Weekend Nuggets: Florida ’96


11.3.1996 O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL < Torrent

11.3.1996 O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL < Megaupload

O'Connell Center - Gainesville, FL

In the days following their transformative Halloween in Atlanta, Phish headed back to Florida with Karl Perazzo along for his third and fourth consecutive shows. After their well-documented escapade at Coral Sky in West Palm Beach, the band played this show at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Perazzo played his final two sets before Phish traveled to the Midwest, off and running on their percussive pathway to 1997. Remain In Light took immediate effect as the band continued their collaborative grooving. Check out the late-set “Tweezer” for a show-stoppingΒ  highlight featuring thisΒ  emerging style of improv.


Jam of the Weekend:

Mike’s Song” 10.29.96 II

Phish blew up this second set “Mike’s Song” in Tallahassee, Florida, the show before Halloween. The band got some down-low practice during “Mike’s” second jam as they grooved significantly on Talking Head’s “Houses In Motion.” With Karl Perazzo on board, this piece really took off.




“Stash” 11.2.96 – More from Phish’s upcoming Coral Sky release

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