Here We Go…

Toyota Park - 8.11.09 (C.Smith)

And tonight we begin again. Amidst a Chicago dizzy with celebration in the wake of the Blackhawks first Stanley Cup victory in 49 years, Phish comes to town to kick start summer tour. In a return visit to Toyota Park, Phish will begin 2010 in the distinctly un-intimate settings of Chicago’s MLS stadium on the south side of town. In a strange synchronicity, Phish will start tour in a soccer stadium on the opening day of the World Cup, the globe’s largest sports spectacle. The month long event, aired at all hours, will be a great accompaniment to the non-stop traveling circus, popping up on hotel televisions pre and post show all June.

What will be the opener? What will be the highlights? Will we hear any debuts? What will be the jam of the show? The answers are coming in a matter of hours…


8.1.09 (G.Lucas)

NO SPOILERS UPDATE: Phish Thoughts’ “No Spoilers” Download Series is locked and loaded for Summer 2010. With behind-the-scenes maestro, HarrisC, running the show, those of you who want to listen to the shows without knowing what happened will again be in luck. We are going to roll with the same format as Fall tour – shows should be up by mid-day the following day. So if you want to live your own virtual tour from home, all you need is 24-hours of patience.

For those not familiar, Phish Thoughts’ “No Spoilers” downloads, allow me to explain. Each show will be offered in 2 files – “Set I” and “Set II + E.” There are no tracks, simply two unlabeled sets, therefore you can listen to the shows unfold as if you were there. Generally, the first source posted will be the one we use for these downloads. Down the road after tour, Phish Thoughts will offer regular, tracked copies of top-notch audience sources for each show.


Jam of the Day:

Number Line > Carini” 8.11.09 II

A newly-released SBD nugget of last year’s standout segment from Toyota Park.


1,300 Responses to “Here We Go…”

  1. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    C, did you see my request about Vulture Brains?

  2. KWL Says:

    ithaca flower power is currently occupying my kegerator–great stuff

  3. Mr. Completely Says:

    ha! all you soccer and beer fans, ESPN has your back

  4. c0wfunk Says:

    the “el” is in chi isn’t it?

  5. voopa Says:


    Oh Kee Pah > Suzy

  6. albert walker Says:

    you have the back way directions sw

    I was wondering that Palmer

    a bunch of young partiers from Canada you never know

    that would be classic if Trey hoists the cup

    long shot but how epic would that be

  7. fat bastard Says:

    marco its me joe (not allen) and my girl. aw im goin west then south. fuck 55

  8. josephish Says:

    of course it is i just want sum confidents. and i dont have my tix yet now im getting nervous

  9. albert walker Says:

    I never get south fb

    do you know what streets I may want to take from up north

    exact directions

    I never get to that area
    of course why would I there isn’t shit down there

  10. halcyon Says:


    World Cup!

    Summer as arrived!!!


  11. c0wfunk Says:

    lol dude sounds just about sick of the buzzing horns too

  12. sanchothehutt Says:

    @silly, I’m coming down from milwaukee, any tips on backroads?

  13. kayatosh Says:

    aw: your mrkt.’s fading. crazy morning already. big gap down. ran it up fast into that consumer confidence baloney. now peelin it back. seems like the traders are cleaning up while ma and pa get more and more disenchanted. not good.

  14. c0wfunk Says:

    “seems like the traders are cleaning up while ma and pa get more and more disenchanted”

    same as it ever was. That’s the way it’s set up.

  15. fat bastard Says:

    give me a sec…

  16. kayatosh Says:

    @cowfunk til someone pulls the plug. the gov.’s already honing in on HFT (high frequency trading) — massive computers scalpin pennies on milisecond trades

  17. zzyzx Says:

    ESPN finally caught up with the offside rule…

  18. KWL Says:

    have a great trip halcy!

  19. albert walker Says:


    cats were putting on a lot or risk yesterday

    beta was rallying hard

    if this closes up today on a Friday I think the risk trade could be back on

    0% rates for a long, long time is good for equities as long as the world aint fallen apart

    yesterday was pretty good volume and that rally into the close was quite nice

    still news driven though no doubt. anything could send us going in either direction

  20. kayatosh Says:

    this willie nelson RHS is melllllooow

  21. halcyon Says:

    Morning Folks.

    Woke up fired up to all sorts of goodness. Everyone that is driving tonite, and this weekend drive safe, don’t drink and drive! If you feel tired pull over and get some sleep! Those partying, know your limits. You don’t want to be the wook down wook before the shows start! Other than that, Have a blast!

    BK – your fast ends tonight 🙂

  22. Mr.Palmer Says:

    “same as it ever was. That’s the way it’s set up.”

    Not true. The advent of computerized and electronic trading have created this. Only in last 5-7 years has this become truly an issue.

  23. kenny powers Says:

    yeah Halcyon!

  24. albert walker Says:

    if ma and pa would stop buying high and selling low maybe it wouldn’t be so easy for the pros to school their asses every time

  25. kayatosh Says:

    aw: nice call. can’t get too bearish w/ 0% $ sloshin around. however, the rallies are stating to look more and more suspect and short lived. who the fuck knows.

    bring on the phish

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