Weekend Nuggets: Florida ’96


11.3.1996 O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL < Torrent

11.3.1996 O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL < Megaupload

O'Connell Center - Gainesville, FL

In the days following their transformative Halloween in Atlanta, Phish headed back to Florida with Karl Perazzo along for his third and fourth consecutive shows. After their well-documented escapade at Coral Sky in West Palm Beach, the band played this show at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Perazzo played his final two sets before Phish traveled to the Midwest, off and running on their percussive pathway to 1997. Remain In Light took immediate effect as the band continued their collaborative grooving. Check out the late-set “Tweezer” for a show-stopping  highlight featuring this  emerging style of improv.


Jam of the Weekend:

Mike’s Song” 10.29.96 II

Phish blew up this second set “Mike’s Song” in Tallahassee, Florida, the show before Halloween. The band got some down-low practice during “Mike’s” second jam as they grooved significantly on Talking Head’s “Houses In Motion.” With Karl Perazzo on board, this piece really took off.




“Stash” 11.2.96 – More from Phish’s upcoming Coral Sky release

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383 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Florida ’96”

  1. Robear Says:

    butter! top of the mornin’ fella.

    rain started pretty hard yesterday afternoon. rained pretty hard all night. this morning? about 6 trucks so far, heading up my forest service road. the first big rain brings EVERY body up to check their illicit crops on NF land. It’s a yearly ritual. This year, more rigs than ever though.

    and still raining.

  2. Robear Says:

    Tron, the glow worm had to have been 40′-50′ long at points. Quite the experience. I called it ‘Spontaneous Cooperation’. Thought it boded well, going into the New Year and all. Turns out, the world is still phucked, and not much cooperation. At least we have our little Phish Oasis from time to time 😛

  3. Mr.palmer Says:

    Giant glow ring worms at MSG were epic. Had a 400 level seat for Nye that year. Went in early with my taper/geek friends and raged in the tapers section all night. Those nerds know how to party.

    40 years ago today the world lost Jimi Hendrix. Respect….

  4. BeantownBoy Says:

    Mornin’, BB!

    Ah, Robear bringing back the memories of this time of year when I balanced my studies at HSU with helping the farmers in SoHum and Blue Lake.

    Best wishes for a bountiful harvest to you and yours.

  5. El Duderino Says:

    You’ll find that the best drugs are in the “TaperSection”

  6. butter Says:

    they are saying 30% chance today and 50%tomorrow

    it will rain, just a matter of time, the ground is wet and the sky is grey

    i wonder if C got rained on at Furthur?

  7. butter Says:

    thats crazy with the trucks , Robear

    big diesel pickups or bigger?

  8. Robear Says:

    nice palmer. let’s get some BBFFL advice out of the way, before everyone wakes up!

    BB, no way I could have struck a balance between school and the bounty’s of Humboldt harvest season. Kudos to you, my friend.

    Flacco or Ryan? ( I know)

    How’s Nicks’ ankle looking?

    Does Shonn Greene bounce back this week?

  9. Jtran Says:

    One of my roommates in UT this past winter worked the harvest before coming to Alta. Plenty of interesting stories, sounded like a blast. Wish I could do that one of these years.

    Yesterday I also decided that 12/2/95 Tweezer is *maybe* my favorite version.

  10. Robear Says:

    @ butter, all sizes. the locals have their full-size american pick-ups, gas or diesel. The asian mobsters drive the small four door Nissan / Toyota small size pick-ups. It must be a traffic jam up there this morning, no joke! I try to stay out of their business, as I hope they stay out of mine. Can be a bit unnerving though. The federalies and the rain take a chunk out of their projects every year. And here we chill on private property, all rain protected.

  11. Diron Baker Says:

    nothing takes the bitternes of still having to search for Halloween tickets away like a great Stash (video!) and some Mike’s Groove! I had forgotten those shows were with Karl Perazzo…in fact, I had forgotten which of those I saw…

    (of course I didn’t see West Palm, and I remembered that- not teribly dissapointing either. To me- that’s like Kid Rock or the Pranksters showing up, kinda cute, kinda funny, nice to say- I was there, but not a great contribution to the music)

    I was glad to remember that I was at the 10.29 show- and the Mike’s IS SMOKIN! Especially at the 6:30 mark where Trey starts laying back, Karl kicks it in… to the reprise at 9:20- where it could go anywhere! And where does it go?

    Dark, funky places with a mellow, laid back groove!
    That’s what I remember about being in Florida in Fall 96.. how chill it was!

    Thanks Minor!

  12. Robear Says:

    Tron, you heading to Utah this winter???? That’s a visit I could manage. LOVE the snow up there. Only been boarding once, but it was magnificent!

  13. butter Says:

    Set 1
    Here Comes Sunshine
    On the Road Again
    Estimated Prophet
    Lost Sailor
    St. Circumstance
    Golden Road

    Set 2
    Scarlet Bagonias
    Bird Song
    Uncle John’s Band
    Mountain Song
    Terrapin Suite
    St. Stephen
    Sugar Magnolia

    Playin’ in the Band (reprise) > Touch of Gray

    here is the Furthur set Mr. C was at last night

    first song HC sunshine, last song Touch of Grey, it had a weather vibe to the setlist

  14. LysergicStormtrooper Says:

    Wow. After watching Julius, Hood, and Stash just now its safe to say this Coral Sky dvd is going to be incredible. I have not listened to a Stash this evil in awhile. The Hood is top shelf aswell.

  15. Mr.palmer Says:

    I’m starting Flacco over Palmer. Think they play each other, no? Not sure who Atl has this week.

    Nicks, from the local papers, looks good to go. Tough because Sunday night games you gotta roll the dice. He says he’s fine as does coach.

    Greene will have a better game this week.

  16. BeantownBoy Says:

    @ Robear

    All in the mindset and during my first 3 years it wasn’t a full-time occupation. However, senior year when we blew up both the house and a neighbor’s land…that was a bit hectic.

    Told my parents that I “won” a full academic ride for that year’s tuition where in reality it was all paid for by the beautiful bounty that we ran down to the City.

    Damn, just thinkin’ about it makes me wish that I could open a Mason jar right now and take a long, strong huff.

  17. Robear Says:

    ATlanta gets AZ at home today.

    Itching to start Nicks, after he racked up 25 pts. on my bench last week!

    You’re a funny guy. Greene would have to REALLY try to put up worse stats than last week.

  18. butter Says:

    Nug Life

  19. Mr.palmer Says:

    Robear. There is a game today?

  20. butter Says:

    its Sunday in Humboldt

  21. Robear Says:

    nah, just college. trying to get an early start, ya’ know?

    I wish the NFL did have a saturday game or two. Heck, now they have college games on Thursday and Friday.

  22. Robear Says:

    ‘It’s always Sunday in Humboldt’ (new tv series in the making…..)

  23. butter Says:


  24. Jtran Says:


    Not going back out west this year..got a job in Burlington that’s keeping me grounded. 1.5 weeks into being a real person, it’s alright.

    I’ll be out for a week to ski/visit friends, but that’s all I can manage.

    At least I’m close to fall tour and NYE (hopefully). Found out yesterday that our company holiday is the 31st, so hoping that the 1/1/11 show pans out. 1 vacation day (30th), 3 shows.

  25. sumodie Says:

    Told my parents that I “won” a full academic ride for that year’s tuition where in reality it was all paid for by the beautiful bounty that we ran down to the City.

    ^ this does not compute 8)

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