The Calm Before The Storm



Jam of the Day:

Ghost > Taste” 8.9.97 I

Some daytime funk from Alpine ’97.




7.10.2000 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

7.10.2000 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

Deer Creek '00 (Distante)

Following up the last two downloads, this show completes Phish’s three-night run at Deer Creek in 2000. The second set featured, perhaps, the three most-often payed songs of summer in “Jibboo, “Sand,” and “Twist.” The strong playing of the second set continued with “Fee > What’s the Use? > Limb.”

I: Cars Trucks Buses , Wilson, It’s Ice, Bathtub Gin, Buffalo Bill, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Split Open and Melt, Sparkle, Funky Bitch, David Bowie

II: Gotta Jibboo, Sand, Twist, Fee > What’s the Use? > Limb By Limb, Loving Cup

E: Run Like an Antelope

Source: Unknown


987 Responses to “The Calm Before The Storm”

  1. Mr.Palmer Says:

    on my 4th listen of “the calm before the storm” Have no idea how some of you can pull dates and songs from those.

    Travel safe all you crazy cats going off to Bezerkley! Don’t let expectations get the best of you. Rock on!

  2. Luther Justice Says:

    Even couch tour will be $$$. Or, at the least, $$.

  3. Mr.Palmer Says:

    good luck on your exam @Random.

  4. Robear Says:


    pack rain gear or T’ride?

  5. albert walker Says:

    who knows what the fuck that Telly mountain weather may bring Robear

    could get crazy

  6. Luther Justice Says:

    I saw a trailer on HBO, and Eastbound & Down returns in September.

  7. albert walker Says:

    Reminds me of Red Rocks summer 95

    stepped out of my tent at Chief Hosa the next morning and there was fuckin snow on the ground

    figured I maybe should have packed something besides shorts

  8. kayatosh Says:

    @lj probably a mere $. i love watchin the setlist roll out in real time. i don’t video stream. too much of a drag.

  9. KWL Says:

    that’s a definite robear

    i would be surprised if it rains during show times

    but afternoon storms are pretty likely i’d say

    has rained in the mountains just east of me every single day for last 3 weeks

  10. randomreader Says:

    thank you, @Palmer. i love the synchronicity – leg 1 ended, my studying kicked into high gear, i take the damn thing tomorrow, then leg 2 kicks in just in time for me to get lost in it 8-D

  11. Luther Justice Says:

    I’ve stopped streaming due to the meh quality of the sound. However, the quickness with which shows are posted makes my couch tour enjoyable. Depending, I sometimes am listening to the show within 2 hrs of the encore. I’m a little behind those at the show but I’ve always been a slow learner.

  12. KWL Says:


    discs secured. will be practicing this week.

    hit me up on email

  13. Phamily Berzerker Says:

    Attention mountain campers:

    Pack your gear in a duffle bag lined with a garbage bag. I go the extra mile and do a separate garbage bag inside my sleeping bag stuff sack.

    Garbage bags can be a lifesaver, except for marine life like sea turtles and sunfish who often mistake them for jellyfish which is a part of their diet. Otherwise a dry sleeping bag and dry gear is nice to have.

    Rain gear will include pants for this fool on the hill.

  14. Robear Says:

    aw, those were good ones. so much less crowded….

    dwnlding ‘no whitey mix v2’ for the ride.

    Greekbound and down

    no worries Kayatosh, ‘Bouncin Fan’ will be streaming from the new iPhone he snagged in Chicago.

  15. Chuck D Says:

    I’m about 300 miles from Telluride, but its been raining virtually every day for the past 2 or 3 weeks in Summit… I’m bringing my rain gear for sure.

  16. angryjoggerz Says:

    If you really are concerned, go with the biodegradable garbage bags. My wife and I switched after seeing that horrible nation of floating plastic in the pacific ocean… sorry, downer.


  17. kenny powers Says:

    @ LJ – yes it does! Sep 26 baby! I might have to get the free 3-month HBO promo just for that reason.

  18. SillyWilly Says:

    Hey, AW,

    did you see the Mad Professor/Yelloman album that halcyon linked up last night?

    you might have it, but thought you might want it if you didn’t

  19. b-rock Says:

    My only ID of today’s mix was the first track. Sounds like some other late ’90s stuff in there, maybe a Japan track too? otherwise I don’t know but that I like it.

    All of you Greek-ers gonna have an awesome time, at least fresh Phish on Friday morning is a consolation prize for the rest of us.

  20. KWL Says:

    any time i miss a day on the BB (yesterday) i feel so out of the loop

    at least i got bouncin fan’s stream to look forward too

  21. Spasm Waiter Says:

    Morning BB’ers.

    Safe travels to the Greek.

    If the boyz do a nod to the Dead, what form will it take? Thoughts?

  22. albert walker Says:

    yeah SW

    haven’t heard that actually. I’m just getting into later era reggae recently. def gonna grab it.

    going to jump out of work early and grab some links cats have put up lately to spin on the plane

    thanks for reminding me actually

    trying to get my list of shit to get down before I bail later today

  23. lastwaltzer Says:

    “at least i got bouncin fan’s stream to look forward too”KWL

    Your gonna be lookin for a long time.

  24. albert walker Says:

    One time I almost reached in my pocket for my phone to take a photo at a show

    then I realized I’d have to beat my own ass if I did

  25. SillyWilly Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been digging a lot of the later era stuff that has been popping up on here.

    definitely a nice change of pace.

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