20 Questions For June


20. What lasting impact will Joy material have in setlists?

19.What will Trey’s “show shirt” be this tour?

18. What new covers, if any, will the band incorporate into their  shows?

17.”Free” : Do or Die?

16. Which shows will smoke harder – SPAC, Camden, or Atlanta?

15. What songs will emerge as the prominent jam vehicles of the month?

14. Will the band minimize or shelve “Time Turns Elastic” after leaving it off the New Year’s Run?


13. Will Exile have a lasting impact on the band’s setlists and/or style?

12. When will Phish bust out “Liquid Time?”

11. Will meathead Merriweather security guards ever stop pretending to be bouncers at New York night clubs?

10. How will the ticket scene shake out? Scarce? On the ground? In between?

9. Will Tuesdays prove tremendous at Portsmouth, Great Woods, and Canandaigua?

8. Will “Fluffhead” gracefully fade into the background as a symbol of 2009?

7. Will Miami prove to be a baseline for jams in 2010?

6. Will “Show of Life” debut in Chicago?

5. Was “Golden Age” one and done?

4. More open jamming?

3. Will “Mike’s Song” return to prominence or remain an eight-minute, custy anthem?

2. How will the Flyers fate in the NHL Finals effect Trey’s head space going into tour?

1. …Can you still have fun?


Jam of the Day:

Tweezer > Caspian” 12.29.09 II

My pick for jam of ’09,  multi-faceted adventure.



SBD UPDATE: Yesterday, YEMBlog followed up their Monday heroics by posting a pre-FM source of part two of Kevin Shapiro’s “From the Archives” show from Bonnaroo, broadcast on 6.14.09. Featured tracks include 10.24.95’s legendary, mind-melting “Antelope” from Madison, Wisconsin, the 20-plus minute “2001” from The Pyramid in ’99, and a sublime “Harry Hood” from Kent State ’94. Here is the complete track listing.

1. Sing Me Back Home (Grateful Dead 8/27/1972)
2. Foreplay > Longtime (11/12/1994 @ Kent State University)
3. Theme From The Bottom (6/7/1995 @ Boise State University)
4. The Ballad of Curtis Loew (12/29/1999 @ Big Cypress)
5. Col. Forbin’s Ascent > Vibration of Life > Fly Famous Mockingbird (5/3/1993 @ State Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ)
6. Dave’s Energy Guide (9/26/1985 for WRUV’s Exposure)
7. 2001 (9/29/1999 @ Pyramid Arena, Memphis, TN)
8. Doomsday (Mike Gordon Demo Circa 1993)
9. Run Like An Antelope (10/24/1995 @ Dane Co. Coliseum, Madison, WI)
10. Harry Hood (11/12/1994 @ Kent State University, Kent, OH)



8.17.92 The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA SBD < Torrent

8.17.92 The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA SBD < Mega

'92 Tour Poster

On the home stretch out west in Summer ’92, soundboard style.

I: Buried Alive, Poor Heart, The Landlady, Reba, Rift, Wilson > All Things Reconsidered, Foam, My Friend, My Friend, Bouncing Around the Room, David Bowie

II: Suzy Greenberg, It’s Ice, Tweezer, Esther, Mike’s Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Horn, Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin* > Hold Your Head Up, Take the ‘A’ Train, Cavern

E: The Squirming Coil

Notes: Ninja Custodian opened this show. *Ninja Mike sat in on drums for “Terrapin”

Source: SBD

1,109 Responses to “20 Questions For June”

  1. Uncle Ebeneezer Says:

    Dancing fool, maybe I’d know that if he actually did a better job of getting his product on my television screen. I stand corrected, boo on…

  2. c0wfunk Says:

    got all hectic there at the end, philly seemed to have more gusto going into OT but in the end goaltending is always the deal eh? haven’t watched non olympic hockey in a long time, but these last few games were good fun to watch. Congrats any Chicago fans. Trey will have to blow off some steam in Chicago now..

  3. BTB Says:

    Phish to play “we are the champions” for chicago fans in a tasteful tip-o-the hat out of respect.

    Classy people, classy

    my 2 cents.

  4. Robear Says:


    great series.

    happy for bouncin’,

    sad for Trey.

    flyers are a good team.

  5. Mitch Says:

    i picked up that camera! i’ll take your picture at btb fest.

    can you send an email with your addy and info.

  6. Gavinsdad Says:

    Tough loss. Brutal in fact. Little fire in the belly can’t fix the goalie.

    TTE on Tuesdays

  7. Gavinsdad Says:

    I keep forgetting, then remembering that I’m seeing the band in 4 days. Toyo>blossom>Hershey. That’s a cool little 3 pack there. Hershey could get wicked. I don’t really ever touch on the addicted/abusing band but I am so deeply stoked that these guys are in a good way. A solid year of tunes behind them…whole new slate in front. Trey just seems totally pumped. I’m into it.

  8. guyforget Says:

    Leighton is terrible. He basically got pulled every other game throughout the playoffs, and it was a given he would let up a soft one when i mattered. You can’t win the stanley cup with goalie by committee. That’s the horse you need to ride all the way. i hate the flyers, so good stuff for me.

  9. ChefBradford Says:

    Gavins, let me know if you hear anything on those Carolina pavs


    thanks bud

  10. BTB Says:

    Mitch – click on my BTB Tab – it’s all on there I think

  11. Gavinsdad Says:

    Chef – gonna see my friend at Hershey (I have his ticket) and I’ll ask him if he’s comin with me to NC. Definitely have u in mind.

  12. ChefBradford Says:

    BTB- shooting you some $ tomorrow

    thanks again man, sooo unbelievably excited!

  13. ChefBradford Says:

    I appreciate it! No sweat either way, I’ll make something happen!

    Safe travels to everybody over the next month or so!

  14. BTB Says:

    Too lazy…

    11351 Garrettsville OH 44231

    440 – 708 – 8247

    That camera sounds super rad.

  15. BTB Says:

    Cool – tix cam today

    Have other tix to mail out tomorrow for BB’ers…the circle of trust 🙂

  16. ChefBradford Says:


    This place and you guys have been good to me.

    Between finding new music and old gems, meeting Lycan, people offering to get me tickets (and to) shows last year, BBQ and wider meet-up in Leo’s garden, BTB dropping an early-tour/paradigm-shifting throwdown, and folks helping me out with tickets this year, I’m consistently impressed by the people in this community

  17. BTB Says:

    Happy to paradigm shift 🙂

  18. ChefBradford Says:

    Better live up to the label, bud! j/k

    I wish I could attend BTB Fest, for sure, but my travels are confined to the South

    Looking to meet you in Alpharetta, my friend

    I owe you big-time

  19. ohhphee Says:

    just got home! Hawks win! hawks win!

    Trey will tear our faces off on Friday!

    Sooooooooo Clooooosssse!

    No distractions, thank goddess!

  20. ohhphee Says:

    Oh, hi guys.

    ‘m a little excited.

  21. BTB Says:

    I’m going to the NC shows too. 4 night southern run. epic.

  22. BTB Says:

    ohhphee – I think you speak for all of us

    Chef – it’s just going to be me, my wook dawg and some bologna sandwhiches. It will rock fo sho

  23. ChefBradford Says:

    Sweet. The Southern run will be my first run ever, so I’m amped beyond what I’d thought possible

    as of now I’m solid on July 2-4, and I’m hammering out a ticket for Walnut Creek over the next week or two, and hopefully upping my lawn for the 4th

    oh yeah, insert a “forward” between “looking” and “meet(ing)” in my last post

  24. ChefBradford Says:

    I’m prolly making a bunch of salami sammiches for the trip; if I get sick of them I may see if you want to trade a bologna

  25. ChefBradford Says:

    Phish is up after the break on Fallon

    speaking of which, Jimmy Fallon fucking sucks

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