Weekend Nuggets: Uncle Ebenezer


6.14.1995 Mud Island Amphitheatre. Memphis, TN < Torrent

6.14.1995 Mud Island Amphitheatre. Memphis, TN < Megaupload

Mud Island

Taking this week’s “Jam of the Day” theme right through “Weekend Nuggets,” this installment is all about ‘Tweezers.” This Memphis show from Summer ’95 contains the “Mud Island Tweezer,” one of the most extended and iconic explorations of the song in their career. At a time when the band continued pushing boundaries of jam-length and abstraction, this “Tweezer” clocked in at over 50 minutes, but when listening, boredom never comes into play. One of the most famous versions taboot, if you haven’t heard this, clear an hour of your time, sit back, and relax. Phish dropped one for the record books on the banks of the Mississippi.

I: Don’t You Wanna Go, Gumbo, NICU, Mound, Cavern, Possum, All Things Reconsidered, Amazing Grace*, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Spock’s Brain, Split Open and Melt

II: 2001 > Poor Heart, Tweezer > Acoustic Army, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

E: Simple, Rocky Top, Tweezer Reprise

Source: Neumann RMS 190i


7.31.09 (G.Lucas)

Type II Trivia Results: With little competition on day 2, “Rippin'” Ross Bellenoit ran away with this contest with a remarkable 26 out of 30 points! Identifying every track and only missing a couple specific dates – what I thought was most impressive is that he only missed one year out of ten. By blowing away the competition, Ross wins his choice of CD: Trey’s TAB at the Tabernacle or Mike’s Moss. Kudos, Ross! Jeff D. put in a  a noble effort, nailing half the selections, while Brad P. rounded out the double-digit scorers with 11. The entire results  and answers are below. (If your name is not listed, it is because you scored no points. Better luck next time.) Thanks for playing!

  1. Ross B. – 26 pts
  2. Jeff D. – 15
  3. Brad P. – 11
  4. Ethan W. – 8
  5. Andrew B, Lex P – tied w/4
  6. Dave L, Ryan B, George – tied w/3
  7. Dagan S, Chris – tied w/2
  8. Matt P, Rick D – tied w/1


  1. “Bathtub Gin” 9.29.00 – Las Vegas
  2. “Simple” 12.6.96 – Las Vegas
  3. “Reba” 5.28.94  – Laguna Seca
  4. “AC/DC Bag” 8.9.98 – VA Beach
  5. “Wolfman’s” 9.24.99 – Austin
  6. “Free” 11.22.95 – Landover, MD
  7. “David Bowie” 11.26.94 – Minneapolis
  8. “Stash” 11.13.97 – Las Vegas
  9. “Mike’s” 12.7.95 – Niagara Falls
  10. “Disease” 6.15.00 – Osaka, JP


Jam of the Weekend:

Tweezer > Taste” 8.17.97 II

Let’s take “Tweezer” week right through the weekend. Here’s the Great Went’s laid-back afternoon funk fiesta for your Saturday enjoyment.




“Tweezer” 7.31.09 – Red Rocks (multicam) Pt. 1

Part 2

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346 Responses to “Weekend Nuggets: Uncle Ebenezer”

  1. themanatee Says:

    that 12/6/97 remaster def sounds way better! thanks

  2. jtran Says:

    As good a time to ask as any I suppose. What does slf stand for?

  3. garretc Says:

    12/8/95 Antelope

    Holy shit

  4. garretc Says:

    That would be


    It’s a Big Lebowski thing (the phrase, not the acronym, i believe)

  5. Mr.Palmer Says:

    I leave you with this:


    When you die, have your cremated ashes pressed into a vinyl record…

  6. Gavinsdad Says:

    Jtran – u got the fever…it’s not gonna let up when you go inside the freezer this Fall and NYE run. Same goes for anyone else.

    5am wakeup for our return flight. Sorry for the kind of weird travelogue posts but I just dig this place. Keeps me fired up. Nite from Dublin.

  7. butter Says:


    i just love “mountains in the mist” from telly

    i gotta admit, i was a little too cool for school/jaded when it was dropped live at Telly

    i just absolutely love it, 3rd spin today

  8. butter Says:

    Shout out to Dublin……safe travels Gavinsdad

  9. butter Says:

    Halcy, if you are in the NY area are you really going to skip NYE?????

  10. DukeOfLizards Says:

    Ticket-hunting question – different names, different cards, same billing address is no problem? Right? Doesn’t, like, drop you to a lower-priority order or anything like that?

  11. phoammhead Says:


    @Duke – I’m also interested in the answer to this question.

  12. thedayman Says:

    oh yeah, just rallied a crew for nye phish nyc, heres prayin for tix in the lotto, folks! best of luck to all y’all in the lotto!

  13. halcyon Says:

    I know Butter, but I haven’t visited my family in 2 years. That might call for family first time over NYE time. Although that would be the show to hit. I am putting in for both however 😉

  14. joemeg Says:

    “Ticket-hunting question – different names, different cards, same billing address is no problem? Right? Doesn’t, like, drop you to a lower-priority order or anything like that?”

    Can’t say for sure about priority, but I don’t think it does. My and my wife always both do orders and we have both gotten tickets. I got Halloween this time, so I think you’re alright from the same address as long as it is different credit cards and different names.

  15. halcyon Says:

    So I have a friend in Thailand who is Thai and I hit translate on her FB profile after a message I sent and this is what I got:

    Have a happy girl friend ค่ะ you love to dominate as long long time. A full house of customers all over the country and I ค่ะ her grandson


  16. joemeg Says:

    that should have been me and my wife

  17. butter Says:

    2 years is a long time….gotcha Halcy

  18. DukeOfLizards Says:


    Thanks. The fine print mentions same person, same billing address, but not different people. Oh well, the die is cast at this point.

    Anyone here familiar with Perpetual Groove? Thoughts?

  19. halcyon Says:

    My father in law grew some Naga Jolokia Peppers also known as the Ghost Chili. They are the hottest peppers in the world. He mailed some out, and I just ate a tiny piece (no bigger than my nail on my pinky finger, and 20 minutes later my mouth is still on fire. WOW.

    For a quick background on this pepper.

  20. DukeOfLizards Says:

    By the way, friggin unreal moon tonight.


  21. Mitch Says:

    Guess I should post this here as well as everywhere else.

    I am looking for a roommate to live with in Brooklyn. If anyone has a friend that needs a chill (uber phan) to get a place with, please let me know. Looking to move in by Nov 1 but mid Oct would be choice.

    gorgemango at facemelt dot net


  22. Mitch Says:

    sooner I get this new spot, the sooner we can coordinate crashing plans for NYE.

  23. KWL Says:

    somebody help out mitch! stat!!

  24. Mitch Says:

    I was not too cool for school at Telly during that Mtns in the Mist.

    “but I am here at least” WOOOOOO!!!!

    I could see myself being too cool for that song pre-Telly but from now on, its always gonna take me back there.

  25. KWL Says:

    checking the usual channels and (the few) people holding 10/31 extras are being pretty demanding.

    come onnnnnnnnn tm re-release.

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