The Final Countdown

12.31.09 (W.Rogell)

Only four days remain until the curtain lifts on Summer 2010, opening up a season of great musical anticipation. Kicking off this Friday night, Phish will put last year in their rear view mirror and begin to forge the road ahead. With eighteen shows in June and eleven more in August, it is about to be open season for Phish jams. Winding their way from Chicago to the northeast and then taking a straight shot south, Phish will begin to blaze the trail of summer with a lengthy opening leg.

11.18.09 (M.Stein)

While the band’s best playing inevitably comes later in the tour, there is always something magical about the opening show.  Regardless of what the band plays, the first night of tour is always a special affair. A multi-layered personal reunion, reacquainting oneself with both friends and Phish, months of anticipation explode in cascades of adrenaline and excitement. That first note Trey hits sounds as sweet as candy in the warm summer air, and before turning one’s head, Phish has whisked everyone away into the first set of tour.

Always known for debuting new material at the beginning of tour, the band will likely add another layer of excitement over the first few nights with some brand new material. And if the improvisational progress shown in Miami is any indication, this summer should continue the fascinating re-evolutionary process of Phish. New adventures are now within arms reach.

Time is ticking like a bomb…


Jam of the Day:

Ghost > Fast Enough For You” 6.9.09 II

As we careen towards 2010, let’s continue reviewing some highlights of ’09.




7.15.93 Cayuga County Fairgrounds, Weedsport, NY < Torrent

7.15.93 Cayuga County Fairgrounds, Weedsport, NY < Megaupload

Pollock - Summer '93

The opening show of Summer ’93, including the soundcheck.

I: Rift, Sample in a Jar, The Divided Sky, Mound, Stash, Foam, I Didn’t Know, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Leprechaun* > Runaway Jim

II: David Bowie, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Sparkle, It’s Ice, Lifeboy, Possum, Faht, The Lizards, Walk Away, Daniel Saw the Stone*

E: Chalk Dust Torture, Free Bird**

*debut, **a cappella debut

Source: akg 460/ck61


1,056 Responses to “The Final Countdown”

  1. Selector J Says:

    Reggae show on, if anyone’s interested.

  2. Luther Justice Says:

    If you need a ride from Blossom to Hershey, I have room in my spacious Scion XB.

  3. vegas wolfmans Says:

    J Crazy Train- Buckle in for either of those. Not as ‘approachable’ as The Road, but the payoff is well worth it. I put All The Pretty Horses in the same “changed my life and the way I see the world” category as On The Road. Things shifted after I read it. Maybe the subject matter: transition from youth to adulthood, self discovery, fed up with society, etc… that all rang so true at the time.

  4. Selector J Says:

    Reggae show’s on if anyone wants to listen…

    (Sorry for possible repost. First post was got stuck in the moderator webs.)

    Click the name to listen.

  5. Lycanthropist Says:

    finished Carlos Castaneda’s “The Teachings of don Juan” today, and about 80 pgs deep into Tom Robbin’s “Half-Asleep in Frog’s Pajamas”.

    With all the recent Robbins talk I decided I needed to go ahead and read the ones that i haven’t yet.

  6. Selector J Says:

    Reggae show’s on if anyone wants to listen…

    (Sorry for possible repost. First post was got stuck in the moderator webs.)

    Click the name to listen.

  7. Luther Justice Says:

    Might be time for some Selector J and bane before bed….

  8. voopa Says:

    So Rush Limpbaugh paid Elton John $1M to play at his wedding this past weekend…apparently he did a concert the night before, plus the ceremony and reception.

    If you were an elite douchebag that could throw $1M at someone to play at your (2nd? 3rd?) wedding, who would you choose?

    Obviously Phish wouldn’t do it, so my picks are:
    Branford & Neil Young
    Critters Buggin
    Wayne Shorter
    Sonny Rollins
    DJ Logic
    Yoyo Ma
    Christian McBride
    Roy Hargrove
    Will Bernard
    Robert Walter

    I could go on…who would you pick?

  9. Light Between Says:

    No Country is way better than Pretty Horses, IMO. Those are the only two I have read so far. The writing is so simple and powerful, and I don’t think anyone has better pacing, possibly ever. I’m about to read the next two in the border trilogy, is the plan.
    @ Chef: I’m also working my way through Rescue Me on Netflix. Partway through season 3 now. Not to throw you any spoilers, but it starts to get real soap-operaish in my book. Still has redeeming points but I don’t know how much longer I’ll stick with it.
    I also throw my support behind Modern Family, completely.
    Manny for president in 2024.

  10. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Forgot how into the deep end this 2/17 Carini goes. Yikes- the kids at work probably stop and stare if you spin this shit, Chef. Not as radio friendly as slip stitch.

  11. Jtran Says:

    I haven’t read On the Road either. Maybe that would be a good book to bring on the road…

  12. Robear Says:

    dag burnit seelector jay, this back woods internet is too slow fer the streamin’

  13. Light Between Says:

    I’m pretty sure you could book most of those artists for much less than a million dollars.
    I would say for a million dollars I would shoot for Bob Dylan or Radiohead with Animal Collective opening.

  14. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Light- Different strokes. All the Pretty Horses is his masterpiece IMO and I’ve read every word the man has published. I met his reclusive ass my freshman year in college. He was doing spoken word and wanted nothing to do with me or my silly questions. As for boarder trilogy, Cities of the Plain is excellent and The Crossing is just okay. There again- different strokes. I HIGHLY recommend Blood Meridian- his favorite.

  15. voopa Says:

    I’m pretty sure you could book most of those artists for much less than a million dollars.
    I would say for a million dollars I would shoot for Bob Dylan or Radiohead with Animal Collective opening.

    You’re probably right, but I wouldn’t want Billy Joel, Barbra Streisand or Celine Dion at my wedding.

    Good choices there.

  16. vegas wolfmans Says:

    Galactic would be a good wedding band. Bring the funk.

    Sco/MMW opening.

  17. Jtran Says:

    @vegas wolf

    Thanks. I’ll check out the library when I get the chance. Would you start with Blood Meridian or All the Pretty Horses?

  18. Selector J Says:

    Robear: you might try the stream on iTunes.
    Look under:
    – College Radio
    – KVRX

    Don’t know if the bit rate is more accommodating there, or not… Probably the same now that I think about it.

  19. voopa Says:

    Or as BB King called them at the gig they did in Sac in ’05 “GALASTIC!”

    Another great choice chewy.

  20. butter Says:

    GP 420’s ole bongo player checkin in…..

    that dude was so cool, lettin me bang on my bongos all shroomed up

    he was a good guitar player…very technically proficient as i remember

    can’t wait to reunite Friday ….

    How long it goes
    But this remains
    The only rule is it begins
    Happy happy oh my friend

  21. Luther Justice Says:

    If you dig Galactic, I highly rec their Bonnaroo set on 6-10-05 (entitled “Krewe de Carnivale”). Kermit Ruffins, Leo N. (Meters), and host of other NOLA musicians sittin’ in a laying down the funk! But there are two songs where Bo Bice sits in – but don’t hold that against this show! Been spinnin’ it heavy the past week.

  22. whole tour! Says:

    why isn’t it friday today?

  23. vegas wolfmans Says:

    J diggity Tran diggity- I’d start with The Road or No Country (most recent and most accessible) to familiarize with his style and then go deep with All The Pretty Horses> Crossing> Cities of Plain. Once completing the Boarder Trilogy, I’d double back and read Blood Meridian/ Orchard Keeper/ Suttree.
    Child Of God is the one I don’t recommend.

  24. vegas wolfmans Says:

    LJ- I was there. Bo Bice sat in with Treyzor too! WTF?

  25. Jtran Says:

    Hmm alright. Seen both movies, but I guess that’s not the point with his work.

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