Monday Morning Music

12.29.09 (Wendy Rogell)

Some beautiful music to start the week…


Reba” 5.16.95 – Lowell, MA

This haunting and exploratory version is one of “Reba’s” most impressive outings.



Slave” 11.29.95 II – Nashville, TN (w/ Bela Fleck)

A gorgeous collaboration with Bela Fleck on banjo.



Harry Hood” 11.16.96 II – Omaha, NE

A version made famous by “the note” that Trey holds for almost four minutes, this “Harry Hood” showcases a band locked, loaded and inspired during November of ’96.



Sneakin’ Sally” 8.8.98 I – Merriweather Post

Some swanky funk from the first set of Merriweather ’98.



YEM” 11.14.98 II – Cincinatti, OH

In this relative dark-horse from Fall ’98, Trey loops a rhythm pattern and narrates an expressive solo atop his own – and Phish’s – dynamic groove.



12.4.09 (Graham Lucas)


510 Responses to “Monday Morning Music”

  1. halcyon Says:

    KWL’s wallet = Wook Down

  2. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    “My staff cried, which was hard.” come on now. no need to get pornographic.

    kaya, you had me laughing out loud for that one. scared the dog even. good stuff.

  3. Luther T. Justice Says:

    I felt like I needed to take a break here at work to give ‘ol mango a big virtual man hug…

    Been listening to the 10-20-07 Phil & Friends w/Trey (on lock down in northern NY). MONSTER 2nd set. Wowzers.

  4. Mitch Says:

    her: ya, to waterwheel

    w00k down for everybody!

    ^jesus, FTW for ms kwl!!!

  5. Mitch Says:

    big ol online man hug to you too bro

  6. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Til later folks. Time for bingers with the wife followed by whatever crappy TV show she wants to watch. Gonna give The Event another chance.

  7. KWL Says:

    reprising earlier ticket convo:

    be on the lookout on places like craigslist right about how. since mail orders are arriving, people will be trying to unload extras

    (checked denver CL, top post is 2 extra broomfields, w/ a picture of the mail order tix)

  8. Type III Jamming Personality Disorder Says:

    ’bout to do the exact same thing myself, palmer. well, almost. wife is already abed and the binger is upstairs. glass it is then. but the event part. that’s the same. so really, overall, not that much the same after all.

  9. themanatee Says:

    well silly willy then – if you want to talk with a public defender in portland i can put you in touch with someone.

  10. BeantownBoy Says:

    @ Mitch

    Sorry to hear the news.

    I’ve was in a similar position when an ex walked out on me and resulted in tons of unplanned upheaval in my life that wasn’t my choice. At the time I didn’t know what to make of it, but now 5 years later it was the best gift she ever gave me.

    Just remember to breathe and that tour is a great place to sort out one’s troubles.

    In that regard, I’ll be rolling with a few Lion of Judahs stuffed with fall harvest’s bounty to repay your kindness from Philly, last Fall, when we meet up in Providence.

  11. Mitch Says:

    8) 🙂 beantown duder, thanks

  12. dognamedwilson Says:

    @lycan,if you’re out there…I sent you an email.

  13. Lycanthropist Says:


    got it earlier…

    gonna have a CF sampler for download soon

  14. Jtran Says:

    Anyone else watch The Event again tonight?

    I like what’s going on so far.

  15. Henry Says:

    Was there a bad Tweezer in 94??

  16. BTB Says:

    “i turn around looking for my dog when i drop chips on the floor…”

    Mtich- hang in there pal

  17. Prince Nabby Says:

    Good evening BBers. It’s forever since I was last here. I hope everyone’s doing well!

  18. Tzara's Ghost Says:

    Geez everyone goes to bed so early these days. Must be sleep loading up for tour.
    And BK back at school definitely impacts night crew.

  19. lot rat Says:

    greetings minerites-2 questions…

    1. Will ACL be on ICLIPS?

    2. Is trey gonna sack up and lay a TAB tour on the west coast first week of december. DEN->MISSOULA>PORTLAND>TAHOE>SF x 2>LA.

  20. sumodie Says:

    Are all PTBMs GH themed?

    anyone know?

  21. Prince Nabby Says:


  22. Mr.Miner Says:

    halloween hendge?

  23. Mr.Miner Says:

    or massive teaser….i haven’t seen all of em yet

  24. Prince Nabby Says:

    They are? Wow. Mine haven’t arrived yet, although most of my tix were of the TicketFucker variety

  25. Prince Nabby Says:

    And evenin’ to you, Miner 🙂

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