Ten Tunes For Friday

6.27.10 (G.Lucas)

Today, in a one-time appearance between tours, Ten Tunes For Friday focuses on past highlights from all the Leg II venues. Spanning eras and playing styles, the history of these venues dip into a wide spectrum of Phish history. And here’s a small taste.


Reba” 8.9.97 I

This dreamy, daytime “Reba” contributed to a big first set at Alpine ’97.



Stash” 8.28.93 I

Pollock '93

This first-set highlight from The Greek showcased Phish’s torrid jamming of Summer ’93, defined by near-subconscious communication.



Run Like An Antelope” 8.12.96 I

Deer Creek and “Antelope” have become two peas in a pod over Phish’s career, with more than a few standout versions played in the cornfields. The band threw down this dizzying jam in the first set of the first show in 1996, setting the tone for a memorable weekend.



Fee > David Bowie” 10.28.91 I


This combination closed the first set at Elk Ballroom, Phish’s last visit to Telluride. And yes, Phish could play then too.



Harry Hood” 8.10.97 I

A uniquely gorgeous “Harry Hood,” this version carried a somber tone as Phish played the usually-blissful jam in a minor key to close the first set at Deer Creek.



Harpua” 10.28.91 II

A classic version of “Harpua” with comical narration from another era of Phish, nineteen years ago. This selection goes out to zzyzx!



Tweezer > Gumbo” 6.28.95 II

Strap on your seat belt for a wild ride through a quintessential  piece of Summer ’95 improv. “Tweezer” passes through countless themes, including ‘Dave’s Energy Guide” and a jam of The Breeder’s “Cannonball,” on the way to a half-hour epic at Jones Beach.



You Enjoy Myself” 8.28.93 II

The final piece to Summer ’93, featuring a prominent “Oye Como Va” jam.



Fan-Run Events Around the Greek:

Bicycle – A Psychedelic and Visionary Arts Event

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where: Club Six – 60 6th St b/w Market and Mission, San Francisco

"Bicycle" Flyer

An art and music show showcasing the art of Stanley Mouse, Alan Forbes, Dave Hunter, David D’Andrea, Tripp Shealy, Erin Cadigan, Mark McCloud and the Blotter Barn Collection, Kyle Carter, Michael Matel and I.A.M.U. Presents artists Mark Henson, Android Jones, Xavi and Carey Thompson

DJ Sets from 9 pm – 2am

Downstairs: 10-11pm DJ Citizen Ten and MC Abstract Rude, 11pm-2am DJ Logic

Upstairs: SF’s own DJ Sleepyhead, Kaptain Harris, and Coopdville

Info and tickets here.


Mystery Ship Greek Theater After Party

Friday, August 6, 2010

Where: 88 Jack London Square, Oakland, CA

The Mystery Ship

After the second show on the 6th, this late-night cruise will set sail from 1:00-4:00 am with live music on board provided by The Jug Dealers and Acacia. This special after-party will take place on The Fume Blanc, a magnificent three-deck replica of a New York State Hudson River Steamboat of yesteryear. See below for more information.

Info and tickets here.

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1,147 Responses to “Ten Tunes For Friday”

  1. zzyzx Says:

    tela – but also they actually made a big deal out of the Poster Nutbag name… Trey barely mentioned it in past versions.

    Jtran – it’s fun writing them. However I do have an issue that I don’t think I’ll be able to do them in T-ride… bad connectivity…

  2. Mr.Palmer Says:

    good luck Jtran! Knock ’em dead.

  3. Jtran Says:

    No worries. I’ll survive.

  4. st8 of mind Says:

    Nice picks today Miner! That tweez is off the hook.

  5. Luther Justice Says:

    I’ll be checking out those 93 DC shows. I only remember the 2nd night. I’m bookended by a blank space where my mind should have been.

    I drove back in forth to those shows because I was taking classes in Dayton that summer. I made it back for my 8:00 AM class all 3 days, though I had saucer eyes and was prone to sweating a lot.

  6. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    imho, the classic story has just as much to do with Jimmy and the old man as it does with the battle but your point is well taken. the last few have sometimes been about the cover at the expense of the story. I think Alpharetta marked a “return to form” so to speak though, which is nice.

  7. El Duderino Says:


  8. tela'smuff Says:

    @zzyzx – actually upon reflection going back to the Clifford Ball, we don’t really get very close to a classic Harpua v. Poster battle, or even a Jimmy tale. He seems to skip past or run through the story to get to some other weird tale like the Udder Ball for example. So I can see your point about the Jimmy storr being more in line with the classic story lines. Good point.

  9. tela'smuff Says:

    T3 – yeah, i agree. and zzyzx- while he does yell out Poster emphatically, which is fun, I just loved the way he used to build the tension wehn they were about to fight. I specifcally loved when he mention “the deadly arch”. đŸ™‚

  10. zzyzx Says:

    tela – I wrote the song history and thought that the divide was really 12/29/96…

  11. zzyzx Says:

    Well not only was the first thing that got me into Phish the Harpua at 10/28/89, but it was the long build into Poster Nutbag’s name that was finally revealed to be WHAT?!?! that made me think, “Hmmmm, maybe this is the band for me…”

  12. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    that’s a good place to put the divide, zzyzx. once they all spiraled down to hell with the sounds of oasis wafting out of there, the template shifted away.

  13. tela'smuff Says:

    zzy – interesting history there. kind of backs up what i was thinking. and i would have to agree with the consensus that the MSG ’97 Harpua is one of the best. Although I’ve always loved when Poster was killed by Halley’s Comet. I almost forgot that that Vegas Harpua was Harpua! It gets lost in the madness that ensues. I guess with that history, we would have to take Alphrietta as close to the old story as we can get!

  14. b-rock Says:

    Morning all! This Reba is a great way to kick things off. I’d wager most people (non-Phishies too) would have a better day if they started off with this mellow rolling jam.

  15. Robear Says:

    top of the mornin’ all.

    little man’s up early. over a week into the Phast, and miner posts these ten tantalizing tunes. makes the wait even more exciting.

    ‘party time’ in less than 7 days.

    How many heads will be thinking ‘Whoa, this sounds like ‘Tennessee Jed’ if they drop ‘Ocelot’ at the Greek?

  16. Jtran Says:

    Just had a weird moment of deja vu listening to this Stash and reading zzyzx talk about writing a Phishtory for phish.net.


  17. Robear Says:

    Will there be party favors on the Mystery Ship?

  18. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    what do you mean “if”, Robear? You know they are dropping it at the Greek. they’ve played it once every 3.5 shows since it debuted.

  19. Robear Says:

    nice jtran

    deja vu = being in right place at right time

  20. Robear Says:

    my predictions have been stinkin’

    therefore, ‘if’

  21. Jtran Says:


    The other fact I forgot to mention was that the other time was early in the morning too.

  22. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    well, predictions are like expectations, right robear?

  23. fat bastard Says:

    ’96 deer creek…me and my roommate were so broke and low on everything that we pulled into a cornfield, put a sign my dash that read, “out of gas, don’t tow.” walked a few miles and proceded into the best party that summer. got tixs for 1/4 of pretend-ica.

    after the show made it back to the ’88 cougar shining in the moonlight unscathed.

  24. Robear Says:

    predictions might be more like opinions than expectations.

    external vs. internal……

    haven’t even had coffee yet!

  25. tela'smuff Says:

    one of the first Harpua’s I heard was of 5/3/94. At least if this is the right date, the Harpua includes a brief ‘Flashlight’ (Parliament) performance. Sometimes i miss those days of trading tapes via snail mail.

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