Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener


8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Torrent

8.12.2010 Deer Creek Music Center, Noblesville, IN < Megaupload

"Fee" - 8.12.10 (M. Stein)

After a sloppy opening frame, Phish came back with one of their more creatively constructed sets of tour. “Drowned” brought the band into a new-school rhythmic-ambient jam, while they connected  “Jibboo > Gin” with a seamless segue. Trey left the whale behind on this second set “Bathtub Gin” using his Ocedoc to carve melodies into the summer night. After a quality mid-set interlude, Phish capped the evening by deconstructing “Split” into “Dog-Faced Boy,” and an impressive “Hood” which passes through an unorthodox segment of darkness on  the way to the top. All-in-all, this show is flying under the radar due to larger explosions at The Greek and Alpine Valley.

I: Runaway Jim, Punch You In the Eye, Roggae, Cars Trucks Buses, Sample in a Jar, NICU, Horn, Sugar Shack, Wolfman’s Brother, Time Turns Elastic

II: Drowned > Gotta Jibboo > Bathtub Gin, My Friend, My Friend, Buffalo Bill, Twist, The Horse > Silent in the Morning , Split Open and Melt > Dog Faced Boy, Harry Hood > Golgi Apparatus

E: Fee* > NO2* > Kung* > Fire

*w/ Megaphone

Source: MBHO KA200N/MB603>Edirol R44 @24/44.1


Jam of the Weekend:

Jibboo > Bathtub Gin”  8.12 II

A playful excerpt from Deer Creek’s opener.




“Fee > NO2 > Kung” – 8.12.10 E

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730 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: The Creek Opener”

  1. Frycanthropist Says:

    you will be glad to have gotten those my friend

  2. voidboy Says:


    thanks for the Radiohead.. Will check it out.

  3. voidboy Says:

    “try listening to it in that order for me..”

    Plan to.

  4. Jtran Says:

    Will do. On this Dexter kick still, gonna watch 1 more episode then throw your playlist on to listen/sleep.

    I’ll check back in though, for sure. This seems like the kind of things where it may almost be better if I didn’t know most of the songs…

    And for the record, Everything In It’s Right Place played as my friend and I watched his woodgrain desk wave my first time.

  5. Frycanthropist Says:

    one of Radiohead’s best concerts ever..

    talk about visual overload:

    Radiohead – Glastonbury 2003

  6. Jtran Says:

    Bookmarked for a watch, probably tomorrow night.

  7. Frycanthropist Says:

    wish i was watching dexter season 4 right now.
    dont have the dvds yet

  8. ChefBradford Says:

    Frycan, I’m hoping to make it down there. My boss #1 is going to Honduras that week, so I’m not sure yet. Need to see my sister too, though (Long Beach)

    Aintnotele, just about anything with John Lithgow is good with me, and he hasn’t disappointed so far this season. Already caught a couple of surprising things in these early episodes

  9. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    Ly/Fry/Why – are you going to leave those mf links up for a while?

  10. Frycanthropist Says:

    yeh a couple weeks i suppose..

  11. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    Cool. Just asking because I’m trying to avoid downloading stuff until I get another external hard drive. I have 23GB of free space left, and have been in the red “danger zone” a couple times.

  12. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    And in my expert opinion, red = danger

  13. Frycanthropist Says:

    no doubt Ramblin

    well it will be up for some time.

  14. sumodie Says:

    @robear: utica?

    get yer ass to utica and I can likely get you to Prov>UMass

    (I’m hoping to bring my folks to the augusta show so that wouldn’t be a good fit)

  15. sumodie Says:

    @miner: so that’s what an inverted jam is….thanks for the info

    tDB are playing an outdoor show in Holyoke, MA in early Sept. Maybe I’ll finally give them a second chance….

  16. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    Am I only the only one who gets a message saying: “This site may harm your computer” when I try to go to the Disco Biscuits’ official site?

    I’ve never seen them, so fall might be a good time. Was trying to figure out why they were playing in Holyoke…

  17. gavinsdad Says:

    radiohead at liberty state park 2001 was pretty life changing. super intimate…some of the best live sound i’ve ever heard. tom was fully there. i haven’t engaged in any of the radiohead chat but i truly enjoy them.

  18. sumodie Says:

    The Northampton MA promoters who run the Iron Horse/Pearl St/Calvin Theater arranged a series of outdoor shows this summer at Mountain Park in Holyoke, just a few miles south of Noho off of Rt 5

    I’ve not been but some green boarders said it was a pretty good set-up

    Last show is the Disco Biscuits on Sept 10

    Vampire Weekend and My Morning Jacket just played separate shows there in the last week or so

  19. sumodie Says:

    @ramblin: Mtn Park / tDB show info:


  20. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    nice, thanks @sumodie

  21. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    “Absolutely no high backed chairs or chaise lounges, backpacks, pets, coolers, food or beverage, or glass of any kind.”

    Holyoke is a fascist state, man! And what about the poor tour dogs? Do The Biscuits have tour dogs?

  22. themanatee Says:

    if you like live electro the biscuits are the american originators.

  23. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    Some potentially good shows at those venues

    Iron Horse
    – 9/17 Duke Robillard ($15)
    – 9/23 The Bridge ($10)

    Calvin Theater
    – 11/17 Medeski Martin & Wood ($25)
    (Dark Star Orchestra is playing there and charging more than MMW?…)

    Pearl Street
    – 11/6 Rubblebucket ($10)

    Mountain Park
    – 9/10 Disco Biscuits ($27.50)

  24. RamblinOnMyMind Says:

    @manatee – i’ve never experienced live electro, but I guess it makes sense to go to the source

  25. themanatee Says:

    yeah definitely.
    they are the real deal.
    dont expect good vocals. dont worry about vocals.
    dont worry about the crowd.
    dont have expectations.
    get ready to dance

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