Ghost Stories

6.24.10 - Camden (Graham Lucas)


Jams of the Day:

Here are two scorching and under the radar, first-set “Ghosts” from Fall ’98.

11.15.98 Murfreesboro, TN



11.19.98 Winston-Salem, NC




11.24.1998 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT < Torrent

11.24.1998 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT < Megaupload

Keeping in line with the musical theme of the day, this show from New Haven Coliseum during Fall ’98 features a rather large “Ghost,” as part of a powerful, set-opening “Ghost > Halley’s > Tweezer” triumvirate.

I: Down with Disease, The Moma Dance, Ginseng Sullivan, Stash, Brian and Robert, Limb By Limb, Sample in a Jar, Tela, Chalk Dust Torture

II: Ghost > Halley’s Comet > Tweezer > Possum, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Character Zero

E: Suzy Greenberg*, Tweezer Reprise

*w/ Dude of Life on vocals

Source: Schoeps CMC6/MK41 > Apogee AD1000 > Sony TCD-D8

802 Responses to “Ghost Stories”

  1. willowed Says:

    This Hood>Tweezer from JB need s to get more play time in these ears

  2. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Kind of OT, but I have, on more than one occasion, played To Lay Me Down or Brokedown, or Attics on the piano as a way of sealing the deal with some clueless chick. Girls who have no clue about the dead melt with songs like that (dead chicks melt on those tunes too). Thank you for the chords.

  3. willowed Says:

    Ok boys…my daughter is taking over. she needs to watch her Scooby Doo on the computer.

    Talk to you later

  4. ThePigSong Says:

    how many lottery entries do you guys reckon gets me in the door?

  5. phoammhead Says:

    laterz Willowed!

  6. ThePigSong Says:

    counting a few folks that plan to attend (but give us two of the four) I’m down for seven.

  7. Leo Weaver Says:

    I know that delivery will make duder’s day @phoamm! See you in Chucktown!

    @willowed…what a time, no doubt! Damn good times up in Hartford…tough knowing I won’t be up there for any fall shows…but NYE is starting to eat away at that little corner of my brain.

    And looks like Mrs. Weaver has red wine on the front porch…good evening for it, better see what’s going on.

  8. phoammhead Says:


    ^10,000 dollar question

  9. phoammhead Says:

    later Leo!

    I’m out, too – see ya’llz!

  10. halcyon Says:


    I use LT at work, and recently upgraded to 2010. Mainly there was some menu changes, and minor toolbar changes. It seems bulkier, and uses more RAM and processes to run smoothly. It slows down the computer. We don’t need to upgrade LT for the work I do, and I went back to 2007 due to its ease of use, and familiarity. I do jump on it now and then to work, but I work at rotating computer stations and it is only on one computer, and the others have 2007.

  11. Mr. Completely Says:

    forgot Comes a Time, which is hilarious, because that tune absolutely followed me around to the point that I was wondering exactly what message Jerry was trying to send me!

    There might be other versions as good as 5-9-77, but none better

    Fall ’71 versions are prized for the extra verse, and falsetto Jerry hit on the last “empty cup” line

  12. Mr. Completely Says:

    Attics was kind of the ultimate bustout but it’s not a Jerry ballad so I wasn’t counting it…incredible song…one of my wedding tunes

  13. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Black Peter was always one of my favorites too. Such a heartfelt song.

  14. Aquaman Says:

    Evening folks.

    Quick pop in, I will have to read back later.

    Just stopped to say, I like phish. Oh and I am rocking the 11.09.1996 – Swept Away > Steep > Harry Hood.

    Mad Steep quotes everywhere on the intro to Hood.

    Total awesomeness.

    Shades of the Meat-‘lope many years later at the Allstate Arena.


  15. Mr. Completely Says:

    it took me awhile to realize Comes a Time was a real rarity because I saw it at far above the statistical likelihood…same with They Love Each Other…I was like “what do you mean you haven’t seen TLEO, I caught 3 of them last year” [gets slapped]

  16. Lycanthropist Says:

    goodness the Grateful Dead catalog can be soo overwhelming

    im still diggin through 74 and DPs…

  17. Mr. Completely Says:

    this was in the uphill both ways in the snow days of yore when we didn’t all have deadbases and websites and whatnot to fill in the geeky details, just big stacks of torn up Dupree’s Diamond News handouts…

  18. Mr. Completely Says:

    based on your tastes Lycan you’re doing the right thing

    after 74 just hit 73 and then 72 and if you even need a high energy rock break jump to May ’77 for a minute

    but 72-74 is your gold mine, I’m pretty certain, just musically speaking

  19. guitarpicker420! Says:

    Ah DDN. Those were the days. I remember pouring over the setlists of the shows previous to get some idea of what might be in store and what was off the table. I’ve still got a few somewhere, stained with the detritus of a night of partying with the dead, but legible still.

  20. Lycanthropist Says:

    yeh so far its been everything i was looking for with the Dead.

    some sick jazz influenced free jamming..

    love it.

  21. Mr. Completely Says:

    “musically speaking” i.e. not counting the emotional power of latter era Jerry ballads.

    Another uber rarity = She Belongs to Me

    Richmond ’85 version = one of the greatest Jerry ballad guitar solos ever

    that set also has a great High Time and amazing Comes a Time with extended outro solo


    on the Jerry solo side I am a huge fan of his versions of the Dylan semi-obscurity Going, Going, Gone

    he did it with Merl, there are some great versions from ’74, and then broke it out for some of the acoustic Jerry & John sets in ’82

    really an incredible song!!!


    Also the Sitting in Limbo from 5-21-76 JGB (official release “Don’t LEt Go” has another one of those Jerry solos that’s so crystalline-perfect it’s kind of hard to comprehend.

    Finally, it’s a first set song, but Peggy-O always really moved me in similar ways….

    9-3-77 is my go-to and contains yet another of those absolutely perfected melodic solos.

  22. gavinsdad Says:

    well anyway, i think i am in love with Tal Wilkenfeld.

  23. guitarpicker420! Says:

    I’ll Take A Melody can be really great in the Garcia solo projects as well. And of course, Simple Twist of Fate and I Shall Be Released.

  24. Luther T. Justice Says:

    Tal is HOT! @gdiddy

  25. gavinsdad Says:

    ps….i couldn’t agree with you more C re: Jeff Beck and trust me i’ve tried.

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