A Curve To the Place Where I Stay

12.28.09 (Shawn Williams)

While Phish has dipped into their post-hiatus material this go-round, for some reason they haven’t gone for some of the era’s most significant pieces. While keeping ‘”Seven Below,” 46 Days” in rotation, the band has also touched on “Undermind” from time to time. In this era of their career Phish has, not surprisingly, favored their classic vehicles to pieces from their second era whose quality is constantly debated in the community. While they continue to inexplicably ignore two of their most profound jam vehicles in “Scents and Subtle Sounds” and “A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing,” there is another post-hiatus song, yet to make its debut this era, that would fit the band’s current style congruently – “Round Room.”

Round Room (2002)

“Really?” you might ask. Yes; really. In its four appearances in 2003, “Round Room” produced four pieces of layered, abstract, and melodic jamming – a style that came into play this past summer. The post-hiatus versions, all played before the their decline,  lent themselves to intricate, interwoven fairy tales. And with the whole band communicating in such fine style these days, and Fishman tearing apart rhythms behind ambient collaborations, “Round Room” could be a source of deeply engaging improvisation.

But alas, will Trey allow Mike’s song to thrive? It seemed like Red’s reputation for keeping his band mates’ songs at bay was loosening during Leg I when Phish debuted Page’s “Halfway to the Moon” and Gordon’s “Idea,” but both songs were never heard from again, and in retrospect, almost seemed like a formality.  If the band does decide to dig into their post hiatus vault, one would only hope Trey sees the shining pool of possibilities that lie in his bass player’s title track to Round Room.

6.17.10 (J.Reiss)

With the band pulling out songs from throughout their career, why not take a look at this one? With the potential to morph into sessions of selfless jamming, “Round Room” seems congruent with the band’s current direction and could develop into a psychedelic trampoline. Phish is doing just fine – don’t get me wrong – but if they are looking to expand their group of live offerings, consider this a suggestion. A piece that could shoot innocent concert-goers into outer space with little warning, the island-turned-galactic anthem would make a stellar addition to the current catalog.

Here are a couple versions from 2003. See what you think.

2.28.03 Nassau


2.16.03 Vegas



Jam of the Day:

Disease > Lizards” 12.12.95 II

Some ferocious December ’95 psychedelia from Providence Civic Center – another Fall 2010 venue.




12.4.1995 Mullins Center, Amherst, MA < Torrent

12.4.1995 Mullins Center, Amherst, MA < Megaupload

Mullins Center - UMASS

The first night of Phish’s two-night stand at Amherst ’95. After the following night, Phish hasn’t returned to the on-campus arena – until now! This fall Phish is heading back to the venue that has already hosted four mid-90s spectacles, and is primed to make Mullins Center a central stop in their 2010’s New England path.

I: Julius, Gumbo, The Divided Sky, Punch You In the Eye, Stash, My Mind’s Got a Mind of its Own, Axilla (Part II), The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Hello My Baby, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

II: Timber Ho!, Sparkle, Ya Mar, Run Like an Antelope, Billy Breathes, Cars Trucks Buses, You Enjoy Myself, Sample in a Jar, Frankenstein

E: Bouncing Around the Room, Rocky Top

Source: AKG 460B/ck61 > custom pre-amp > Teac DA-P20 (@ 48kHz)

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705 Responses to “A Curve To the Place Where I Stay”

  1. El Duderino Says:

    @ Leo


  2. Robear Says:

    hey, thanks to all. the 7/2/98 torrent finished while i was subbing. looks like I uploaded to some folks as well.

    nice work, team.

    Yurok Tribe doing their ‘Jump Dance’ this week. Lots of folks down river. It’s like going through a time warp. Crazy.

  3. El Duderino Says:

    plord is in the DEEP End of the POOL

  4. Selector J Says:


    The place I sought was far beneath
    The surface of the sea
    My sight was poor
    But I was sure
    The sirens sang their songs for me
    They dance above me as I sink
    I see them through a crystal haze
    And hear the sweet sound bouncing round
    The never ending coral maze…

    This song took on a new meaning when I was at sea for a month off of Nicaragua collecting seismic data…

  5. verno329 Says:

    @KP As long as you’ve got them you’ll get to them eventually 8)

    Highly recommended for those who just want to hear some jams without any context for a change.

  6. Leo Weaver Says:

    I’m with C on that one @plord…tons of water references throughout the catalog, figured it has some meaning to Trey on some level. I’ve always thought the back half of BB (from Talk thru Fuckerpants) is heavily themed, more than some concept albums…the music and lyrics both evoke watery associations for me.

  7. Jtran Says:

    Evening BB

    Want to dl two shows tonight. One of them will be the OJ show, someone throw out something for the other.

  8. Robear Says:

    last time asking, I promise 😛

    When converting from FLAC, for general listening on my mac or ipods in lossless, is WAV or AIFF the preferred file type?

  9. Robear Says:

    well Jtran, if you didn’t already grab the 7/2/98 FOB……..

    12/7/99 but don’t know where to find in ‘Lossless’

  10. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Jtran- 4.16.99 or 7.29.97

  11. Selector J Says:

    wav is compatible with just about everything.
    aiff isn’t with some devices and programs.

    Doesn’t really matter if you’re planning on only using mac products. (I think.)

  12. Robear Says:

    Palmer, r u in the BBFFL? what team? I’m ‘Wild Chinook’

  13. El Duderino Says:



  14. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Just put up my review of 4/5/94 on phishlisteningroom.blogspot.com

    Sorry for the constant plugs, once the fall tour starts and I can get down to analyzing sources the content will get a bit more relevant to our current discussions.

  15. Jtran Says:

    Ohh. 7/2/98 FOB. Link Robear?


    I’m gonna grab 7/29/97 too, why not.

  16. Robear Says:

    thx. selector. if i might burn to cd and play in car stereo some day, would that matter? I’ll go with WAV though.

  17. El Duderino Says:

    here’s another that would be my second choice:


  18. Jtran Says:

    Robear, you’re recommending 12/7/99 because of the Jennifer Dances, right?

    Oh wait, that’d be Miner 😉

  19. Robear Says:


    7/2/98 torrent

    or this one


    Duder, you rock! Wonder if anyone’s seeding.

    hey GP420!!!!! keep missing you ducking in. will check your blog after getting some work done in the garden. peace out all!

  20. El Duderino Says:

    @ Robear

    Forgive me if I’m redundant…

    Are you a member of…
    Lossless Legs?
    The Trader’s Den?
    Dime A Dozen?

    These places will give you more options looking for what ails your lossless Phish collection…

  21. Robear Says:

    Jtan, I’m recommending you check the Waterwheel booth for ‘J Dances>Heavy Things’

    weird show, but the ‘Halleys’ = $$$$ and the ‘Gin’ = $$.5. Seriously worth it to hear the ‘Halleys’ at loud volume.

  22. guitarpicker420! Says:

    What’s up Robear? I just finished a marathon listening session and am thinking that after the talk about Prine earlier today, I might bust out some Prine boots I have. One from ’78 is pretty fine.

  23. InAMinute Says:

    I love it Fishman slinging his time to raise moneyfor charity, Gordon slinging him time to sell records. Greed…is good.

  24. El Duderino Says:

    “There’s a hole in Daddy’s arm where all the money goes” -J. Prine

  25. Robear Says:

    ^no on all the above duder. I did send a request to week4paug, but no response yet.

    my good friend does LL and TD, but he pretty much hates Phish. l get tons of Jerry, JGB and Dead from him though.

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