Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener


8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

"Fee" - 8.12.10 (M. Stein)

After a sloppy opening frame, Phish came back with one of their more creatively constructed sets of tour. “Drowned” brought the band into a new-school rhythmic-ambient jam, while they connected  “Jibboo > Gin” with a seamless segue. Trey left the whale behind on this second set “Bathtub Gin” using his Ocedoc to carve melodies into the summer night. After a quality mid-set interlude, Phish capped the evening by deconstructing “Split” into “Dog-Faced Boy,” and an impressive “Hood” which passes through an unorthodox segment of darkness on  the way to the top. All-in-all, this show is flying under the radar due to larger explosions at The Greek and Alpine Valley.

I: Runaway Jim, Punch You In the Eye, Roggae, Cars Trucks Buses, Sample in a Jar, NICU, Horn, Sugar Shack, Wolfman’s Brother, Time Turns Elastic

II: Drowned > Gotta Jibboo > Bathtub Gin, My Friend, My Friend, Buffalo Bill, Twist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning , Split Open and Melt > Dog Faced Boy, Harry Hood > Golgi Apparatus

E: Fee* > NO2* > Kung* > Fire

*w/ Megaphone

Source: MBHO KA200N/MB603>Edirol R44 @24/44.1


Jam of the Weekend:

Jibboo > Bathtub Gin”  8.12 II

A playful excerpt from Deer Creek’s opener.




“Fee > NO2 > Kung” – 8.12.10 E

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730 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener”

  1. Frycanthropist Says:

    love me some benevento.

  2. ThePigSong Says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend spinning a bunch of UM – I don’t

    The only ‘jamband’ that I listen to regularly is Phish

    As for the rest, I go for the dancing and the energy.

  3. Frycanthropist Says:

    jammin some New Mastersounds right now.

    This shit is the FUNK!!!

    bout to create a mediafire account.

  4. Skyballs Saxscraper Says:

    I really want to see the Creek again soon. Come back to Rochester, guys!

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    Beginning to think Greek 3 is the best 2 sets of summer. 1st set has smoking jibboo, Reba, 46>tube….and set ii is plain money

  6. phoammhead Says:

    Greek 2 is not too shabby either . . .

  7. Mr.Miner Says:

    @phoam…unsure of exact number…

  8. Robear Says:

    miner, i concur. 100%

    really good ‘bag’, real good ‘FOAM’ and the ‘sleep>army of one’ is a $$$ breather.

    listen to the crunchy tone on ‘zero’ even. from the depths.

  9. phoammhead Says:

    Greek 2
    1st set has Guyute, Cities and smokin’ Gin
    2nd set is money

  10. Mr.Miner Says:

    You gotta be way intimate with the music, but the biscuits are phenomenal at what they do. I’ve been seeing em since 96 tho, and to jump in to the mix would be colossally disorienting…but they are sick and are def not all fast 4/4 jamming at all…

  11. phoammhead Says:


    me, too – lost tract over the years – saw the boyz in early 90s through mid 90s, then not so much until 3.0 – my number is somewhere around 50

  12. Mr.Miner Says:

    Mine is somewhere around 325-350??? Really not sure…

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    Plenty o people have seen as much, or more than I

  14. Themanatee Says:

    Miner is at 338 according to zzxyz’s new app – miner’s stats – at the app store for only 1.99

  15. jdub Says:

    Funny you guys are talking Biscuits. I spent a little time this weekend listening to their camp bisco from this summer and I was pleasantly surprised. I saw them a bunch from ’00-’04 but really haven’t listened since then. They sound great right now.

    I saw them play an inverted set once, really strange and really creative.

  16. phoammhead Says:

    very cool @miner and your numbers bear out your enthusiasm and passion for Phish – love it! 🙂

  17. Frycanthropist Says:

    Yes indeed you guys need to check out this album I am currently dropping into the media dump.

    Don’t know if this band has already been mentioned on this board, but I am pimping em now:

    New Mastersounds – Plug & Play

    Some serious organ grinder funk topped with a serious soul sister throwin down on some R&B style vocals.

    Very funky shit.


  18. Themanatee Says:

    Biscuits rule. They are always trying to ouh te envelope mug moreso than so many bands . Gotta admire that.

  19. Themanatee Says:

    Of course push the envelope is what I meant. You could always seek out their “palindrome” sets which I have always thought was a super cool idea . Old school hardcore version happened on 5-11-99 , def on archive I would imagine

  20. Frycanthropist Says:

    just added Radiohead’s “Amnesiac” to the dump as well.

    Amnesiac is Kid A’s sister album.

    Very cool album.
    Very psychedelic.

  21. gavinsdad Says:

    knives out

  22. jdub Says:

    Themanatee – it was a Palindrome set I saw, not an inverted although that would be crazy. 9/8/01 at The Webster in Hartford. I wasn’t totally aware of what was happening but the music and energy that night was off the hook and got me into the Biscuits.

  23. Mitch Says:

    Been pimping the new mastersounds myself since sometime last year. Gdads and my friend saw them randomly in the city and had nothing but rave reviews. Next time they come through, I’m there.

  24. El Duderino Says:

    ‘Beginning to think Greek 3 is the best 2 sets of summer. 1st set has smoking jibboo, Reba, 46>tube….and set ii is plain money”

    @ Miner

    How can you say this after saying AV 1 was the best show of 3.0????

  25. Frycanthropist Says:

    yeh Mitch.

    I am really diggin them.

    Good stuff.

    Would love to see them live.

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