Five Predictions For June

6.2.09 -Jones Beach (W.Rogell)

As we wind down the final week before Chicago, all thoughts are towards the future at this point. And in that vein, here are five predictions for the first leg of summer tour…

1. Two New Jam Vehicles Will Emerge and Enter the Rotation During June

With an array of new material expected this summer, I believe we will see a couple new songs debut and become springboards for improvisation almost immediately. Perhaps these jams will begin to steer the band in one particular direction or another, but regardless, I believe we’ll hear not only new songs, but legitimate jams, something that has lacked thus far on most of Joy’s offerings. Perhaps some of Joy’s jams-in-waiting (e.g. “Ocelot,” “Faulty Plan”) will come forth with greater teeth as well, but I predict Phish will debut a couple pieces will become staple jams of the this era.

2. “Light” Will Continue to Blow Up

"Light" @ Indio (W.Rogell)

Phish’s most significant new song from 2009 will only continue to expand this summer. A song that produced diverse and unique jams throughout last year gained notable momentum during fall tour, becoming the band’s preeminent launch pad. Peaking with uber-creative versions at MSG and Charlottesville, I believe the band has only scraped the surface of “Light’s” improvisational iceberg.

3. The Resuscitation of More Post-Hiatus Material

While the band has dipped into their 2.0 material, Phish kept, perhaps, their two most promising musical launchpads waiting in the wings throughout last year. Teasing the community with only two versions of “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing,” neither coming within a country mile of SPAC’s ’04’s odyssey, Phish has got to cut this one loose this summer. This piece has limitless potential to be a new-school “Tweezer-eqsue” vehicle, with an ability to access heavy grooves, gorgeous melodies, ambient planes, or sinister builds at a moments notice. A young monster is drooling to be let out of its cage. For real, let’s get this one in rotation – stat!

Undermind (2004)

The post-hiatus masterpiece, “Scents and Subtle Sounds,” only saw the light of day once in 2009, performed in abbreviated fashion, for the first-time indoors, at MSG. A song that blossomed during Summer ’03 is due for a renaissance in Summer 2010. With an uplifting jam that has previously proven its face-melting worth with three seminal pieces of post-hiatus improv (Camden ’03, Deer Creek ’03, Camden ’04), we know the song can reach uncharted realms. A patient piece of Phish music, this jam could hop on the back of any new direction the band decides to take their jamming this summer.

In addition, there are other songs from Round Room and Undermind we could see infused into summer setlists. Specifically: “Round Room,” “Waves,” “Nothing,” “The Connection,” and “Tomorrow’s Song.”

4. The South Will Be Hot!

And I’m not talking about temperatures. Phish’s first true dip into the south during the modern era features stops at a classic haunt in Walnut Creek, a twice-visited Verizon Wireless in Charlotte, and a two-night stand in Atlanta for July 4th weekend – all coming as the last four shows of tour! I have little doubt that when the dust settles, this tour-ending run will provide some of June’s defining jams. With a proclivity to finish off tours with what they’ve done best throughout the month, this prediction seems like a lock.

5. A New Style of Jamming Will Begin to Develop

12.29.09 (W.Rogell)

When interviewed last year, Mike Gordon, himself, said that the idea this time around was to reinvent Phish once again. And the time is ripe to begin that process. A solid 2009 was necessary before branching into new experiments, but this is 2010. While new excursions may only begin this month, to be furthered throughout the year, one would think that by July 4th we will have some idea of where the band may be headed with their ever-expanding psychedelia.


Jam of the Day:

Light” 12.2.09 II

As tour approaches, let’s go back through some last year’s indelible highlights. Here is one of the more unique jams of 2009, possibly a glimpse into the future.




8.3.93 Bayfront Amphitheatre, Miaimi, FL < Megaupload

8.3.93 Bayfront Amphitheatre, Miaimi, FL < Torrent asap


One of the missing pieces of August ’93 from the archive.

I: Runaway Jim, Nellie Kane, Foam, Fee > Rift, Stash, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Ya Mar, Llama, Cavern

II: Lengthwise > Maze, Bouncing Around the Room, It’s Ice, You Enjoy Myself, The Lizards, Sparkle, Purple Rain > Hold Your Head Up, Golgi Apparatus

E: Poor Heart, Free Bird

Source: Nakamichi (unknown model)


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  1. bouncin fan Says:

    We should come in with the medical

    2 for 10 for the oldschool fatties

    Fuck up their biz

  2. garretc Says:

    If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em and beat ’em!

  3. bouncin fan Says:

    The fact that they don’t use the bug party balloons is just wrong

    It’s like selling your schwag in brown paper lunch bags

    Sad really

    Custies Shits popping before he gets back to his BMW

  4. butter Says:

    no doubt bouncin

  5. butter Says:

    how about pumpin some life back into “Cavern”

    Gorge was pretty fatty ( i think it rode the sally wave) , but a lot of going thru the motion versions in 09

  6. bouncin fan Says:

    Yeah cavern like llama has been a hard energy for them to recreate since they’ve been back

  7. Mitch Says:

    i paid full price for nice pavilions today for blossom. had the deal lined up back during the on sale so i wasnt gonna fuck him now. plus, he paid for fed ex.

  8. Mitch Says:

    speaking of…. i still have a mail order lawn for both nights camden. anyone in need? help me not eat them please.

  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    I secretly suspect Trey feels silly singing Cavern. If it had a fat jam like Stash as the payoff it’d go down easier. I think that’s one they play because fans expect it more than they really want to. Just a feeling

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    re: dosing and first times and shows

    like everything it depends on the mind or spirit of the person in question

    there’s no right answer that applies to everyone

    do it in whatever setting makes you the most comfortable. I love the nature/woods daytime setting, or the darkened indoor nighttime setting, or the sensory-overload show setting.

    I’d say the only hard and fast rule is have a friend around you trust.

  11. marcoesq Says:

    whats up all…just landed in sarasota and gonna be seein Stupednous!

  12. Mr. Completely Says:

    I have always liked the idea of having at least one moderate-strength boomer trip before diving into the deep end, but that’s now how it was for me and it worked out fine

  13. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    hearing the 11.13.97 yem for the first time… wow. i heard the stash is great too… thats up next.

    best month in phishtory?

  14. Gavinsdad Says:

    @butter – said that the other day about cavern. Yet mr C brings up a good point about that mouthful of lyrics. I just always like that thick chunky bounce they got going in that one. Lil bit sinister, as opposed to, say, Coil.

  15. Mitch Says:

    you gonna take these camden and ride the megabus with me or what? lets see some phish already…

    i just blanket messaged a bunch of people from hopefully it pays off.

  16. Gavinsdad Says:

    Miners gotta write up a 12/95 vs 11/97 cage match post Purps…

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    @stupendous if you are reading this still

    if you are taking antidepressants you must under no circumstances take molly/ecstasy/whatever!!!!!! that is a recipe for disaster!!!

    a close friend of mine recently came off antidepressants. Now I am in favor of them when they are needed but they can be really hard to stop. My friend had to actually add prozac to the one they were taking, take both for a month, then quit both – the prozac lasts longer in the system and gradually goes away, leaving a smooth “detox.” When he tried to stop the primary medication cold, it fucked with him brutally, like really harsh stuff. So just be cautious and talk to your doctor about it before you try to quit.

    L doesn’t directly effect the same part of the neurochemistry as antidepressants and molly do, so “technically” you should be OK but I would advise waiting until you have been off the antidepressant for about a month or so before trying anything stronger than weed.

    FWIW this is actual semi professional advice, not just the talk of a longtime tripper. I have been trained and worked as a crisis intervention counselor and one of hte things I studied was interactions between illegal and legal drugs. Antidepressants + ecstasy is one of the sketchiest combos there is.

  18. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    wait what? i didnt even know u were selling camdens. havent been reading all day just stopped in for the first time.

    idk if i can swing any more shows this summer tho, considering i dont have a job and made my parents pay for the 4 im seeing hah.

  19. Mitch Says:

    megabus is 5 bucks one way and 11 the other way. why dont you do some yardwork around the house and have your rents pay you for that?

    my friend that needed bailed. she offered to pay me so i dont eat them but i wont do that to her. maybe someone will trade me for hershey so they dont lose out and i dont lose out. both shows will go pretty cheap day of.

    if it werent for mail order giving me lawns i wouldnt be fucked. it IS a gamble after all… least i dont have THAT many extras. and if it comes to me miracling someone for deer creek i’ll take my 16 year old bro to his first show.

  20. Gavinsdad Says:

    Somebody send Purple a package to sling. Ok, I know, took it too far.

  21. Mitch Says:

    i was gonna ask who’s got my hetty rolls and antidepressants since its got mr c’s seal of approval as a killer combo. then realized i’d be taking it too far too.

    must be the hour we’re at.

  22. Mr. Completely Says:

    reading back, an interesting drug conversation overall

    I resist judging anyone…I have heavily abused every major drug except for heroin at one point or another and know how easy it is to go down that path…

    however, I personally subscribe to the “no powders” thing. With molly, I found I could in fact avoid the after-crash with supplements, as long as the product was clearn. I just got bored with the trip. YMMV.

    I like L and puffs and occasionally boomers and I enjoy DMT and salvia but not at shows. That’s my whole pharmacy these days. I did a lot of the designer psychedelics in the 90s and early 00’s and found all of them to have less merit than a simple dose.

    Just my $0.02

  23. Mr. Completely Says:

    …and I freebase Cialis every morning, obv. but who doesn’t?

  24. sneven Says:

    Okay all, I have a great quick story that just happened…

    So, I regularly travel all over Ohio for work, and I’m based in Toledo (for now.)

    I spend 1-3 nights per week in Columbus. Always at the same Red Roof Inn. I go to the desk to get my room key, and when I get to the room and open the door, the TV is on pretty loud, and the bed is not made.

    I immediately U-turn and head back to the desk to explain my situation. Guy gives me another room, which happens to be the same room I stayed in last week. So I go in, hang up my clothes, put away some stuff.

    I happened to buy a 6-pack of beer to drink during tonight’s basketball game. I go to put it in the mini fridge, and when I open it, I find the small box of leftovers I left in the fridge last week, along with 3 beers I didn’t finish.

    I now feel it is my obligation to drink 9 beers tonight, due to hotel karma… Thaughts?

  25. Mr. Completely Says:

    a last quick note regarding blow

    people seem to come in 3 types

    people that don’t really care for the buzz at all

    people that like it, but can take it or leave it

    people that the first time they try it, it’s like coming home, and they can never really stop

    I started in group 2 and moved to group 1 and if you’re in either of those groups it’s a manageable thing

    but you never know if you’re in the third group until its too late, so just a word to the wise on that one…

    also there is the ethical aspect to it. the cocaine trade causes a lot of very real evil in the world. yes, if the US legalized drugs much of that evil would go away, but that’s not the situation that exists. IMO every rock comes stained with blood – not to be too melodramatic about it, but really, come one. Then again blow makes it easy to ignore ethical issues so the problem kind of resolves itself, subjectively speaking

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