam in the same kind of, i don’t know, interesting way to experience the music. I for one am a jam guy myself. i actually wrote the band during the breakup explaining if they just came back and never played Y.E.M. again and just played two sets of jams, that’s what i would be happy with. so i understand your viewpoint. but i also appreciate the songs, and like listening to them as a springboard to the jam. what happens in the song can sometimes dictate where the jam may go. not always, but it can. there are intricities within the structure of the song that can play a part in how I experience the jam. that’s my feeling on it.

    very interesting how people choose different ways to enjoy the music. educational week.

    and Miner, it seems you’re a bit edgy maybe? or maybe i’m reading the interweb communication wrong.

  6. kayatosh Says:

    flarr: I have a rotation of 11-97 and 12-95 select highlights, 10-29-95, 7-2-97, and gd april 78 highlights.

  7. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Btw Miner ff’ing and xxyy not having listened to island run, I am floored. Just suprised by both things. I don’t ff… I can’t ff but I do space out, sort of on purpose, until I get to the part I like (ie. YEM jam, Reba jam, etc…). Same thing as ff-ing I guess, just wastes my time more.

    @robear- do you salmon fish or just want to protect the rivers and get rid of the dams? Curious b/c I fish (C&R).

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    edgy? not at all. just didnt see the correlation.

  9. bouncin fan Says:

    I caught him live a bunch when he was touring with his brothers and pimpin his first album with all the bob samples

    That shit sucked. Way too poppy.

    I was listening to a lot of dancehall st the time and he wasn’t my style

    Haven’t heard any of his shit since

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    A bouncin without lyrics just wouldn’t be the same. 50+ minute bouncin ambient jam is what I’m searching for.

    ^ would be great!

  11. Mr.Miner Says:

    anyone have a dload request for the weekend?

  12. bouncin fan Says:

    Miners always edgy

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    ^ fair enough.

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    i used to listen to the songs…does that count?

  15. butter Says:

    edgy fuckin Phish fans

  16. bouncin fan Says:

    Us mid 90s era phish kids are. Edgy Fuckers

    Too many bouncins made us crazy

  17. butter Says:

    Miner, no one will be happy until you put Divided Sky on repeat and say how awesome it was

  18. bouncin fan Says:

    For 88 reggae roots radics are killing this yellowman rides again

    Haven’t spun this shit in years

  19. butter Says:

    and too many insane Antelopes, and Splits

  20. bouncin fan Says:

    Best divided ever

  21. butter Says:

    and the mid 90’s Bowies we survived

  22. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Is it weird that I am getting burned out on Lovin’ Cup? I did backflips the first time I heard them play it (Gunnison 93).

  23. butter Says:

    Loving Cup is like the icing on the cake….. i never get sick of it…but you can’t have too much

  24. Dave Says:

    @Miner, how about Radio City shows? It is the 10 anniversary.

  25. Jtran Says:

    Or some early horn shows, or something from August 93

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