Weekend Nuggets: August Video Bites

“Cities” 8.6 I – The Greek

“Disease Jam > What’s the Use?” 8.14 II – Alpine Valley


“Tweezer” 8.18 II – Jones Beach

“Mike’s Jam > Simple” 8.6 II – The Greek


Jam of the Weekend:

Ghost > Theme” 8.15.10 II

A high-flying guitar showcase to open Alpine’s final set.



Good luck to all with the Fall Tour ticket lottery. As of last night, credit cards were already being charged!

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782 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: August Video Bites”

  1. Frycanthropist Says:

    @Mr. P

    very encouraging.. I feel like I have overlooked a good part of electronica due to the over saturation in the early/mid 90s of utter garbage.

  2. SillyWilly Says:

    Im using Vuze to pull the stuff Miner put up.

    Is there a way to force Vuze to download at a faster speed?

    or is it all dependent on the seeds?

  3. Mr.Miner Says:


    All the shpongle albums you will love

    Mystery of the Yeti Part II

    Younger Brother – The Last Days of Gravity (Their second album -not in torrent- you’ll love) Bottom line….download and delete if you dont like it

  4. Mr.Miner Says:

    torrent is like 17 Gigs or so…all .wav

  5. Mr.Miner Says:

    dependent on the seeds?

    ^ this. prolly all coming from my machine right now

  6. Mr.Miner Says:

    sorry – torrent is 14.7 Gigs

  7. Mr.Miner Says:

    @Robear… you can listen anyway 😉

  8. SillyWilly Says:

    Cool, thanks, Miner.

    Ill seed it, too, once I get it all down.

    might be awhile though.

  9. Mr. Completely Says:

    as more people complete more of the torrent, Silly, your speeds will increase

    also, Vuze blows goats. total bloatware hog

    you want utorrent for PC or transmission for mac

  10. Mr. Completely Says:

    srsly Vuze sucks ass

  11. SillyWilly Says:


    you and you goddamned stoner-ass hippies

    can’t listen to your music without being all high on drugs

  12. SillyWilly Says:

    Transmission is best for Mac?

    I never really shopped around.

    thanks, Mr. C.

  13. Robear Says:

    that torrent would put me on download restrictions for a month. will grab a sample, thanks.

  14. Mr.Miner Says:

    yeah…you can just grab single a;bums if you’d like….grab Are You Shpongled? if you’ve never heard it

  15. Mr. Completely Says:

    @plord hooked me up with Are You Shpongled and I can certainly see why it’s the cornerstone of a whole style

    @silly, Vuze is just very inefficient, it was cool when it first came out and then bloated like crazy

    Transmission is very light, but has all the features you actually need…kind of simple and bulletproof

  16. SillyWilly Says:

    The first thing I noticed, Mr. C, is right off the bat transmission let me select which files I wanted and which ones I didn’t.

    I didn’t understand 90% of the stuff on the Vuze menu anyway, so lighter for me is better.

  17. Robear Says:

    howdy C.

    any contact from the notorious non-contacters?

    Miner, I happen to know two Big Dog Vito’s. One that walks on two legs, and lives in the northeast. One walks on four legs and lives out by me. Both fun to tour with.

    Mac users, pick ‘Transmission’. So easy, I can use it.

  18. Frycanthropist Says:


    sorry i missed ya on fb..

  19. halcyon Says:

    Happy Birthday GDad! May today shine!

    Repost….For those that grabbed the Radiohead shows, make sure you grab part 2 to have the entire show.

    Click my name for some music.

    Happy End – 1970’s Japanese Rock – Considered to be one of Japan’s more influential bands. Avant Garde 1970’s stylings

    Manu Chao – Global Artist with influences far and wide Spain, France, Latin America fusing punk, rock, reggae, hip hop, with sociocultural, and sociopolitical lyrics

    Yosuke Yamamashita – Free Improvisational Jazz artist from Tokyo. One of my friends family relatives, we saw him play at a secluded Shinto shrine. He has recorded over 40 albums, and written several literary works.

    Esperanza Spalding – Jazz Bassist and vocalist from Brazil. Sultry and Smoothe

    Ginger Baker’s Air Force – Rock Fusion group who recorded a few albums in the 1970’s

    Darondo – Let My People Go – A major favorite in funk collectors’ circles, sweet soul crooner Darondo was born William Pulliam in Berkeley, CA. After receiving his first guitar at the age of eight, he later teamed with a handful of school friends to form the house band at the Lucky 13, an area teen club. According to Oliver Wang’s profile in the April/May 2006 issue of Wax Poetics, Pulliam later trained as an electrician but retained his musical aspirations, and in 1970 cut his first Darondo single, “How I Got Over,” for the fledging independent label Ocampo. Suggesting an earthier, street-smart Al Green, the record was hampered by distribution problems but nevertheless became a fixture on local radio station KSOL, earning Darondo the attention of Ray Dobard’s Music City imprint. Despite recording an entire LP’s worth of material, the label issued just one lone single, the lush “Didn’t I.” Darondo also opened for James Brown and enjoyed an extended residency at the famed San Francisco club Bimbo’s, but following a third single, the obscure Af-Fa World release “Legs,” his music career ground to a halt. He spent the remainder of the decade as a pimp before abandoning the life in 1981 to host a series of local cable television showcases including Darondo’s Penthouse After Dark, Doze Comedy Videos, and the children’s program Tapper the Rabbit. After spending the late ’80s on the Fiji Islands, Darondo returned to Berkeley and studied physical therapy. When the acclaimed 2005 compilation Gilles Peterson Digs America vaulted “Didn’t I” to the attention of soul aficionados across the globe, the race to discover the singer’s current whereabouts was on, and in 2006 the Luv ‘N Haight label released Let My People Go, collecting Darondo’s three classic singles as well as several unreleased cuts from the same sessions.

    Afrokinetic – Live at Carmina Soul 85 minute live Dj set with live instruments – Funky House, Soul, Afrobeat. Guaranteed to get the body moving

    John Martyn – Solid Air – Solid Air (whose title track was written for John Martyn’s friend, songwriter Nick Drake) is one of the defining moments in British folk, in the same league as Fairport Convention’s Liege & Lief, Richard & Linda Thompson’s Shoot Out the Lights, and Michael Chapman’s Rainmaker. Martyn stepped out of his comfort zone to record and produce it, including not only jazz and blues but rock and plenty of sound effects, and featuring Rhodes piano on some of its tracks, dismaying some fans while winning a ton more for its genre-blurring presentation. A number of its cuts — such as the title track, “Over the Hill,” “I’d Rather Be the Devil,” and “May You Never” — remained staples in his live sets until the end of his life.

  20. Kevin Says:

    Listening to the Hampton 97 Halleys…man what I wouldn’t give for that song to get it’s proper treatment in the fall.

  21. Robear Says:

    we all have some ‘Halleys’ blue balls @ Kevin. We were talking about the monster version from the CCCC on 12/7/99 all week.

  22. Kevin Says:

    Haha, Halleys Blue Balls. I think I’ll give that name to my next batch of beer.

  23. gavinsdad Says:

    indoor phish. nasty.

    i didn’t wanna drink the koolaid on some of the pre-tour buzz around here but it’s becoming pretty clear to me…some of these buildings might lose a roof. i’m looking at you Utica and Manchester.

  24. Robear Says:

    happy day, g-daddy. got a nice gift for you in the cupboard. you’ll have to come pick it up. 😛

  25. Frycanthropist Says:


    yeh shits gonna be electric.. its a lot different being excited for tour when you are actually going!

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