Ten Tunes For Friday

Red Rocks '09 (G. Lucas)

Don’t try doing the math today because nothing adds up to ten. But it is Friday, and we have ten central tunes to take up some of the day. This week I tried to switch up the song choices a bit, going for a fresh vibe. Also, these selections focus on the late ’90s with a dash of post-hiatus. Enjoy the tunes, and. as always, enjoy the weekend! (Song titles double as download links.)


Tube” 2.22.03 II

A bumpin’ version that kicked off the final set of Cincy’s two-night stand on Phish’s first tour back from their break.



Timber > Simple” 11.16.97 II

McNichols Arena

A dark piece of improv, “Timber” moves into a gorgeous section of melodic resolution before an energetic transition into “Simple” overtakes the arena. This was part of a strong second set that gets rightfully overshadowed by the musical mastery of the following show at McNichols.



The Curtain > Tweezer” 11.12.95 II

A dynamic, multi-tiered excursion from Gainesville, Florida during Fall ’95. Page leads the initial segment of the piece while Trey hops onto his kit. But when he steps back onto guitar, it’s some of the more uplifting music you’ll hear. A truly great version through and through.



It’s Ice > Velvet Sea” 9.20.00 II

"It's Ice" (Unk)

In the middle of Cincinatti’s second set, Phish went deep in the subterranean section of “It’s Ice.” The stanza’s centerpiece drifted into the most interesting version of the song I’ve ever heard. A section of awesome improv sees Trey move from guitar to keys, toying with many of his signature licks.



Frankie Says” 12.28.03 I

Amidst a heavy first set of Miami ’03’s New Year’s run, “Frankie Says” brought the surprise psychedelia.



Twist > Slave” 7.4.00 II

July 4th

The triumphant final suite of of Phish’s stand out second set on the 4th of July in Camden, NJ.



Emotional Rescue > Split” 11.21.97 I

The comedic opener of Hampton ’97 moved from humor to funk, and eventually into a dark and twisting “Split.” Things were officially underway.

[audio:http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ph1997-11-21d1t02.mp3,http://phishthoughts.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/ph1997-11-21d1t03.mp3] Tags: ,

612 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday”

  1. Lycanthropist Says:

    some of that “seems”bane huh?

  2. bouncin fan Says:


    If you have the original African link I sent you by email there are a few in that folder

    If not I can put em up when I get back to the crib

  3. Robear Says:

    NBA and NHL playoffs have turned morphed into a real let down for fans of the sport.

    Fans of certain teams are smiling, fans of the games are not.

  4. Lycanthropist Says:

    on it now bouncin


  5. El Duderino Says:

    30-60’s are one thing…But when someone mentions the “Brown” I’m thinkin’ the Mexicali brick…

    @ Joe

    Yep… I’m sure the “Lot Weed” will be better than what your puffin’ right now.

  6. joe Says:

    just listening to the ten tunes here today. sweet groove going mid to late twist. as always, another batch of fine selections mr. miner! thanks for all you do

  7. Mitch Says:

    MR C, if you’re out there…


  8. bouncin fan Says:

    I hear you rob

    Hawks vs Vancouver and Boston philly were pretty epic

    I think hawks vs philly has potential

    I dont watch that other sport though

  9. bouncin fan Says:

    Last time I puffed brown I was on vacation in anguilla

    That’s what the local rastas puffed
    Got a big fat bag day one that lasted the two weeks and kept me sane and able to eat

    Bit high no

    Last time I smelled the butt brown

    Every phish show

  10. Robear Says:

    true, bouncin’. if the Habs win again tonight, at least the east will entertain.

    moment of truth. glad the wings lost. would be tough watching them get housed by Blackhawks. At least this way I can route for our old Norris Division rivals.

  11. kayatosh Says:

    if it was only brown, i’d regrettably have to find a new hobby.

  12. Lycanthropist Says:


    will you be joining in on Sunday for LOST finale?

  13. kayatosh Says:

    aw: is it market up from here or will it retest the friday low? i’m feelin 1040 on the s&P.

  14. bouncin fan Says:

    If there were only brown

    I’d go back on the xanax adderol combo

    With a valium chaser at night

    Me and sobriety just don’t mix

  15. Robear Says:

    lycan, i have two more episodes to watch from this season, tonight. then i’ll be ready for sunday’s psych finale.

    will have to re-watch the last two season, maybe the whole thing this winter. taking in 6 seasons since March has been mind bending.

  16. Robear Says:

    if Phish comes out batting .1000 @ toyota park, like they left off in Miami, I may become a ‘missing person’. Only to be found on tour, behind the WW booth.

  17. joe Says:

    ten tunes twist>slave is definetly exhibit A in the argument that they were still firing on all cylinders in the summer of 2000, contrary to what you may have heard or read.

  18. bouncin fan Says:

    I was nibling long on Friday

    The global growth trade has gotten smoked

    That late rally after the 2 oclock pullback was impressive. Real buying there.

    Volatility is back to stay for a while

    China, slowing, euro slowing, oil leek
    Pretty big wall of worry to climb

    Basically I know people want to start buying but are still pretty nervous.
    Catalyst driven market and its all on Europe at this point

    I don’t know man
    Could go either way
    Trend seems down still but Europe could announce some huge quantitative easing program and set off a rally
    Who knows

  19. Robear Says:

    The Stock Market = Vegas style gambling, from the comfort of your home

  20. voopa Says:

    That’s certainly higher pitched cavitation than from propellers…

  21. lastwaltzer Says:

    So for the fifth time someone has promised me a toyota park ticket only tell me “opps I actually promised it for a friend” several days later. WTF

  22. Mitch Says:

    come do WW at camden!! i’m good company and camden needs the help. that and a stellar show!

  23. kayatosh Says:

    re. the market: I got short on fri. morn — stupid. holding through weekend and not comfortable at all. might add short if mrkt. gaps up Mon. but if it’s up up and away form here (intermediate term bottom) then i’m toast. Seems like a headline driven mrkt., and seems highly manipulated. The swings have been fast and furious. Headlines seem ominous. So, we’ll see. bellicose N. Korea is never good. Thailand roughed up. That volcano in iceland and its twin look about ready to go another few rounds. Debt-ridden Euro zone is a confused mess — structurally unworkable as it is configured now. US employment picture looks miserable. Housing market still terminally weak. foreclosures mounting. deflation risk. what am i missing?

    just said goodbye to the wife and kids for a few. before the departure, I inadvertently gave my son an allergic reaction; got near him with peanut butter on my breath and hands. I had forgotten that he was that allergic. my wife reamed me out, called me unconscious. I was obviously feelin miserable so i got heated and said it was stupid to even have it in the house, if he’s that sensitive to it. poor boy.

    havin kids is beautifulk and stressful. where’s that b ne

  24. kayatosh Says:

    positives for the mrkt. — 0 interest rates. a few large caps sitting on a lot of cash. dividends.

  25. kayatosh Says:

    aw: good to hear that about volatility. at least that will keep the bulls guessing.

    robear: “vegas style casino from comfort of your own home” — exactly. and in my case, the house usually wins.

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