Ghost Stories

6.24.10 - Camden (Graham Lucas)


Jams of the Day:

Here are two scorching and under the radar, first-set “Ghosts” from Fall ’98.

11.15.98 Murfreesboro, TN



11.19.98 Winston-Salem, NC




11.24.1998 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT < Torrent

11.24.1998 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT < Megaupload

Keeping in line with the musical theme of the day, this show from New Haven Coliseum during Fall ’98 features a rather large “Ghost,” as part of a powerful, set-opening “Ghost > Halley’s > Tweezer” triumvirate.

I: Down with Disease, The Moma Dance, Ginseng Sullivan, Stash, Brian and Robert, Limb By Limb, Sample in a Jar, Tela, Chalk Dust Torture

II: Ghost > Halley’s Comet > Tweezer > Possum, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Character Zero

E: Suzy Greenberg*, Tweezer Reprise

*w/ Dude of Life on vocals

Source: Schoeps CMC6/MK41 > Apogee AD1000 > Sony TCD-D8

802 Responses to “Ghost Stories”

  1. Mr.Palmer Says:

    10/10/10 or 1/1/11 wild dates phish is choosing to play.

  2. KWL Says:

    hopped on this deer creek 99 torrent

    never heard it before

  3. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Although Phish did open 16 shows with Mike’s. (thanks zzyxz) so i guess there could be some, not so hot shows.

  4. neemor Says:

    If I DON’T get a PH ticket that says 10/10/10 or 1/1/11, I’m ending it

  5. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    nOOb computer question:

    I’m trying to speed up my computer by dumping lots of music from my desktop to my external HD. Does anyone know if that alone will free up memory, or do I need to prune iTunes as well?

    For some reason I don’t just drop stuff right onto my external. I just back up everything on it every once in a while. Do you all just keep that sucker plugged in and filling all the time?

    If I could figure out how to keep my desktop lighter and faster, Mrs Pronoia would probably be more open about constant music downloading…

    As long as I’m asking dumb question I should know the answers to, does using a Mac still safeguard you from viruses, or could I have some kind of worm/virus-thingy sponging up my speed?

  6. jdub Says:

    So I’m going to 10/10/10 with Stup who is seeing his 10th and my sister who is seeing number 1. And I can’t stop daydreaming about these small, GA, indoor Phish shows. I put on some Phish and my mind does the rest. Less than 2 weeks away and the timing couldn’t be better.

  7. Mr.Palmer Says:

    oh, i’m getting a 1/1/11 ticket. No doubt about it.

  8. Leo Weaver Says:

    yeah @butter…been a nice evening here…relatively cool weather (finally), front porch, red wine, bane, and an awesome dinner of baked lemon pepper fish, steamed broccoli, corn on the cob and salad…everything except the broccoli from today’s visit to the farmer’s market. well, wine and bane aren’t from the farmer’s market but bane is maybe local…Leo’s a happy man right now.

    @lycan…you’ve got my number. We’ll be around all weekend. I’ve got a deadline on Friday but am hoping to get everything wrapped up on Thursday. If I get done, then yeah, Thursday night drinks sound good.

  9. neemor Says:

    I want a 1/1/11 ticket.
    Palmer’s getting one.
    I want one.
    He brings me Antelope’s.

  10. jdub Says:

    Although it is tough having to convince the wife it is ok to fork over more money for more tickets so soon.

    I may just have to stick to Worcester and 1/1/11. Poor me.

  11. gavinsdad Says:

    i need to see phish live asap.

  12. gavinsdad Says:

    Neems – do i really have to say it?

  13. jdub Says:

    I’m having withdrawel symptoms @Gdad.

  14. KWL Says:

    i would like GD to say it

  15. jdub Says:

    @Dr. P. I’m curious myself about your solution. My mac has slowed way down and I figure it has to do with the ever increasing amount of music. We just got an external drive just for music and plan on relocating a lot of stuff.

  16. gavinsdad Says:

    its kind of ridiculous @jdub but funny and dire as well. says something about how the band is playing these days and what we all think they are capable of at a moments notice.

  17. KWL Says:

    Dr P, make sure ‘copy files to itunes media folder’ is not checked in your itunes preferences. if it is, you have 2 copies of each album/show you put in your itunes (sorry if you know this already)

  18. jdub Says:

    Was on a phish site called and they had a KP’s Big Cypress remix for download. And of course it is labeled as “Kenny Powers Remix” and in Apple Lossless format. Are boy is getting viral.

  19. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    thanks KWL. Just realized that I have 2 versions of everything, not just on my iTunes but on my wife’s desktop.

    So by un-checking that box, I’m good from here on out. Can I then delete those media folders without jeopardizing the iTunes?

    Thanks man, hopefully this speeds things up…

  20. KWL Says:

    uncheck the box and it will just stop copying the files over

    but as far as i know it will not delete the copies

    however, if you manually go delete those copies, then you have to tell itunes where to go find all your music

    and as soon as you move it, itunes can’t find it anymore until you tell it where to look

    possibly quite tedious

    conversely, you could delete all the original files and leave all your music in the itunes folder (the copies)

  21. Jtran Says:

    Evening night crew.

    2 things

    1. after a nice dinner > hang with the slf 12/31/93 Hood is really doing it for me. Eliciting emotions, that’s for sure.

    2. Morning Dew from Europe 72 is nice.

    3 week+ until live Phish for me. Can not wait

  22. Nagarjuna Says:

    howdy folks

    all this GD ’73 talk gets me amped

    did myself a favor recently and downloaded flacs of 10/1973 OK city (dick’s picks 19). this was an old maxell favorite of mine that i lost years ago. don’t know if it’s been hit on already as 73 recommendation but oh lord is it good for me. highlights include sick playin, darkstar>mlb>melt into what i see as the one of the most soulful, phil bombing dews ever, great china>rider, great eyes>stella. bloody hell that band was on fire.

    @c, also a huge fan of that 5/9/77 comes a time. such beauty. that night is my favorite help>slip>franklin’s ever too. prolly not an original opinion there.

  23. KWL Says:

    dont know if that last post made sense, but it comes down to this: (1) you have to manually delete the copies (2) you now have to tell itunes where to ‘find’ your music (which is true anytime you move a file, e.g. to an external)

  24. Dr. Pronoia Says:

    So if you delete the media file folder then iTunes doesn’t have the originals in iTunes (itself)?

    Or does it just pull your music right from itself (originals) instead of from the media folder?

    that’s probably confusing. not sure of the words I’m trying to say.

  25. Jtran Says:

    And downloading 10/20/07 Phil and Trey show for work spin tomorrow, thanks whoever recommended that.

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