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iTour - The Phish Tour App

Before the modern world of navigation systems and the hand-held GPS, Phish tour and atlases went hand in hand. Without any electronic voice guidance or little blue ball to follow, everyone had to make sense of maps that often likened piles of spaghetti after mind-altering shows. But with each subsequent era of Phish, things got a little bit easier. Cell phones burst onto the scene in the latter part of 1.0, integrated navigation systems and Garmins seeped into the scene in 2.0, but hardly anyone had them. And by the time 2009 rolled around, we all carried the Internet in our pocket. Smart phones have rendered Rand McNally useless, and now we don’t even think as we are guided by multiple systems from point A to point B. And now, in Fall 2010, everything just got a little bit easier.

Phish fan, Marc Pechaitis, has rolled out iTour, an iPhone application designed to streamline tour navigation just in time for fall. Instead of Googling your way to venue addresses, restaurants, and liquor stores, let iTour do your work for you. Integrated with Google Maps on your iPhone, simply click on one of seven categories per venue, and iTour flips you to a map with your locales of choice already pinpointed. Choose from “Venue,” “Hotels,” “Restaurants,” Gas,” “Groceries,” “Liquor,” and “Campgrounds,” and the application will inform you of the nearest facilities around the venue. Perfect for both on-the-fly adventure and advance tour planning, iTour is the touring companion that has been begging to be made since Phish and iPhones collided. Available now in Apple’s App Store and at, the kicker is that it is completely free!

Utica "Home Page"

The home page for each show contains the address, phone number, and capacity of each venue, as well the ticket and door times. And as an extra perk, once the shows start happening, the app links directly to each setlist via Beta-tested on summer tour, Pechaitis is debuting the first version of iTour this fall with plans to update and enhance the service with each subsequent tour. He also plans to expand this platform for other touring bands, thus any feedback about iTour is welcome at

Download iTour for for free here, or in the app store here, or search for “iTour.phish” at the App Store on your iPhone. Check it out…


Five Tunes For Friday:

Here are five selections from last week’s Type II Trivia quiz.

8.10.10 (G.Lucas)

Bathtub Gin” 9.29.00 I – Las Vegas



AC/DC Bag” 8.9.98 II – Va. Beach



MSG '09 (G.Lucas)

Reba” 5.28.94 II – Laguna Seca Daze



Wolfman’s” 9.24.99 II – Austin, TX



Stash” 11.13.97 II – Las Vegas



6.24.10 (J.Thomas)

Type II Trivia Update: This week’s quiz is still wide-open with nobody taking a sizable lead in the first day. A few contestants are neck in neck, but no one has an unbeatable or intimidating score. Get those entries in by 7 pm tonight for a chance to win a free TAB or Mike Gordon CD! See yesterday’s post for audio clips and contest.

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708 Responses to “iTour: Phish Tour In Your Pocket”

  1. willowed Says:

    I would like a nice 20 minute dark vultures though

  2. Mr.Palmer Says:

    I’d be down w/ PG @ Carl. No to Hartswick though.

    I think its Bruce, Bowie, or Radiohead.

  3. KWL Says:

    count me in the no classic rock camp

  4. KWL Says:

    actually, count me in the i like it when phish plays phish camp

  5. KWL Says:

    but i’m not gonna miss a 3 setter after a 32 hour drive, they could play tte in each set, along with all the sparkles, bouncins, & samples they want

  6. Mr.Palmer Says:

    KWL- where’s ghostphunk been? Is he hitting AC?

  7. Carl Says:

    Yeah Palmer, I’m thinking Kid A if not PG. Kid A has complete face melt potential!

  8. KWL Says:

    over/under on how many TTEs this fall and nye run

    and how many shows until they play it

    i can see it now: phishies and hipsters all staring at their shoes for 17 minutes in austin

  9. halcyon Says:

    anyone notice that the start time on the 1/1 show is listed as TBD?

    wonder if they have something up their sleeves for that show.

    I want to hear a Buried Alive as a set opener in Broomfield. Get the juices flowin fast.

    Would also like a Sand, Timber, BOFA, Vultures, Waves, and Glide

  10. Albert Walker Says:

    Can, Eno, Berlin era Bowie and possibly Zappa

    def not classic rock

  11. willowed Says:

    No classic rock KWL??? WTF
    A Houses of the oly would be money

  12. KWL Says:

    palmer, he’s busy with work, trying to open a brewery, and has an unexpected kid on the way… so a lot going on

    he’ll be at AC though. i need the 10/31 for him. or me, if i can’t stand to let him miss his first halloween and give him the ticket we have instead of using it myself.

  13. Gratefulcub Says:

    Haven’t all the albums been late 60’s – early 70’s? Remain in Light a bit later, but never anything remotely modern. Maybe it’s time.

    But I would leave Radiohead to Radiohead.

  14. kayatosh Says:

    8.8.2009 it’s ice — $$. not to be missed

  15. Gratefulcub Says:

    Everything on new year’s day is TBD, for me atleast.

  16. Carl Says:

    Halcyon, I noticed that today. Something’s phishy. Nov. 11 is 11/1/11. Wonder if they play that date too. Back at MSG?

  17. DukeOfLizards Says:

    re: Ghost

    I am 0-13 on Ghosts. Never seen one. What are the odds against that?

  18. KWL Says:

    been a while since i’ve fired up the jb #line…

    once i get it pulled go no spoilers style on the 12-28-93 torrent mr p linked earlier

  19. willowed Says:

    I meant Holy not Oly

  20. jdub Says:

    Same boat here with wife and another lottery. She just rolls her eyes and gives me the no comment treatment.

    The “no expectation but I hope it slays” fall tour. Love the first weekend of tour. It’s like spring baseball, the sky is the limit for the home team. I think we might have playoff caliber team with a potential championship within their grasp.

    Rivertrance compromised his cover a few days ago when he posted about that ticket trend site and gave a phish ticket market analysis.

  21. Carl Says:

    i mean nov. 1 is 11/1/11

  22. KWL Says:

    going no spoilers style

  23. angryjoggerz Says:

    First post on new computer, this shit is kinda ill.

    I am lucky with the Ghosts. I have seen one in every setting I have caught them in 3.0 (Alpine, Toyota, Greek, Alpine)(well, not first time Toyota, but still). I love me some Ghost. It was the song that got me really into them.

  24. Gratefulcub Says:

    Duke, i am something like 8 for 50 on Ghosts, but I still feel cheated like I haven’t gotten my fair share. 0 for 13 is quite a streak. you are due.

    It’s funny to me what people chase.

    i have a friend who said this summer, “I wish they would give me my Harpua so I could start enjoying shows again.” He said it in jest, he enjoys shows, but you get the point. It’s all about harpua and Peaches and the like.

    We are opposites. I alwasy offer a swap of 2 Peaches, a Harpua, and a Spock’s Brain for one big Tweezer>Ghost.

    “But how many Tweezers and Ghosts have you already seen??!!??”

    “Not enough, never enough”

  25. halcyon Says:

    Listening to 12-7-95 now, and this antelope is dirty. all 4 of them are in tommy gun style mode blowing every note down

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