Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener


8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

"Fee" - 8.12.10 (M. Stein)

After a sloppy opening frame, Phish came back with one of their more creatively constructed sets of tour. “Drowned” brought the band into a new-school rhythmic-ambient jam, while they connectedย  “Jibboo > Gin” with a seamless segue. Trey left the whale behind on this second set “Bathtub Gin” using his Ocedoc to carve melodies into the summer night. After a quality mid-set interlude, Phish capped the evening by deconstructing “Split” into “Dog-Faced Boy,” and an impressive “Hood” which passes through an unorthodox segment of darkness onย  the way to the top. All-in-all, this show is flying under the radar due to larger explosions at The Greek and Alpine Valley.

I: Runaway Jim, Punch You In the Eye, Roggae, Cars Trucks Buses, Sample in a Jar, NICU, Horn, Sugar Shack, Wolfman’s Brother, Time Turns Elastic

II: Drowned > Gotta Jibboo > Bathtub Gin, My Friend, My Friend, Buffalo Bill, Twist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning , Split Open and Melt > Dog Faced Boy, Harry Hood > Golgi Apparatus

E: Fee* > NO2* > Kung* > Fire

*w/ Megaphone

Source: MBHO KA200N/MB603>Edirol R44 @24/44.1


Jam of the Weekend:

Jibboo > Bathtub Gin”ย  8.12 II

A playful excerpt from Deer Creek’s opener.




“Fee > NO2 > Kung” – 8.12.10 E

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730 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener”

  1. Robear Says:

    word AW. I can’t get enough of Greek 3. Need to give AV 1 another spin. Only so many hours in a day, and the ‘No whitey’ mix still fills a good size gap! Not to mention all the OPR and stuff.

    suite @ borgata ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. KWL Says:

    thanks gd, sounds good to me 8)

  3. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    @palmer. The livephish app is pretty cool. For $4 you get a free mp3 download with it. First, you need good 3G coverage to stream. Also, there are breaks between songs to re-buffer. I haven’t had the best streaming success, sometimes even with good coverage, but this appears to be getting better.

    For $4 though, it’s a no-brainer. Immediate access to all shows you’ve ever bought, plus one rotating “Featured Show,” and 4 rotating “from the archive” shows. i.e. right now 12/1/94, 3/1/03, 11/19/92, and 6/17/04 are all available. Also livephish radio, but since I mostly listen to at least whole sets, it’s not for me.

  4. Robear Says:

    AV1, 8/14. I need to re-download. My copy is missing the end!

  5. gavinsdad Says:

    putting in for other people just decreases the odds overall cause you’re increasing the # of people in the pool. what’s our general consensus on this? the more BB’ers to put in and score the more BB trades to execute?

    i don’t really care either way but would rather not clog up, say, the Utica pool of requesters with my gratuitous request (i’m not going…i’d simply be doing it for a bb’er).

    as far as public on sale goes…guess we’ll do the same as last year…try and pull tix for the shows with the least PTBM success rates and get them to BB’ers?

  6. Mitch Says:

    Robear, I meant for the folder you have. That’s how you archive to throw on mediafire

  7. jdub Says:

    Palmer, I bought the Live Phish app for $2 during leg 2. For me the selling point was the free stream of a show the next day.

  8. Mitch Says:

    Hold off on the phishapp. When it first dropped it came with a free show download. Then for the last week of tour it was only 2 bucks. I missed both times due to my own laziness and the fact I had them all. Now that they include downloads with your ticket it’s an obvious purchase.

    Im holding off for another promo and a new version. I heard it’s buggy.

  9. KWL Says:

    my feeling is the more BBers in the better

    its not an even playing field with scalpers out there

  10. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Thanks Mitch! Will hold off. Any other must have apps out there?

  11. jdub Says:

    Yeah, the streams are definitely fickle but for $2 or $4 and a free DL it seems to be plenty useful for me. Besides, you also get instant access to all those quality show reviews. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Mr.Miner Says:

    So bidding on eBay for a set of Greek pollocks…what do U guys think is a fair going price?

  13. Mr.Miner Says:

    Put in for tickets if u have friends in need. And I’ll take all extras ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Gavinsdad Says:

    Think that’s a question for @Mitch Miner…our resident poster market analyst

  15. Mitch Says:

    No free d/l right now. Hold off till tour. I’m sure we all have enough Phish to tide us over. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My fav must have is a paid iPad app called osmos. It’s perfect for stoners.

    You can youtube the game play. Money stuff.

    Oh yeah. World series of poker has a great app for .99

  16. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Only show i put in for that i have no intention of attending is Halloween. May need as trade bait. Is anyone putting in for anything other than “best seats available”?

  17. Mitch Says:

    Whats the current bid? Is there a limit?

  18. Mr.Miner Says:

    Current bid is $570…1 hour left…not sure reserve has Been met

  19. joe Says:

    could be making a big mistake, but I’m skipping mail order (I show my age by typing that, as well as saying that I listen to albums even if they are in mp3 form) after getting side stage tickets for 3 shows last fall. Except for AC run (all ga?, no bad seats to get stuck with)…Think I am doing Providence, UMASS!!!(turn back the fucking clock and get me a new liver stat, going to party down like I’m an 18 year old freshman in 1990 again! wonder if the blue martian acid tabs are still floating around campus from back then?) Manchester and AC.

  20. Mr.Miner Says:

    Reserve has not been met…$750?

  21. Mr.Miner Says:

    Bad idea to skip mo. U can’t get screwed…

  22. joe Says:

    random aside and I’m too lazy to look it all up. What’s the track/show listing of the new freebie download from phish’s site?

  23. Gavinsdad Says:

    I will put in for best seats available in following with my “just get in the building” mantra. What happens after that is gravy (unless youre at JB and not allowed to move a muscle)

  24. Mitch Says:

    thats a great price. plus you’re gonna save the shipping by getting from one person.

    you know who got to buy all these? the people who had migrant workers wait in line for them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ jk jk

    from what i’ve seen in the trading world, the greeks are pulling lots of cash or telly posters. avg around 250 a print.

    even tho telly wasnt stouts best IMO, that poster will always pull a lot. they had a limit of 1 per person so not many have extras and the people who went to those shows seemed to be on the wealthier side of the spectrum in regards to our fan base. people wont care to drop a few hundred to have a memento from that weekend.

    lots of people are bitching about the pollock poster sales since they happen outside the venue and people can wait in line, buy a poster and then trade for a ticket if they want. or sell it on ebay without even having a ticket to the show. but after the clusterfuck that was hampton reunion, its the safest thing to do. people are starting to say that a holepunch on the ticket would make that scenario a bit more fair. but thats a whole nother argument.

    570 is good, even 600 is good. make sure the shipping isnt outrageous. thats a new tactic ive seen on ebay sales. low starting point with crazy high shipping.

    sorry for the tangent posts.

  25. joe Says:

    is it all ga even for those bigger (relatively) arena shows?….oh and also doing Augusta if my brother in-law hooks up the tickets. They live up there and he owes me a favor ๐Ÿ™‚

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