Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener


8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

"Fee" - 8.12.10 (M. Stein)

After a sloppy opening frame, Phish came back with one of their more creatively constructed sets of tour. “Drowned” brought the band into a new-school rhythmic-ambient jam, while they connected  “Jibboo > Gin” with a seamless segue. Trey left the whale behind on this second set “Bathtub Gin” using his Ocedoc to carve melodies into the summer night. After a quality mid-set interlude, Phish capped the evening by deconstructing “Split” into “Dog-Faced Boy,” and an impressive “Hood” which passes through an unorthodox segment of darkness on  the way to the top. All-in-all, this show is flying under the radar due to larger explosions at The Greek and Alpine Valley.

I: Runaway Jim, Punch You In the Eye, Roggae, Cars Trucks Buses, Sample in a Jar, NICU, Horn, Sugar Shack, Wolfman’s Brother, Time Turns Elastic

II: Drowned > Gotta Jibboo > Bathtub Gin, My Friend, My Friend, Buffalo Bill, Twist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning , Split Open and Melt > Dog Faced Boy, Harry Hood > Golgi Apparatus

E: Fee* > NO2* > Kung* > Fire

*w/ Megaphone

Source: MBHO KA200N/MB603>Edirol R44 @24/44.1


Jam of the Weekend:

Jibboo > Bathtub Gin”  8.12 II

A playful excerpt from Deer Creek’s opener.




“Fee > NO2 > Kung” – 8.12.10 E

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730 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener”

  1. Frycanthropist Says:

    everybody asleep?

  2. Jtran Says:

    I’m semi-awak Fryguy.

    Thanks for the music today, liked it.

    Watching Dexter right now, recently started season 3.

  3. Frycanthropist Says:


    very much excited to start Season 4 of Dexter shortly..

    working on a Lucy Mix of Radiohead.

  4. halcyon Says:

    what up frycan

    listening to andrew bird and uploading some photos to picasa web albums.

    Grab that radiohead link if you haven’t already.

  5. Frycanthropist Says:

    was there another radiohead link posted besides mine today?

  6. Mitch Says:

    never got the blossom. can send you an email of what i have if you’re interested.

    dexter keeps getting better. keep it up!

  7. halcyon Says:

    Yeah I reposted it a few pages back, it is a concert video from Praha (Prague) that fans did, and the band allowed them to use the SBD’s from the show. There are several camera angles used. The show was from 8/23/09. Not too much camera shake, those that filmed looked to be relatively close to the stage. There are several formats to download. The DVD ones are large files and are on zomb torrents and pirate bay. In addition there are megaupload sites to download the show from.

  8. Jtran Says:

    Yea, early in the day (page 16ish?) there was a link to a fan shot video release. Pretty cool.


    Will do. Seasons 1 and 2 completed in about 2 weeks

  9. Frycanthropist Says:

    ok folks.

    I have just hand picked a play list of what serves as a slice of my favorite Radiohead and designed to be a play list best served with Lucy.

    These are some of their most psychedelic songs put together in what I hope is a cohesive journey of dark soundscapes Radiohead style.


    “Slowly to the Pyramid”
    Radiohead for the Third Eye

    1. Everything in its Right Place (Live)
    2. Dollars & Cents
    3. Meeting in the Aisle
    4. Talk Show Host
    5. Pyramid Song
    6. Sit Down. Stand Up.
    7. Where I End and You Begin
    8. Treefingers
    9. These Are My Twisted Words
    10. Climbing Up the Walls
    11. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    12. Go Slowly
    13. The Gloaming
    14. Idioteque
    15. The National Anthem
    16. How to Disappear Completely (Live)

    Hope you enjoy! This is a very spacey list, so don’t operate heavy machinery while listening.


  10. Frycanthropist Says:

    uploading a .zip of the whole list now.

  11. Frycanthropist Says:

    i feel so alone. llfa

  12. halcyon Says:


    Here is that link if you didn’t scroll back. http://radiohead-prague.nataly.fr/Main.html

    Listened to Itch, Amnesiac, In Rainbows, and watched that concert today. About to spin some Aphex Twin….

  13. Frycanthropist Says:

    hell yeah haly

    I have peeped some of those vids before, but haven’t seen the whole thing.

    Thanks for the link!

  14. Frycanthropist Says:

    btw that playlist fits on a CD.

    for all those old farts that still have CD players 🙂

    sorry having fun with mediafire. 🙂

  15. ChefBradford Says:

    Love “Everything In Its…”

    also, 4 or 5 episodes into Dexter: Season 4

  16. AintNoTele Says:

    Chef: Season 4 is the latest season leading up to the one about to start right? If so, shits about to go down for you!

  17. Frycanthropist Says:

    man I just absolutely love me some Radiohead.

    Odd, but I am just as into them as I am into Phish.

    They are the two pillars of my musical endeavors for sure.

    With Medeski of course trumping all.

  18. jdub Says:

    Radiohead is gaining momentum on the BB.

    I played that video Halcy posted this evening. I really enjoyed it. I was a big Radiohead fan when OK Computer came out and then moved on, so it was great to get to know them again.

    And thanks for sharing your compilation @Whycanthropist.

    The more I think about it the more it seems obvious that a Radiohead costume makes so much sense. But who knows….

  19. Frycanthropist Says:


    we gonna get you at the Bay St Louis Show on 9-11?

    would love to see you there. a real hip venue too.

  20. Jtran Says:

    Thanks Fry, just picked up the tracks I didn’t have on your list.

  21. Frycanthropist Says:

    been pimpin some Radiohead since I been postin here.

    Glad to see that they are getting recognition now.

    Modern day Pink Floyd man.

    I got super flamed when I first made that comparison on the board. But, hey I stand by it.

  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    looking for night 2 Greek Pollack if you guys have any / know of one…

  23. Frycanthropist Says:


    try listening to it in that order for me..
    i think that it flows pretty well for a major zone out.

  24. Jtran Says:

    More specifically,

    the live versions
    Meeting in the Aisle
    Talk Show Host
    These Are My Twisted Words
    Go Slowly

  25. halcyon Says:

    Commodore 64 is coming back with a facelift.


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