Here We Go…

Toyota Park - 8.11.09 (C.Smith)

And tonight we begin again. Amidst a Chicago dizzy with celebration in the wake of the Blackhawks first Stanley Cup victory in 49 years, Phish comes to town to kick start summer tour. In a return visit to Toyota Park, Phish will begin 2010 in the distinctly un-intimate settings of Chicago’s MLS stadium on the south side of town. In a strange synchronicity, Phish will start tour in a soccer stadium on the opening day of the World Cup, the globe’s largest sports spectacle. The month long event, aired at all hours, will be a great accompaniment to the non-stop traveling circus, popping up on hotel televisions pre and post show all June.

What will be the opener? What will be the highlights? Will we hear any debuts? What will be the jam of the show? The answers are coming in a matter of hours…


8.1.09 (G.Lucas)

NO SPOILERS UPDATE: Phish Thoughts’ “No Spoilers” Download Series is locked and loaded for Summer 2010. With behind-the-scenes maestro, HarrisC, running the show, those of you who want to listen to the shows without knowing what happened will again be in luck. We are going to roll with the same format as Fall tour – shows should be up by mid-day the following day. So if you want to live your own virtual tour from home, all you need is 24-hours of patience.

For those not familiar, Phish Thoughts’ “No Spoilers” downloads, allow me to explain. Each show will be offered in 2 files – “Set I” and “Set II + E.” There are no tracks, simply two unlabeled sets, therefore you can listen to the shows unfold as if you were there. Generally, the first source posted will be the one we use for these downloads. Down the road after tour, Phish Thoughts will offer regular, tracked copies of top-notch audience sources for each show.


Jam of the Day:

Number Line > Carini” 8.11.09 II

A newly-released SBD nugget of last year’s standout segment from Toyota Park.


1,300 Responses to “Here We Go…”

  1. voidboy Says:


    What’s your feed?

  2. fee4zy Says:

    Out of here. Can’t wait to hear the sbs tomorrow.

  3. PBS Says:

    @ Sumodie…I was all set to do Raleigh>Charlotte, and hang out with Leo and friends. Alas, my opportunity fell through. At this point, I’m hoping for something out west in the Fall…or a crazy last minute work opp that sends me east…

    Sadly, I’ll be living through the recordings. And I’ve resigned myself to that, cuz nothing else will do.

  4. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Could stand asome rockin ragers or some new composition that no body knows for th FTW fator!

    No exptations, but Fuck Your Face needs into the rotation this year.

    Off to roast of bowl cappped with nutmeg

    Tonight’s chemically induced psychosis will be brought us by the the letters

  5. BrandonKayda Says:

    I’m not listening to any stream, Void. I’m actually going to refrain from Phish until MPP, or try to atleast.

    It’s getting tough to do so with setlists like this though

  6. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Did anyone every agree on the over /under of day for BK’s phish abstinence?

  7. jay Says:

    I can see Drowned opener.

  8. voidboy Says:

    oh… BK… my apologies… here I was hating the BB for missing all the magic.

  9. BrandonKayda Says:

    No problem Void.

    How have you been doing?

  10. sumodie Says:

    Phish Past Summer Compilation (2010-05-11_v2)

    Here’s what I’ve collected thus far. I am missing #4 & #5 -anyone know what/where they are?

    1. You Enjoy Myself (1994-07-14 Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center – Canandaigua, NY) 23:41

    2. Spock’s Brain (1995-06-20 Blossom Music Center – Cuyahoga Falls, OH) 5:58

    3. Down With Disease > Free (1995-06-26 Saratoga Performing Arts Center – Saratoga Springs, NY) 40:03

    6. Ghost (1998-08-07 Walnut Creek Amphitheatre – Raleigh, NC) 14:07

    7. My Left Toe > Wading In The Velvet Sea > My Left Toe (1999-07-07 Blockbuster Pavilion – Charlotte, NC) 15:32

    8.Bug (2000-07-01 Meadows Music Theatre – Hartford, CT) 11:16

    9. Runaway Jim (2000-07-03 E Centre – Camden, NJ) 32:58

    10. Tube (2000-09-15 Hershey Park Stadium – Hershey, PA) 17:45

    11. Theme From The Bottom > Dog Log (2000-09-17 Merriweather Post Pavilion – Columbia, MD) 16:32

    12. Backwards Down The Number Line > Carini (2009-08-11 Toyota Park, Bridgeview, IL) 21:12

  11. c0wfunk Says:

    how long ago did set end?

  12. sumodie Says:

    @pbs: 🙁

    Let’s hope these Vegas, PDX, Seattle rumors pan out for fall. And Indio or the like 8)

  13. butterflyeffect Says:

    Light. I quarter-called it?

  14. Dr. Pronoia Says:


  15. butterflyeffect Says:

    Who else mentioned Light

  16. sumodie Says:

    Awesome opener! Glad it didn’t come out of Tweezer this time (just to mix it up)

  17. BrandonKayda Says:



  18. PBS Says:

    Yea, great to see it fly on it’s own merit….

  19. BrandonKayda Says:

    @Butterfly effect – You and me have been having a good night tonight as far as calls go haha 🙂

  20. BrandonKayda Says:

    That sounds incredible, Phish just walking on stage and slamming head-on into the opening chords of Light.

    I wonder if they did the ambient intro…

  21. butterflyeffect Says:

    @BK – I think I’ve just copied everything you’ve said. Shh.

  22. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    I mentioned it on 42. Hope it goes places… My friend who’s there missed the MSG1 version, having only gone to the last two

  23. voidboy Says:


    How can things be better? We go tunes to explore from the Story of the Phish!
    Things are looking pretty bright about right now.

    How are things with you?

  24. kayatosh Says:

    straight forward, very old school set.

    and GD (ticket hunter, chocolate messiah) is right i love that JJLC. so apropos. was lookin for that to get busted out after just one appearance in 2009, 2003, and 2000.

    reminds me a little of 6/18/09 first set.

    light opener set II. very nice. that song is $$$$

  25. voidboy Says:

    hey keyatosh

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