Miner’s Picks: Summer 2010 – Leg I

6.27.2010 - Merriweather (Graham Lucas)

After several weeks of listening and analysis in the Phisht Thoughts sound labs, the time has come to unveil the latest installment of “Miner’s Picks” for the first leg of summer tour. Because first sets and second sets contained such divergent vibes over the month, I’ve split the picks into a highlight-reel setlist, containing Set I, Set II, and an Encore. Though it was hard at times, I limited myself to one version of each song, so there are no repeats throughout this seven-plus hour compilation. With only a week and a half to go before The Greek kicks off Leg Two, here’s an audio retrospective of Phish’s first month of 2010. Enjoy the selections!


Miner’s Picks: Summer 2010 Leg I < Torrent

Miner’s Picks: Summer 2010 Leg I < Megaupload


Set I

1. “Bathtub Gin” – 6.15 I, Portsmouth, VA

2. “Destiny Unbound” – 7.3 I, Alpharetta, GA

3. “Wolfman’s Brother” – 6.11 I, Chicago, IL

4. “Timber Ho!” – 6.24 I, Camden, NJ

5. “Split Open and Melt” – 6.25 I, Camden, NJ

6. “Walk Away” – 6.17 I, Hartford, CT

7. “Reba” – 6.18 I, Hartford, CT

8. “Jibboo” – 7.4 I, Alpharetta, GA

9. “Antelope” – 7.3, I, Alpharetta, GA

10-12. Mike’s > H2 > Weekapaug” – 6.12 I, Cuyaghoga Falls, OH

13. “Slave to the Traffic Light” – 6.15 I, Portsmouth, VA

Set II

14. “Chalk Dust Torture” – 6.25 II, Camden, NJ

15,16. “Ghost > Limb” – 6.11 II, Chicago, IL

17. “2001” – 6.25 II, Camden, NJ

18. “Light” – 7.1 II, Raleigh, NC

19-21. “Tweezer > Theme > Hood” – 6.18 II, Hartford, CT

22,23. “Rock and Roll > Free” – 6.26 II, Columbia, MD

24. “Backwards Down the Number Line” – 6.12 II, Cuy. Falls, OH

25,26. “Disease > Sand” – 6.17 II, Hartford, CT

27,28. “Saw It Again > Piper” – 6.27 II, Columbia, MD

29. “Twist” – 6.13 II, Hershey, PA

30. “Light Up or Leave Me Alone” – 7.1 II, Raleigh, NC

31,32. “Carini > Fuck Your Face” – 7.2 II, Charlotte, NC

33,34. “Drowned > Swept Away > Steep” – 6.20 II, SPAC, NY

35. “David Bowie” – 6.19 II, Saratoga Springs, NY

36. “You Enjoy Myself” – 6.13 II, Hershey, PA


37. “Boogie On Reggae Woman” – 7.1 E, Raleigh, NC

38. “Show of Life” – 6.19 II, Saratoga Springs, NY

39,40. “Tweezer Reprise, Tweezer Reprise” – 6.18 E, Hartford, CT


Jam of the Day:

Mike’s > H2 > Weekapaug” 6.12 I

As featured in the compilation above, and in Blossom’s first set.


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657 Responses to “Miner’s Picks: Summer 2010 – Leg I”

  1. angryjoggerz Says:

    Yes! this is the post I have been waiting for, very cool indeed. Time to widdle down leg 1 to one playlist, make room on the ipod for leg 2. not long now!

    Greeting from Shanghai!

  2. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    currently spinning http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/11406-saturdaysyouth/
    good stuff


  3. willowed Says:

    and I am paying the price this a.m. with wicked heart brun. Sour mix always messes with my indigestion.
    Thank god I have the day off from work.
    Grillin and chillin poolside is what’s on the agenda for Willowed.
    Of course thats after I
    Mow the lawn
    clean out the basement
    wash the car
    DL Miners picks
    and much much more

  4. Jeffiem Says:

    Morning BB.

    I have a pretty awesome dilemma: Steve Winwood and Santana are in town, and I love to go to that show, but my friend invited me to his lake house and listen to Phish and bane for a couple of days. Anyone seen Santana lately? Is he putting on a good show?

  5. lastwaltzer Says:


    do anything worth telling us about?

  6. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    new arcade fire is pretty sweet. i was about to wonder if i should go see them when they’re here in august, then realized i’ll be at alpine that day! woo

  7. jdub Says:

    Congrats @HH since I haven’t seen you around here since the big day. I hope you and the SLF are getting enough sleep!

    I feel the same way @Willowed, we are very blessed to have these guys back in action, having fun, and playing great music! I won’t be taking it for granted any time soon.

    I’m on the prowl for JB1, not picky about seats, just want in for face. joshuawinkley at mac dot com if you have an extra.

  8. lastwaltzer Says:


    I’d go with the lake house.

  9. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @jeffiem, i just saw that tour a few weeks ago. go! trust me

  10. lastwaltzer Says:


    did the arcade fire thing leak or is it out?

  11. Jtran Says:

    Great to wake up and see a new Miner’s Picks!

    Been spinning Miner’s “A Trip Through the Late 90s” DJ mix last night and this morning..really nice change of pace.

    I guess with this talk of 94 it’s time for me to dive in as well. My 94 knowledge is really lacking.

  12. willowed Says:

    OK. Off to do some work.

    Enjoy the day BB’rs

  13. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    @LW, leaked, someone posted a mediafire of it i think on friday here but i just donwloaded it higher quality off of demonoid

  14. kenny powers Says:

    llfa @ T3

    you know what’s ironic, those are very close to the authentic margarita recipe….so i’ve been told. there’s only supposed to be 3 ingredients:

    -premium tequila, the silver/blanco/plata variety
    -freshly squeezed lime juice

    i made those for my family last week, they were delish. that artifical mix crap they use even in some nicer restaurants is, i think, meant to overpower the taste of tequila since many folks don’t actually like the flavor of tequila.

  15. halcyon Says:

    Morning Everyone * Hoping this Monday gets going, can’t seem to wake up yet.

    LW, I posted a link a few days ago of the new arcade fire. I do not remember what day it was. I will try and post it later this evening when I get home from work.

  16. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    yeah it was halycon that posted it, thanks dude. i should be able to find the link again

  17. lastwaltzer Says:


    I think i just accidentally emailed you something that was supposed to goto my girlfriend lol sorry about that

  18. lastwaltzer Says:

    How is it?

  19. lastwaltzer Says:

    not the email llfa but the album

  20. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    hahahahha LW, yes you did. but love you too haha

    album is very good LW, though i’ve only heard half so far

  21. lastwaltzer Says:

    word I’ll have to check it out later.

  22. Jtran Says:


    I just started listening now. Liking it so far.

  23. ColonelJoy Says:

    Colonel is getting quite excited for some leg II action!

  24. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    i’m hoping for some action on leg 2 as well

  25. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    caught the Panic show Saturday night in Boston (which was a fun time) and they took a little dig at the KoL pigeon incident by dedicating the Pigeons opener to Kings of Leon. they surprised me with two strong covers I didn’t know they played (Mr. Soul and Lawyers, Guns, and Money) along with some very tasty Herring licks throughout the night. Venue couldn’t have been more than 2/3 full (5,000 capacity right on the water).

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