20 Questions For June


20. What lasting impact will Joy material have in setlists?

19.What will Trey’s “show shirt” be this tour?

18. What new covers, if any, will the band incorporate into their  shows?

17.”Free” : Do or Die?

16. Which shows will smoke harder – SPAC, Camden, or Atlanta?

15. What songs will emerge as the prominent jam vehicles of the month?

14. Will the band minimize or shelve “Time Turns Elastic” after leaving it off the New Year’s Run?


13. Will Exile have a lasting impact on the band’s setlists and/or style?

12. When will Phish bust out “Liquid Time?”

11. Will meathead Merriweather security guards ever stop pretending to be bouncers at New York night clubs?

10. How will the ticket scene shake out? Scarce? On the ground? In between?

9. Will Tuesdays prove tremendous at Portsmouth, Great Woods, and Canandaigua?

8. Will “Fluffhead” gracefully fade into the background as a symbol of 2009?

7. Will Miami prove to be a baseline for jams in 2010?

6. Will “Show of Life” debut in Chicago?

5. Was “Golden Age” one and done?

4. More open jamming?

3. Will “Mike’s Song” return to prominence or remain an eight-minute, custy anthem?

2. How will the Flyers fate in the NHL Finals effect Trey’s head space going into tour?

1. …Can you still have fun?


Jam of the Day:

Tweezer > Caspian” 12.29.09 II

My pick for jam of ’09,  multi-faceted adventure.



SBD UPDATE: Yesterday, YEMBlog followed up their Monday heroics by posting a pre-FM source of part two of Kevin Shapiro’s “From the Archives” show from Bonnaroo, broadcast on 6.14.09. Featured tracks include 10.24.95’s legendary, mind-melting “Antelope” from Madison, Wisconsin, the 20-plus minute “2001” from The Pyramid in ’99, and a sublime “Harry Hood” from Kent State ’94. Here is the complete track listing.

1. Sing Me Back Home (Grateful Dead 8/27/1972)
2. Foreplay > Longtime (11/12/1994 @ Kent State University)
3. Theme From The Bottom (6/7/1995 @ Boise State University)
4. The Ballad of Curtis Loew (12/29/1999 @ Big Cypress)
5. Col. Forbin’s Ascent > Vibration of Life > Fly Famous Mockingbird (5/3/1993 @ State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ)
6. Dave’s Energy Guide (9/26/1985 for WRUV’s Exposure)
7. 2001 (9/29/1999 @ Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN)
8. Doomsday (Mike Gordon Demo Circa 1993)
9. Run Like An Antelope (10/24/1995 @ Dane Co. Coliseum, Madison, WI)
10. Harry Hood (11/12/1994 @ Kent State University, Kent, OH)



8.17.92 The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA SBD < Torrent

8.17.92 The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA SBD < Mega

'92 Tour Poster

On the home stretch out west in Summer ’92, soundboard style.

I: Buried Alive, Poor Heart, The Landlady, Reba, Rift, Wilson > All Things Reconsidered, Foam, My Friend, My Friend, Bouncing Around the Room, David Bowie

II: Suzy Greenberg, It’s Ice, Tweezer, Esther, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Horn, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin* > Hold Your Head Up, Take the ‘A’ Train, Cavern

E: The Squirming Coil

Notes: Ninja Custodian opened this show. *Ninja Mike sat in on drums for “Terrapin”

Source: SBD

1,109 Responses to “20 Questions For June”

  1. gavinsdad Says:

    did i go to the shitty RCMH show (5/21)? that’s another i wasn’t really feeling…doesn’t happen to me often…i was restless, trying to find a spot…sometimes that fucks me up…i need to just lock in and listen…when i wander i miss alot…but i have a disease…can’t stand too close to other people in front of my seat…need room…

    i ask as i’m listening to this Kev Shap Ghost from the next nite…which i believe miner has praised very recently.

    i’m sure that someone’s gonna tell me that the 5/21 twist>piper was the shit but i just wasnt feeling it. in fact, this board has brought be around on those two songs than any of my friends ever could.

  2. Selector J Says:

    Just realized that the team that the Rastas are playing against on the cover of World Cup is none other than England… The American opponent on Saturday.

    I was always so focused on who the Rastas were didn’t even notice that. (Scientist is the one scoring the goal and I think Junjo is the guy in the blue tam. Other than that hard to tell.)

  3. snowbank Says:

    Thanks Willowed. I am going to kangfirm if my friend wants to go soon and will hit the sign up.

    Kenny – three rows back from willowed… which is about 300 rows back from the stage.

  4. BTB Says:

    Did I mention I rented a porto-potty?

    PH campout brah

    Can’t …type…sentence….excitement …..boiling….over….

  5. kenny powers Says:

    phew, thank goodness snowbank, i was going to have to rob you at gunpoint. i kid, i kid.

  6. Willowed Says:

    I don’t know how the tiny url thing works:


  7. Willowed Says:

    Sweet Snow bank!!!
    We will throw that shit down hard core!!

  8. KWL Says:

    i’m looking forward to willowed crying on my shoulder at spac

    normally he would cry on mr p’s shoulder

    but on this day, mr p will be crying too

    p.s. since Hood and I are checking out of our hotel at 11am on Sunday, we’re immediately crashing the downtowner. I figure willowed will be crying by noon already, so better get there early

  9. Willowed Says:

    I think there is a nice little crew chillin at the downtowner
    Mr. P
    Me and my crew and a few others.
    It should be a good old fashion hotel burning. Like back in the Wyatt Erp days!!

  10. butter Says:

    GD – thanks for lookin out for my little bro

    he gets to see # 5, 6, 7

    his first four where RR ’09

    he’s hangin like a champ (kinda partyin us under the table)

    ahhhhhhh to be 20 and bullet proof, that’s what i’m tryin to tap back into

  11. Selector J Says:

    gdad- I remember all of my friends being somewhat disappointed with that first night at RCMH for whatever reason. The ticket gods were not kind to me (and thousands upon thousands of other people) so I stayed home but I clearly remember the disappointment from them. I think they had hyped it up in their mind to an unreachable level. First show since BC and at RCMH in NYC… can’t really blame them.

  12. Willowed Says:

    If I want to feel 20 and Bullet Proof I hit the J. Walker Black. That shit makes me grenade proof…..for about 2 whole hours.

  13. bouncin fan Says:

    My crew didn’t really dig the rcmh shows either

    I wasn’t there

    The one night I’ve seen on video seemed like s good but not great shows

  14. butter Says:

    did they play bouncin?

  15. Robear Says:

    Lots of ‘good’ shows have been killed by expectations.

  16. bouncin fan Says:

    Toyota opener will be my first phish spin in 2 months

    Will chill my expectations
    Judge it on its own merit

    Tweezer opening night
    See what these Bitches got

  17. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Bouncin its going seven so worry about other things on Friday.

  18. Robear Says:

    atta’ boy bouncin’. blossom is last minute for me, so i’ve only had about two weeks off of listening.

    i think you’re right on the ‘tweezer’.

    they read Miner’s post after last year’s Toyo show. They’re ready to set the record straight.

  19. halcyon Says:

    How about a Bouncin for Bouncin at Toyota

  20. sanchothehutt Says:

    ^“I hope some freak drops a million mikes of pure liquid in the Telluride water system and the townspeople need the trip tent….fucking chillax……”

    on a related topic, does L effect other species? is the psychoactive specific to humans? would there be trippin fish trying to fly and breathe air and shit? ”

    Unfortunately, yes, at least on other mammals. I saw a video in a class once of military tests on animals, back when they were thinking of using LSD as sort of a non-lethal means to control populations. Saw them test it on a cat. Completely shut down it’s nervous system–shaking uncontrollably, etc. Fucking infuriated me.

    On the flip side, I also saw footage of a group of soldiers they had dosed and were trying to have them march in time. THAT was funny.

  21. bouncin fan Says:

    A bouncin into Jeremy

    Now were talking

    Bars starting to fill up for the game

    Slutty college chicks in blackhawks tank tops

    It’s a beautiful thing

    Makes me proud to be an American

    No siestas up in here

  22. kayatosh Says:

    bouncin: how you at a bar alreayd? Have you even been home to vape it up?

  23. kayatosh Says:

    pardon the kaya alter ego there. woops. wrong email addy. but seriously, bouncin have you vaped? I’m seriously concerned? dont’ go out w/o a good head.

  24. sanchothehutt Says:

    @AW, sorry to hear about Millie. That stuff is crushing.

    Back at Deer Creek ’00, woke up one morning to a kitten sitting in front of our tent. A couple wooks came by and said they found him when they were stuck in traffic, and I could keep him if I could give him a good home. Naturally, I volunteered my parents’ home. Anyway, the cute chicks next to us named him Coaster Nutbag (I’d never heard Harpua and had no idea they named him incorrectly, but kept the name all the same). He was sick and malnourished, but we got him back to Green Bay alive, had him fixed up and for 6 years he was the coolest damn animal on the planet. A tour tested cat.

    RIP, Coaster and Millie.

  25. flarrdogg Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed 5/21/00 for the reasons GD mentioned:

    set 2: Jibboo DWD>Dirt, Twist>Piper, Hood + first set wolmans and first tube opener.

    Admit that the playing was a bit uneven, but thought it was a “solid” show.

    bouncin was noticeably absent from the set list and that would have enhancenced my experience tenfold.

    Definitely had it dialed in 5/22. Anyone get to roseland? I had to miss.

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