What About Austin?

6.25.10 (G. Lucas)

With all of the recent hubbub duly centered on Phish’s retro-sized fall tour – their most anticipated of this era – everyone has forgotten about the band’s first appearance of the season at Austin, City Limits Music Festival. Headlining the opening night of the indie based event with a two-hour set, Phish will close out the evening at one of the nation’s premiere musical gatherings. But the question remains, “What will they do in Austin?”

ACL 2010

Taking part in their second mega-fest in as many years, will Phish actually play a significant set of music in Texas? Over their two shows at Bonnaroo in 2009, Phish threw down out two of their most creative jams of a rather tame June in “Kill Devil Falls” and “Light.” Otherwise, the band played it fairly straight up. But that was their first month back on the road and Austin presents a completely different situation than America’s McFestival.

6.18.10 (K.Lindner)

Because Austin will be the first set of tour, Phish will have something planned in advance. If they were to come out and play off the cuff and wound up with a typical first set of tour, their slot would be a disaster. One might imagine a set featuring “Stash,  “Number Line,” “Bowie,” “Hood” and  “YEM,” with a significant “Light” placed somewhere within. And depending on the course those pieces take, they could form a stellar or average set. Since Phish is only now beginning to jam consistently in their own shows, and have Broomfield looming, the possibility of an innocuous festi set hangs over the band’s Austin appearance.

The Strokes

Playing overlapping sets with The Strokes, the hipsters may evacuate the Phish stage in favor of New York’s neo-garage rockers. When the lights drop for Phish, the scene may not be so unfamiliar, as Phish fans are sure to flood the festival grounds on Friday night. Given a large stage and two hours, a lot can happen in Austin if Phish wants to go that route. But perhaps more of a payday than an intent to make any statement at all, the band may fill their time with palatable music and move onto their own 3-night bash to kick off fall for real. With  rumors of a club show silenced and squashed, Phish could be in Austin for less time than their fans en route to Colorado. But could that time be spent playing a ballistic set of music? That is the question at hand.


Jam of the Day

Kill Devil Falls” 6.12.09 II

This was the first jam of ’09 to really jump outside the box, and it happened at Bonnaroo.




4.8.1994 Recreation Hall. Penn State, University Park, PA < Torrent

4.8.1994 Recreation Hall. Penn State, University Park, PA < Mega

Only the fourth show of 1994, this month saw Phish gearing up for a long road ahead.

I: Maze, Glide > Foam, I Didn’t Know^, Punch You In the Eye, The Horse*> Silent in the Morning, Down with Disease, If I Could, Lawn Boy, Llama

II. Split Open and Melt, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters, It’s Ice > Digital Delay Loop Jam**It’s Ice, Sparkle, Harry Hood, Bouncing Around the Room, Big Ball Jam, David Bowie, Suzy Greenberg

E: Contact, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

^ w/ Mimi Fishman on cymbals, *w/ Trey on acoustic, ** first digital delay loop jam

Source: Neumann RSM 190i> neumann m/s preamp> Teac DA-p20> Oade Active > Sony D-7 @ 48k

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594 Responses to “What About Austin?”

  1. BrandonKayda Says:

    In the midst of downloading:

  2. b-rock Says:

    @bk, if you’re into fall ’00, don’t skip 9/17… KP has a money aud remaster on his site.

  3. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    What’s up BB? Just catching up on the west coast here. A couple things:
    I’ve been looking for a place to bring this up, but I has anyone compared/contrasted Greek Tweezer with 5/22/77 (DP3) slipknot!? Discuss.

    Second, is garretc hitting furthur in Redmond? Hit me up. We’re trying to get a little meetup, wolfman’s, etc.

    ratdecave04 at yahoo

  4. BrandonKayda Says:

    I already have 09.17.00 – gonna spin that Mango->Free on Friday for the 10th Anniversary

  5. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    Oh and I second GP420 re dicks picks 12. I think it’s my favorite one.

  6. yematt Says:

    Evening BB. Decided to go ahead and book my flight for broomfeild just moments ago. Now just have to rely on the ticket gods to lead me to sunday and monday tickets.

    ::fingers crossed::

  7. b-rock Says:

    Nice BK. Great idea, but no thanks for reminding me it’s been 10 years. Shit I feel old.

  8. yematt Says:

    I’ve got a “list” i’ve been working on this past week or so. Been interweaving jams using audacity. I’m not really a playlist type of person but just taking the jams and connecting them to other jams has been a lot of fun. So far the mix consists of:

    Bowie 11/26/94
    Tweezer 2/28/03
    Antelope 12/31/98
    Tweezer 8/1/98
    Simple 8/6/10
    Reba 10/31/94
    Limb by Limb 7/15/98
    Roses 4/3/98
    Rock and Roll 6/19/10
    After Midnight 12/31/99
    2001 8/7/10
    Bathtub 12/29/95

    kind of stuck where to go next. any suggestions where to go after this bathtub?

  9. yematt Says:

    trying to avoid repeats. but the 2 tweezers worked really well.

    yeah, i’ve got a phish problem.

  10. BrandonKayda Says:

    6.16.00 Runaway Jim
    6.10.00 Piper
    8.10.10 Carini

  11. yematt Says:

    thanks bk. a piper would match the energy and probably fit pretty well. i think it might be in the same key? or close enough. i think piper is in C and bathtub in G?

  12. b-rock Says:

    Have a good evening all… happy spinning.

  13. Mr. Completely Says:

    random catch-up on Dead threads:

    “any one have ideas on their favorite “Weather Report Suite”?
    really i am looking for the most gorgeous vocal section out there,”

    6-18-74 Louisville for the vocal and slide guitar part. If you don’t get the official release make sure you spin the speed corrected version, the SBD was slow for many years.


    “I have been digging on the Jai Alai shows from 6-22 and 6-23-74 Really great, great sounding stuff.”

    I absolutely love those. They are not great introductory shows however IMO, except the redonkulous Dark Star jam sequence and some other bits. There’s a lot of very loose, spaced out Dead in there.

    The matrixes made with Jerry Moore’s legendary FOBs are the absolute sickness. Those mixes are the closest we will ever come to hearing what the Wall of Sound was like.

    “speaking of Austin and the Dead 7-31-1982 S-F is $ IMO”


  14. Mr. Completely Says:

    “I know deadbase is good, but there’s not really song histories and recommended versions, right?”

    first of all I use http://deadlists.com/deadlists/yearresults.asp?KEY=1977 for general reference. Since the listings link directly to the Archive, and the Archive search/browser features suck, I use these pages and jump from there.

    in Firefox, create a bookmark like this:
    do “organize bookmarks” and in the info, fill in the “keyword” field with “dead”

    then if you type “dead 1977” in your browser you’ll jump right to the 1977 page

    you can do the same thing with phish.net

  15. Mr. Completely Says:

    e.g. bookmark http://phish.net/setlists/%s
    keyword = setlist

    type “setlist 2010”

  16. Mr. Completely Says:

    the exhaustive Dead resource is the 3 volume “Compendium”

    it’s overkill and full of nonsense IMO

    not a fan

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    2/26/77 – debuts of Terrapin and Estimated, Playin > Wheel > Playin to close set 1, a good Help > Slip > Frank, a cool Phil solo transition from Eyes to Dancin…

    and my pick for best Dancin ever. It has Jerry’s first truly brilliant envelope filter solo, a gem of tone and phrasing, and they skip the repetitive bridge part of the song for a magnificent move right back into the chorus

  18. plord Says:

    Catching up BB what’s up.

    Today I momentarily held within my ear the most perfectly crystalline glowing gem of utter failure I have ever heard. Work related. I threw up in my mouth a little then went and made it better. Because, you know. You gotta appreciate the dedication to suckage, then kill that shit before it breeds.

    Miner you find that first Ott disc? I definitely have all 3 pulled at home and can upload Friday if you didn’t get to it already (I’m on page 20).

    Put me down as a 9/2/78 Scarlet->Fire is #1 fan, a “you must stop what you are doing and listen to the 5/19/77 set II RIGHT NOW” fan (especially the only-once-ever jam where…oh just listen, you’ll know it when it happens, no spoilers), and a “the Warlocks shows are solid but there are better ’89s, except for the Death Don’t, which I will never tire of, as the full band dynamics and personalities are played out musically in perfectly jewel-encrusted multifaceted clarity through every nuance of the song.”

    Also, given that Dead shows in 77 typically split the midnight hour, 5/8, while a monster setlist and very well played, isn’t the best show of that month, week, or possibly DAY. ok drops bomb and runs back out the door.

  19. Lycanthropist Says:

    so matt…

    you gonna give us a link to your mash-up when you are finished?

  20. plord Says:

    @themanatee for Weather Report Suite, the DP1 version is very strong and as a bonus you get to listen to the best-ever-candidate Here Comes Sunshine and a severely trippy, triple-guitar-one-brained worm Playin’ jam along with some nice ripping blues.

    Also a favorite is the 10/25/73 Madison WI show. I haven’t looked recently, but set II used to circulate with a very clean SBD that was marred by a couple of “tape-got-mangled” distortions. Great WRS, Possibly my favorite China->Rider transition jam, *monstrous* Dark Star with MLBJ. Just a killer set. and to top it off, the OMSN has the most hysterical dropout I’ve heard on a Dead tape. They are playing a nice hot version. Sound cuts. Serious silence, like 6-7 seconds. Sound resumes and oh my god the band has gone into flailing screaming fleeing-lava overdrive and is annihilating the living shit out of the chorus section, Donna and Bobby clearly shredding their vocal cords and Jerry fanning like a wildman. CRAZY.

  21. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    @thanks for the Mike news, halcy. I much prefer the Paradise to a club, even if it once was the Roxy. although it would have been fun to see the worlds collide. always like that with shows in big cities.

    the last time mike played the Paradise was teh tour closer in 2008. really fun show and my wife and I saw Mike and his wife having dinner pre-show nearby. first time I had seen him since he had “gone gray” which was a little surprising at the time. first time I’d heard of/seen Rubblebucket taboot.

  22. dirtyd Says:

    First time posting. Love this board. Saw Cake tonight in Philly. Perfect between Phish concert I recommend if they are near your town soon.

  23. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    yematt – twist fukuoka or island tour

  24. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    twist and piper are both in G

  25. purplehumpbackwhale Says:

    just bought tickets to see Cake tomorrow in central park… pumped

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