Weekend Nuggets: Florida ’96


11.3.1996 O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL < Torrent

11.3.1996 O’Connell Center, Gainesville, FL < Megaupload

O'Connell Center - Gainesville, FL

In the days following their transformative Halloween in Atlanta, Phish headed back to Florida with Karl Perazzo along for his third and fourth consecutive shows. After their well-documented escapade at Coral Sky in West Palm Beach, the band played this show at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Perazzo played his final two sets before Phish traveled to the Midwest, off and running on their percussive pathway to 1997. Remain In Light took immediate effect as the band continued their collaborative grooving. Check out the late-set “Tweezer” for a show-stopping  highlight featuring this  emerging style of improv.


Jam of the Weekend:

Mike’s Song” 10.29.96 II

Phish blew up this second set “Mike’s Song” in Tallahassee, Florida, the show before Halloween. The band got some down-low practice during “Mike’s” second jam as they grooved significantly on Talking Head’s “Houses In Motion.” With Karl Perazzo on board, this piece really took off.




“Stash” 11.2.96 – More from Phish’s upcoming Coral Sky release

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383 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Florida ’96”

  1. BingosBrother Says:

    Mornin BB.

    Happy anniversary robear jr.

    I’m getting NUG LIFE tattoed on my torso, thanks butter. Saw 2 dudes at Alpine who had “Dude” and “Sweet” tattooes. Serious bromance there.

    This Mikes is groove city.

  2. halcyon Says:

    Yeah Southern Sun is closer to 36 which brings us to Broomfield. Any of the other Breweries sound good too.

    I wish I was at the Beer Fest in Denver. By the time I remember to buy tickets, it is already sold out. Over 50000 Beer connoisseurs expected to attend.

  3. Jtran Says:

    I love set 2 from the show 10 years ago.

  4. Mitch Says:

    prices on strats went up this year. i sold a sunburst one in mint condition that was a few years old for more than i bought it for on craigslist cause the prices rose.

    check out nyc craigslist while out east.

  5. KWL Says:

    what is the flac to alac converter people are using?

  6. KWL Says:

    thanks mitch, i bought this one a year ago off CL just to have in CO, and it came with a decent fender amp, for $250. pretty sure i can get 250 for just the guitar and have the amp for free now

  7. Mitch Says:

    i paid like 425 when i bought it, came with a gig bag. i bought an amp for 100. sold the pair for 500 i think and had the guitar since 06 and it was an 05 or 04 fender. didnt play it so it was still mint. maybe i got 550 with all the stuff. dont recall.

    trust, nyc craigslist is where the money is at

  8. KWL Says:

    thanks for the tip mitch, if i can’t get rid of it in CO before I leave i’ll try nyc CL

  9. butter Says:

    Bingos -get it son, in the Old English font

    Saw 2 dudes at Alpine who had “Dude” and “Sweet” tattooes. Serious bromance there.

    ^lol @ turbor bromance

  10. butter Says:

    ^turbo bromance

  11. KWL Says:

    mitch, you got mail

  12. butter Says:

    i have been converting all my flacs to AIFF

    does anyone know the difference between AIFF and ALAC?

  13. Robear Says:

    Butter, according to C, et al., ALAC is apple’s own version of ‘lossless’. Apparently the ALAC files take up less space than AIFF / WAV files, and would therefore allow you to have more shows on an iPod or whatever.

    AIFF, WAV, and ALAC are all ‘lossless’. You have to use iTunes to convert to ALAC if you desire.

  14. sumodie Says:

    @butter: hey, mornin’ to you too

    as for fall shows I’ve lined up Augusta through Halloween

    since I live within 4 hours of the Augusta>Manchester shows, they were unmissable

    and while AC itself doesn’t thrill me, well, I learned last year that a 3-day phish-o-ween can’t be beat

    (I’m praying hard that any other shows between fall tour and NYENYC are far far away from western MA, lol)

  15. butter Says:

    just found this site that answers questions like the one i posted above:


  16. butter Says:

    thanks Robear

  17. butter Says:

    that will be a great run sumodie, see you in AC

    hopefully some west coast theatre action pans out for december, thus your prayers coming true 😉

  18. sumodie Says:

    i’m all for the west coast getting more phish, with or without me

  19. Robear Says:

    @ butter, sad as it may be, that december runs not happening. nothing on deck between Halloween and NYE run, says Stoney Case

  20. El Duderino Says:

    Only the American Standard Strats are worth anything.

    Mexican/Japan made Strats are not.

  21. butter Says:

    really, my warfield guys say differently

    but there super stoned all the time

  22. butter Says:

    i’m sure your right Robear, just trying to keep the glimmer of hope alive

  23. BrandonKayda Says:

    10/29/96 Mike’s is hot – I just listened to it for the first time now, it’s great

  24. Jtran Says:

    JOTDing now. Loving the first Mike’s jam, really original, sick Perzzo.

  25. Jtran Says:

    llfa BK, I’m doing the same

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