Five Predictions For June

6.2.09 -Jones Beach (W.Rogell)

As we wind down the final week before Chicago, all thoughts are towards the future at this point. And in that vein, here are five predictions for the first leg of summer tour…

1. Two New Jam Vehicles Will Emerge and Enter the Rotation During June

With an array of new material expected this summer, I believe we will see a couple new songs debut and become springboards for improvisation almost immediately. Perhaps these jams will begin to steer the band in one particular direction or another, but regardless, I believe we’ll hear not only new songs, but legitimate jams, something that has lacked thus far on most of Joy’s offerings. Perhaps some of Joy’s jams-in-waiting (e.g. “Ocelot,” “Faulty Plan”) will come forth with greater teeth as well, but I predict Phish will debut a couple pieces will become staple jams of the this era.

2. “Light” Will Continue to Blow Up

"Light" @ Indio (W.Rogell)

Phish’s most significant new song from 2009 will only continue to expand this summer. A song that produced diverse and unique jams throughout last year gained notable momentum during fall tour, becoming the band’s preeminent launch pad. Peaking with uber-creative versions at MSG and Charlottesville, I believe the band has only scraped the surface of “Light’s” improvisational iceberg.

3. The Resuscitation of More Post-Hiatus Material

While the band has dipped into their 2.0 material, Phish kept, perhaps, their two most promising musical launchpads waiting in the wings throughout last year. Teasing the community with only two versions of “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing,” neither coming within a country mile of SPAC’s ’04’s odyssey, Phish has got to cut this one loose this summer. This piece has limitless potential to be a new-school “Tweezer-eqsue” vehicle, with an ability to access heavy grooves, gorgeous melodies, ambient planes, or sinister builds at a moments notice. A young monster is drooling to be let out of its cage. For real, let’s get this one in rotation – stat!

Undermind (2004)

The post-hiatus masterpiece, “Scents and Subtle Sounds,” only saw the light of day once in 2009, performed in abbreviated fashion, for the first-time indoors, at MSG. A song that blossomed during Summer ’03 is due for a renaissance in Summer 2010. With an uplifting jam that has previously proven its face-melting worth with three seminal pieces of post-hiatus improv (Camden ’03, Deer Creek ’03, Camden ’04), we know the song can reach uncharted realms. A patient piece of Phish music, this jam could hop on the back of any new direction the band decides to take their jamming this summer.

In addition, there are other songs from Round Room and Undermind we could see infused into summer setlists. Specifically: “Round Room,” “Waves,” “Nothing,” “The Connection,” and “Tomorrow’s Song.”

4. The South Will Be Hot!

And I’m not talking about temperatures. Phish’s first true dip into the south during the modern era features stops at a classic haunt in Walnut Creek, a twice-visited Verizon Wireless in Charlotte, and a two-night stand in Atlanta for July 4th weekend – all coming as the last four shows of tour! I have little doubt that when the dust settles, this tour-ending run will provide some of June’s defining jams. With a proclivity to finish off tours with what they’ve done best throughout the month, this prediction seems like a lock.

5. A New Style of Jamming Will Begin to Develop

12.29.09 (W.Rogell)

When interviewed last year, Mike Gordon, himself, said that the idea this time around was to reinvent Phish once again. And the time is ripe to begin that process. A solid 2009 was necessary before branching into new experiments, but this is 2010. While new excursions may only begin this month, to be furthered throughout the year, one would think that by July 4th we will have some idea of where the band may be headed with their ever-expanding psychedelia.


Jam of the Day:

Light” 12.2.09 II

As tour approaches, let’s go back through some last year’s indelible highlights. Here is one of the more unique jams of 2009, possibly a glimpse into the future.




8.3.93 Bayfront Amphitheatre, Miaimi, FL < Megaupload

8.3.93 Bayfront Amphitheatre, Miaimi, FL < Torrent asap


One of the missing pieces of August ’93 from the archive.

I: Runaway Jim, Nellie Kane, Foam, Fee > Rift, Stash, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Ya Mar, Llama, Cavern

II: Lengthwise > Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice, You Enjoy Myself, The Lizards, Sparkle, Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, Golgi Apparatus

E: Poor Heart, Free Bird

Source: Nakamichi (unknown model)


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  1. lot rat Says:

    2 months til the greek!

  2. garretc Says:

    Words can not describe my excitement.

    Only your head nods of agreement can do that.

  3. Mr. Murph Says:

    Im with Garretc. im doing the ral, char 2x atl. im so excited. raleigh hometown where i born raised and live, charlotte my birthday then atl explosion. OH!!!!!!! hope i get my tube

  4. Matso Says:

    Listening to the Yamar IT right now (about to segue into Jim) – man, am I ever getting psyched for my microtour of Hartford 2 and SPAC!!!!!

  5. DaWedge Says:

    For me a phish “jam” can come out of any song, not any one in particular. Sure certain songs have provided a guaranteed launch pad for gooeyness over the years, but the unique sweet rockin justice of an unforgetable phish jam takes on such a form of it’s own that it almost always abandons the structure of the track it came from in the first place. So it doesn’t need a scents or faulty plan to launch from in the first place. It could come out of any song they choose. Also, I personally have as big a smile on my face during a well played nicu or ya mar as I do in the middle of an 18 minute oddysey. I feel like the real joy of a phish show is the combination of both types of jams. I can get down to the downright nasty funk of a Detroit 46 days as I can with the journey of a Camden sand. While I know you live for the later Miner, but I find that puts too much pressure on a show. Smiling my way through a tight 4 minute short story to me is just as enjoyable as a trip through war and peace at a show. The simple fact that they’re even playing makes each and every song at a show that much better for me.

  6. Willowed Says:

    Good morning friends.
    Can I add one more prediction- (more of a wish).
    Play wedge every 4th show. Thank you!

  7. Gavinsdad Says:

    Wedge makes me feel good too Don Willowed.

    Miner – you’re getting me too amped. I have lots of work to do before my first show. Having…trouble…focusing.

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    mornin’ all

    nothing like doing the quick flip from working really late to going in really early. at least the light is growing brighter now…

  9. beepaphone Says:

    mornin, peeps!

    Stormy morning in Naptown. Firing up the smoker for some BBQ later.

    Happy Birthday, Cactus, Curtis Mayfield, and me, if I may so toot.

  10. Luther Justice Says:

    Happy, Happy Beeps! Have a great day & BBQ!

  11. Matso Says:

    That should have read the IT Yamar of course. That is still one of the best 2.0 jams out there. Page’s work behind the militant rhythms from Fish/Gordo and Trey’s lazer beam licks is so subtle and atmospheric and needs to be listened to as a DBSD at high volume to fully appreciate. I still can’t believe how easily they busted this jam out as the second song on that gorgeous blazing hot day in Maine.

  12. lastwaltzer Says:


    was just looking at weather here in windy city and granted its a week away but t-storms are expected next wed-fri

  13. Angryjoggerz Says:

    time near, mission clear

  14. lastwaltzer Says:

    its later then we think

  15. lastwaltzer Says:

    seriously 8 days !

  16. beepaphone Says:

    Possible rain in t-park, eh? Hope that clears. Save the rain for the shows with the pavs.

  17. beepaphone Says:

    I’m beyond pumped.

  18. Angryjoggerz Says:

    My prediction is that the band is going to play songs. Some of them are new, some are old, some will be sick, others will be just ok. Fans will dance, some will talk loud, others will argue with their girlfriends. Big clouds of smoke will follow the band everywhere they go, and people will sell things to other people who want them. In short, it is gonna rage.

  19. KWL Says:

    if willowed kisses you on the cheek this summer, get off tour as soon as you can

    what up today folks?

  20. Willowed Says:

    Happy birthday Beeps!
    Here’s to more lazers beems in 2010.

  21. Willowed Says:

    In other words, if you see someone on lot with a big jar of peanut butter and a big smile….run the other way as fast as you can!

  22. Willowed Says:

    You know those few minutes right before the boys walk out on stage. Excitement, anticipation, nervous energy, ypu are about to embark on the unkown.
    I can’t wait for the feeling to happen once again!!

  23. jdub Says:

    Distractability levels rising as shows get closer.

    I think that this exact thing happened to me just last year.

  24. beepaphone Says:

    tell me about it…only hitting 2 shows but with the way they closed the door on 2009, I really see a high form of jamming on the horizon.

    Today’s write-up isn’t helping either.

    Aside from the obvious jams, I’d like to bear witness to a Character Zerocelot, or something of similar spectacle this summer.

  25. PheelinPhine Says:

    MEATSTICK. gotta get a long funky stick on the 4th

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