Creme de la Creme

8.9.10 (W.Rogell)

Due to family obligations I was unable to attend what sounds to be, hands down, the best show of 2010, if not the entire modern era. All I needed was one listen with headphones and closed eyes to know that. “Disease > What’s The Use” is a seminal piece of modern psychedelia and, in my opinion, leap-frogged over of anything from The Greek to hold the trophy for the greatest jam of the year. A segue for the ages created a single piece of music that flowed like few musical sequences we’ve heard thus far. Throughout the entire show, Phish nary flubbed a note while crushing an unrelenting setlist of dreams. Not to mention that Trey had one of his finest nights of since Phish’s return, providing scintillating work from the “Tube” opener, through the end of the show. First set highlights included a sublime “Reba” which ended in “Fuck Your Face,” a combination that must have had Alpine going bezerker. But through the headphones, the most impressive first set jam was the redonkulous “Antelope” that punctuated the first set. Wanna’ hear some shredding? Well, cue this one up; arguably the finest outing of the era for the song as well.

A furious “Mike’s Groove” with an even better “Sneakin’ Sally” in the middle? Forget about it. I’m not sure how much I can go on here. The entire show flowed effortlessly as Phish jammed all the way through a legendary second set. I had an undeniable instinct when I boarded a plane in Indy that I was flying away from the shows of the summer in Alpine, and lo and behold, one night later…Phish exploded. Shit, even “Bug” absolutely slayed. I hope everyone had a blast. I’m sure you did.

That’s why you don’t miss shows.

I: Tube, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Funky Bitch, Reba, Fuck Your Face, Alaska, Back on the Train, Taste , When the Circus Comes, Lawn Boy, Sparkle, Gumbo, Run Like an Antelope

II: The Sloth, Down With Disease > What’s the Use? > Scent of a Mule, Mike’s Song > Dirt, Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, Weekapaug Groove, Bug

E: Quinn the Eskimo

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1,468 Responses to “Creme de la Creme”

  1. garretc Says:

    @Mr. C

    Yup, I believe I do. Although I imagine it’ll be a couple weeks before I’m settled I’m and available to meet up, so don’t be offended to not hear from me! Haha


    Thanks for the kind recommendation! Also, I don’t see this as having any sort of meaning, but your comment made me realize that the only people besides you that I’ve spent time on both coasts are my parents… Like I said, not meaningful really, but noteworthy, I’d say!

  2. Uncle Ebeneezer Says:

    Just a reminder why I moved out of Indiana to the west coast…literally had three 35-40 year old guys in front of me (presumably cops based on the mustache/under armour fashion statement) liquored up enough ON THE WAY to Vegas to poke fun at the middle eastern lady with a dot on her forehead and her husband with a golfball sized tumor on his jaw who needed an ambulance at landing due to some sort of medical emergency. Not only did one of the douchers mockingly put his thumb up to his forehead when the lady walked by, but also stood up and proclaimed that it was the “old man with SARS on his face” that was in need of assistance.

    Add the two kids behind me who couldn’t keep their hands off my seat, the screaming toddler during pre-board, and the flight being delayed…fmfl

    just a word to the wise, just fucking be RESPECTFUL and nice traveling this summer and beyond, you never know who’s watching a keeping score. Redneck pricks

  3. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Hopefully those tools get rolled by a transvestite hooker in Vegas.

  4. voopa Says:

    What Palmer said. Jesus…

  5. Uncle Ebeneezer Says:

    @Palmer, I’m half tempted to skip my connecting flight so I can hit up the naughty shop and make that a reality….who’s got my hetty fishnets and slutty boots. Oh, behave!!!!

  6. Mr. Completely Says:


    nonduality isn’t a paradox, as I’m sure you know

    just sounds like one 😮

  7. Mr. Completely Says:

    LOL @ Eb

    you are kinda pretty

  8. Mr. Completely Says:

    word @garretc

    I don’t mean for socializing, I’d like to know if I can help you get settled

  9. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    @ Nagarjuna – b r i e n k e l l e y at g m a i l dot com if you wanna talk some Madhyamika off board

  10. phlyPhisher Says:

    im not hearing what minor and others heard in down with disease. it was a great jam, but i liked earlier jams a LOT more.

  11. Nagarjuna Says:

    @Mr. C –

    For me, paradox is only apparent contradiction, not actual contradiction.

  12. BingosBrother Says:

    Don’t sleep on Theme from last night. I always overlook it as one of my favorites, but always get so pumped when they drop it. last nights version is exceptional. Much respect to the kids last night who kept me on my toes. who can stop when people are gettin down like that. this years draft is showing much promise.

  13. garretc Says:

    @Mr. C

    Ouch… Haha, just kidding. I imagine I’ll probably be hitting you up at some point for suggestions on what sort of clothing I’ll be needing up there, etc… So thanks!

  14. Mr.Palmer Says:

    good night folks. See some of you at the beach tomorrow. Peace…..

  15. Robear Says:

    new post yet?

    zzyzx, halloween is on in Atlantic City. YOu didn’t hear it from me. Does that mean you’re going?

    No October shows for this kid. probably can’t make halloween either. new year’s run seems out too.

    whose got my hetty recordings? (future tense)

  16. butter Says:

    Have fun at JB everybody

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    @phisher, I can’t pick favorites among all these great, fully formed open jams. I think that one’s absolutely top shelf. But then I heart Whats The Use?

  18. Selector J Says:

    Hey reggae fans:
    reggae show is on.

    Listen Now.

  19. voopa Says:

    The drop into WTU is sublime…I’d like to think that whoever thought of that segue had Trey shredding DWD beforehand in mind, because he absolutely did. Nice place for a breather, regardless.

  20. phlyPhisher Says:

    light, tweezer, simple, ghost from previous shows seem strongest to me. the hoods are up there to. maybe my preference is just for more ambient passages. this disease is on the heavy side for me all the way through. overall very happy with the music they are making.

    anyone hear of giant panda guerilla dub squad? saw them in albany last weekend and i was quite surprised.

  21. Robear Says:

    miner, we’re almost ready for a jam-compilation from 3.0

  22. Robear Says:

    the ferrets are killing me time and time again, C. not sure how long i can take the humor.

  23. BigDeezy Says:

    Can you say the hardest rocking band in show business? I felt like my head was about to explode during BBFCFM. Phish has thrown down the gauntlet and I am simply amazed. These last two Alpine shows rocked so hard. Still somewhat speechless.

  24. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Do they have a ferret with a flat-brim? or a white hat? 🙂

  25. Robear Says:

    welcome BigDeezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that avatar picture must be pre-Alpine-Face-meltage

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