Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener


8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

"Fee" - 8.12.10 (M. Stein)

After a sloppy opening frame, Phish came back with one of their more creatively constructed sets of tour. “Drowned” brought the band into a new-school rhythmic-ambient jam, while they connected  “Jibboo > Gin” with a seamless segue. Trey left the whale behind on this second set “Bathtub Gin” using his Ocedoc to carve melodies into the summer night. After a quality mid-set interlude, Phish capped the evening by deconstructing “Split” into “Dog-Faced Boy,” and an impressive “Hood” which passes through an unorthodox segment of darkness on  the way to the top. All-in-all, this show is flying under the radar due to larger explosions at The Greek and Alpine Valley.

I: Runaway Jim, Punch You In the Eye, Roggae, Cars Trucks Buses, Sample in a Jar, NICU, Horn, Sugar Shack, Wolfman’s Brother, Time Turns Elastic

II: Drowned > Gotta Jibboo > Bathtub Gin, My Friend, My Friend, Buffalo Bill, Twist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning , Split Open and Melt > Dog Faced Boy, Harry Hood > Golgi Apparatus

E: Fee* > NO2* > Kung* > Fire

*w/ Megaphone

Source: MBHO KA200N/MB603>Edirol R44 @24/44.1


Jam of the Weekend:

Jibboo > Bathtub Gin”  8.12 II

A playful excerpt from Deer Creek’s opener.




“Fee > NO2 > Kung” – 8.12.10 E

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730 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener”

  1. Mitch Says:

    750 is just asking the eb avg of all 3 nights. you may be able to secure them at cheaper prices.

    …or if you were willing to trade some in your stash i could prob get you all 3 for one of your oldies. wouldnt really suggest that unless you have some you dont care about and these 3 belong on your wall. which im guessing might be the case. hometown, ragers, greek, etc.

  2. Gavinsdad Says:

    @Joe – if you’re hitting a GA only show u can’t get beat by Mailorder

  3. joe Says:

    for the record, Augusta is like a glorified high school gym and is going to be sick for Phish. Saw Pearl Jam there in their fuck ticketmaster days and from what I remember it was very small. Full moon eclipse that night I believe. (that could be completely made up)

  4. joe Says:

    yeah, I’m an idiot Gdad. dawned on me as I was typing my anti mail order rant. but didn’t stop me from posting about it.

  5. Mitch Says:

    this whole poster scene has been a struggle for me lately. its too much hassle to actually go in and get a poster for some of these shows. you end up wasting your afternoon and time with friends only to find out its a shitty methane print?? i’m currently debating if i can keep up this stuff.

    then again, i spent an hour refreshing today to try and get the chuck sperry bob dylan poster. i dont generally buy posters to shows i wasnt at but this one jumped out and grabbed me. never did secure one tho. had it in my cart only to be told it was sold out after refreshing his site for an hour.

    take a look at this bad boy: http://chucksperry.net/2010/08/bob-dylan-and-his-band-at-the-warfield-august-25-2010/

  6. Oldskool Says:

    @Miner, it just depends how bad you want them. $750 is ok but you could probably do a bit better with hunting around but that may require more time than you feel like putting towards it. Pollock pricing has been on a real roller coaster over the last year or so. Pricing was down on quite a few pieces before the boys announced they would be coming back, and now prices seem to be creeping back up again but still not quite where they used to be.

  7. Mitch Says:

    p.s. i have both night spac pollocks for sale if anyone is interested. just throwing that out there.

  8. Mr.Palmer Says:

    @ Oldskool- where you from? What’s on your docket for Fall?

  9. Mitch Says:

    also have some other phish and non phish prints that i dont NEED to have right now if anyone wants to email me about them. gorgemango at facemelt dot net

  10. Mitch Says:

    i still think first night greek is the best poster. hate it when my fav show and fav poster dont match up. its totally an old school print. i dont think its in jim’s current wheel house but he did it for the fans since they wont shut up about 2 color hand pressed. cool of him to do that and they turned out awesome!

  11. Gavinsdad Says:

    Who are the Rochester bb’ers? Bhizzle, Skyballs, and B-rock?

  12. Mr.Miner Says:

    dude’s reserve is over 750…i think i can get each for 250 elsewhere..yeah?

  13. Oldskool Says:

    @Miner, yes. Over $750 is too high. They are in demand right now but it will die down a little. You can put the set together for less

  14. Mr.Palmer Says:


    Jones Beach Light in HD. Real nice quality…..check it

  15. Oldskool Says:

    @Palmer, I am up in Boston. Still trying to fiigure out my fall schedule. You?

  16. Mr.Palmer Says:

    I’m in N. Jersey. Planning on getting to Amherst and then AC.

  17. voidboy Says:


    There’s a (3 day) set on ebay for 600 (19 hrs left) with a buy it now of 1M. An “advanced search” shows a “set” selling for 192 on aug 16… Personally, having been down this road before, I would hold out and wait for the excitement to wain. Look at the set of masks from f8… a set of four is now selling for 60 (almost cost) when “right after” the show they were fetching 240+… boy I was sorry I passed on those at the time… just for the reslae value. Be patient, that is my advise.

  18. Mitch Says:

    miner, i checked ebeans. each night has one for 225 each. didnt check to see if its the same guy but each one is available for 225 none the less.

  19. Jtran Says:


    Thanks for New Mastersounds. I’d heard of them before, I think from a non-Internet friend…right up my alley. Gonna put this on and mow the lawn before the sun goes down.

    Just a heads up, couldn’t get the last track to download, just loaded a Quicktime page for me. Could just be my PC though.

    Re: bisco earlier…played at UVM during my ?soph? year I think..didn’t go, kinda regret it now. Don’t know their music at all, but I’m sure it’s fun live.

    I don’t know if they’re in any way similar, but I didn’t even make it through a whole Lotus show when I saw them last weekend..it was a festival so I didn’t feel too bad about it. I also saw UM for the first and only time last winter and was getting pretty tired by the end. Could mean they just play long shows, I dunno..kinda bored through a lot of it.

  20. Mitch Says:

    you were able to buy a set of pollock masks at water wheel for 40 bucks all summer. they were individually 10 bucks. i sold a good amount of those.

    the only ones fetching 240 are the uncut sheets. least from what i’ve seen.

  21. voidboy Says:

    Speaking of Posters, I just purchased a “Love Battery” 1992 poster by Frank Kozik for under 50 (including shipping)… a guilty pleasure for an almost unknown band but I “gotta have it.” Been searching for this for several years and it (finally) came up again on Ebay. Great spoof of a Hot Rod Monster Art / Surf Rat (Wacky Packs) style artwork. Always thought it was cool. Fun stuff but an expensive hobbie, especially in the speculative market.

  22. voidboy Says:


    Yeah, you’re right… I’m probably blurring the distinction… can’t remember now.

  23. voidboy Says:


    Great pics of the Bob Dylan Poster in all it’s silkscreen glory. Nice stuff.


  24. Robear Says:

    so mitch, if I go to Utica, how do we get to Providence?

  25. Gavinsdad Says:

    @void: nice work on the love battery poster. Those Amphetamine Reptile bands had quite the following at the time and I’m sure youre aware of how big of an artist Kozik is these days…now, if you can find me a Cows poster of the same era….

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