Ten Tunes For Friday

Hampton '09 (J.Volckhausen)

Another week in the books, and summer tour is but two away. Today is one of the last few installments of Ten Tunes before the music begins to flow in earnest. The time is almost upon us. But while we’re waiting, here are some jams to enhance your Friday. Happy Memorial Day weekend folks, the summer season officially starts now.


Bathtub Gin > 2001” 12.2.99 II

This sequence served as the centerpiece of the first second set of December ’99.



David Bowie” 11.20.94 II

A ferocious jam set the table for the all-timer the following week in Minneapolis.



Halley’s > Hood” 2.24.03 II

12.29.09 (W.Rogell)

After an incredibly (read: too) long sit-in from BB King slowed the first set to a crawl, this sequence picked up the action to start the second set in style. And post-hiatus “Hoods” began to grow.



Stash” 12.29.95 I

A phenomenal version that capped a vintage year for “Stash.”



Tweezer” 11.11.96 II

Only weeks after Remain In Light one can already hear Phish beginning to focus on rhythmic grooves. Segments of this jam sound like they could be plucked from ’97.



Split Open and Melt” 12.28.95 I

There was no better way to kick off what many believe to be the greatest New Year’s Run of all-time in 1995.



Antelope 8.12.96 I

Creek '04Deer Creek “Antelopes” and Alpine “Tweezers,” timeless Midwestern staples of summer tour. This aggressive “Antelope” showed up in the first set of ’96’s first show, setting the tone for a stellar two nights in the cornfields of Noblesville.



YEM” 10.31.09 III

Indio’s celebratory, and rather large, Halloween “YEM;” one of ’09’s better versions.

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  1. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @C3P0, i already tried googling it, it’s still hard to find, i assumed someone would know off the top of their head

  2. willowed Says:

    what’s a light bulb?
    Bulb – that’s a cool word too.
    Say bulb five times in a row. You will grow to love it.
    Get it? Grow….Bulb……wow I am a mess this morning.

  3. kenny powers Says:

    thanks ma!

    tela’smuff – if you click on my name it takes you to my blog. to get a quick rundown of the shows i’ve done click on the “show index” at the upper right corner. also the mp3 versions are now on the spreadsheet, on a seperate “remasters” tab along with the work of a couple other fellas.

    haven’t done any ’09 because the AUDs are so good and plentiful i’m not sure they need much tweaking. as a matter of fact, i am now trying to finish working on a June 2009 project where i will post ID-tagged and album art-laden versions of my picks for each show. Not remasters, but really fine AUDs.

    as the shows were happening last year, i DL’d and sampled literraly every source that popped up on etree (anywhere from 3 to 15-ish sources for each show), and i narrowed them down to my favorite couple sources and kept those. i’m going to post my personal faves right before the 1-year anny of Fenway.

    the only think i’ve changed is the volume level of certain shows were the taper had his levels super low. but no EQ tweaks or any other processing.

  4. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    Smokey: “I know you don’t smoke weed, I know this; but I’m gonna get you high today, ’cause it’s Friday; you ain’t got no job… and you ain’t got shit to do.”

  5. willowed Says:

    You are too funny.

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:


    sorry, I thought it was in the lmgtfy search I put in. snark fail. venue website indicates 20,000 for sporting events and 28,000 for concerts.


  7. KWL Says:

    what up peeps?

    good vibes your way @verno… hang in there!

    lala all day… never heard the 30 min mr completely from 7-15-03, so… blast off

    where the hell has neemor been?!??!

  8. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    ah thanks, i was on that website, i don’t know why i didn’t see it, i only saw the sporting event capacity

  9. BingosBrother Says:

    @Ma : great call on that poster. It is beautiful. Kinda like the Dali Swans and Elephants painting.

    One of my most vivid Phish memories is walking out of this DC show and the whole crew singin Run Run Run Run Run Run…..

    Toyota will smoke this year. Their is most definitely going to be a much higher vibe than last year. Prepare yourselves.

  10. BingosBrother Says:

    Puff, puff, give NTM.

  11. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    4 will argue over whether the bulb is 60 or 75 watts.

  12. Gratefulcub Says:

    what part of keeeennntucky?

  13. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    @auntie em
    don’t forget that we will also need to debate whether the bulb is as bright as the one we had ten years ago (and also which bulb was the birghtest over the years). not sure how many people that will take…

  14. tela'smuff Says:

    @Kenny – wow! that’s impressive. i’ll have to check this stuff out when i get out of work. do you know of any particular sources to keep an eye out for 2009? i’m compiling the following shows for a friend and want the best quality. Only sources i’ve heard are Miners No Spoilers.

    10/30/09 – Set II
    10/31/09 – Stones
    11/1/09 – Acoustic

  15. mrfergie Says:

    @KWL saw Neemor at a show in ct a few weeks ago. His boss literally hates phish and took the computer power cord away –

  16. tela'smuff Says:

    we always go down to Central City, KY (western pasrt of state) for Memorial Day weekend for a family deal. I basically fish, connect with my hillbilly roots, and eat at the Iron Skillet. and I love it.

  17. ma Says:

    i’ve got this picture on my desk of the mrs at RFK 93…ah, memories.

    reminded myself that tomorrow marks 17 years to the day i asked her if she wanted to get some sushi..

    enjoy the day.

  18. ma Says:

    that happened also to be the only shows we’ve ever as a group slipped the ticket taker ( very cool cat ) an old stub and a $20 bill….fwiw, it could have been $1 since he just put it in his pocket…

    maybe he’s like those maitre-d’s that can tell the difference between a $5 and a $20…hmm?

  19. tela'smuff Says:

    @KWL – just read your Irrigation entry. That was very interesting. Are you still living in that adobe?

  20. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    There are 416 people – up to you to figure out what all they are discussing.

  21. KWL Says:

    stupid neemor’s boss ::grumble grumble::

  22. KWL Says:

    thanks tela’s, i’m in syracuse right now for about 5 more weeks, then back to the adobe in july

  23. kenny powers Says:


    i’ll have to get back to you (and ask El Duderino if he’s on here later, he’s also an etree hawk) when i’m home at my computer, but off the the top of my head i know that 8/14 is unfortunately hurting for good sources. There are surprisingly only 5 sources on etree for that show.

    The best one IMO is pretty average (or below average for 2009 AUDs). I’m pretty sure it’s one of the two Microtech Gefells but i’ll let you know for sure later.

    Indio has a TON of really good sources, I’ll try to narrow them down and let you know (I’ve only done through August in terms of intense A/B scrutinization).

    Wasn’t terribly thrilled w/ the Albanys but there is a good one, if a bit harsh/distortion-y sounding. For some reason the vocals are really low in a lot of the fall OTS pulls…perhaps because the new sound man Garry Brown cranks the instruments up so loud that it overpowers the vox? The vocals are much better in the fall FOBs.

    C-Ville has a bunch of good FOBs (way more than usual…i think there are more FOBs than OTSs for that show), and there is one in particular that, along w/ Portland, is one of my fave AUDs of 2009. It’s in-your-face and bass-heavy, so that’s one that could use an EQ-tweak, but when you get the bass under control it sounds amazing IMO.

  24. kenny powers Says:

    oh yeah and feel free to remind me about this later on, digs5446 at gmail

  25. kenny powers Says:

    and don’t get me wrong, that Hartford AUD is still a fun listen – great crowd response, which pays appropriate homage to how into it the crowd was at that show. it’s just a step below most of the other outstanding AUDs last year.

    plus, i should say that in my analysis of all ’09 sources, there is a fair share of awful sources too. There are shows where one recording is clear and loud and well-balanced, and another taped in the same location is faint, boomy, and sounds like it was taped from the hallway.

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