A Festi Set

Amounting to an extended warm up for fall tour, Phish played the ultimate festival set in Austin last night that featured a smattering of songs and little creative improv. Staying wholly within the box for the indie festival, the only surprise came in the middle of “Harry Hood’s” jam when the band smoothly segued into “Light” – the biggest and brightest piece in their repertoire right now. But for the first time in memory, Phish didn’t jam the song, ending with its lyrical refrain. This represented the unifying theme of the band’s Austin appearance – no jams. Sounding perfectly proficient the entire night, particularly strong playing came in “Chalk Dust,” “Rock and Roll > 2001,” and “Harry Hood,” but all in all, this was a big pay day for the band and not much else. While I’m sure they had fun headlining a major festival, Phish played the most straight forward show possible with no risks whatsoever, making the night a non-factor for the many fans who didn’t attend – including myself. Even Phish didn’t list Austin City Limits as part of their Fall Tour on their website, because tour starts for real on Sunday. Broomfield awaits…

Down with Disease, Cities, Possum, Wolfman’s Brother, Chalk Dust Torture, Rock and Roll > Also Sprach Zarathustra, Backwards Down the Number Line, Harry Hood > Light,Suzy Greenberg, You Enjoy Myself

E: Cavern, First Tube

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  1. hairy pood Says:

    interesting the hood segued into light, before the “you can feel good” refrain ( as I’ve heard. during hartford’s hood from this year, the jam before the refrain seems to be aching to return to “light.” a friend of mine who hadn’t heard it actually thought they were going into light from tha hood…. continuity throughout career has always been a trademark of the feeesh from ver-monte

  2. hairy pood Says:

    missed some punctuation… meant to imply i have’nt heard austin yet, but attended hartford and have relistened several times

  3. Reverend Justito Says:

    When one writes, there is a way to sound like a bad ass, and a way to sound like a douche. Mr. Miner comes off as a douche here. I love Phish. I love festivals. Fact is festivals are a different vibe then a headline show. From what I get, Phish being the vets that they are did just what you would want them to do at a festival. Judging from the vibe of this post, this makes Mr. Miner a sad panda.

    Seems to me it was the perfect festival set. You got a perfect sample of what Phish is. Quirky songs (Possum, Harry Hood), Raging covers (Rock and Roll>2001), the rock radio hits that never happened (Chalkdust, Suzy) and some mild not boring the folks who saw indie bands all day yet shows you a bit of what Phish is all about. So good for Phish. Sure, it may be a “pay day” yet I think it’s exciting to see Phish at a major music festival. This is something that I feel you would not have seen from Phish version 1.0 or 2.0.

    Oh and for the record, at the Arcade Fire show tonight in LA a lil birdie who had a golden voice shared with me that Phish may very well be making a return to Indio in April. You heard it here first.

  4. Stupendous a.k.a The Beasel Says:

    looks like a good warm up. now bring on the real deal!
    C yall in broomfield!

  5. ThePigSong Says:

    whoever is looking to score NYE for the board – I’ll need all the help I can get 🙂

  6. hairy pood Says:

    i’m lookin for both worcester for me and my dad- it willl be his 2nd and 3rd shows. i took him to his first this year on father’s day. he’s at least 100+ with the dead, but i’m getting him back on the train, he’s loved phish for years, but is finally getting out to see them.

  7. ThePigSong Says:

    Looks like the stream is being broadcast tonight at 9 CST

  8. ThePigSong Says:

    make it a good day folks – I’m gearing up to watch Mich State clobber UofM

  9. Undermind Says:

    The set will be broadcasted on iclips.net @ 9:30 Central tonight!!!!


  10. HarryHood Says:

    Damn it’s early for a Saturday…….. I hate working weekends 🙁

  11. phoammhead Says:

    Don’t sleep on these PTBM

    4xWoosta1 Sec 235
    2xWoosta2 Sec 310
    4xWoosta2 Sec 202

    phoamm at gmail dot com

  12. albert walker Says:

    No fuckin jams, ouch.

    Maybe the far right has made jamming illegal in Texas.

    Bring on Colorado

  13. halcyon Says:

    Rumored 4 Mile Canyon Benefit Lineup
    Salmon (with Keith from SCI and Page)
    YMSB with Fishman
    BHTM (guests TBD)
    Trey/Mike DUO
    SCI with guests TBD

    For AW only 😛
    Trey and Kang DUO

  14. kayatosh Says:

    uneventful in austin. no worries. like miner said, real tour starts tomorrow.

    aw: i’m heavily short the R2K again as of yesterday. Another ill advised move that has me weekend worried (why do i do it? I got down and didn’t feel like bailing on Fri.)

    But the market looks stretched. The only thing going for it is a trashed dollar. seems like a stretched rubber band about to snap back the other way. Any more shoes to fall in Europe? thoughts?

  15. kayatosh Says:

    Reds handed the Phils a win yesterday.

  16. Rob S. Says:

    Jesus H. Christ, Let them play a fun set at ACL for a mixed audience without worrying about “The Jam.”. If I were in Phish, (obv not), I’d love this kind of opportunity, and would have done the same thing.

  17. phoammhead Says:

    And, if you need 10/24, let me know. I have a connection. 8)

    phoamm at gmail dot com

  18. albert walker Says:


    I sold out of all my longs early last week for a decent profit on this last move up. Markets feel stretched and irrational. problem is I see absolutely nothing that will push them down. earnings will look decent. stock aren’t too expensive and the bernahke put is in full effect.

    we just had a meeting at work about re positioning for a grind up through YE. we’ve been positioned for the pullback that never occurred and our throwing in the towel.

    don’t underestimate all the underperforming mutual funds needing to similarly capitulate chasing beta into YE. that’s what we are starting to see now.

    the republicans taking back the house and the implications of Obama waffling on on raises taxes. any kind of announcing of more small business support or tax breaks to business will just be more fuel to the rally

    could we pull back on Monday. yes. do I see a big correction, no. as you know bad data here is once again perceived as good cuz that means more chance of QE2 and stimulus.

    it actually seems Greece is somewhat under control now. hence the strength of the recent euro. China seems to be bottoming after a little slow down.

    slow grind up and low volatility is the worst type of market for our fund. it feels like that is exactly what we will do into YE. I’m thinking about now that I’ve blown out of my longs buying a few grand of call options on the S&P through DEC.

    good luck man.

  19. albert walker Says:


    that’s fucked up

    is that the for real speculation?

    wow I wonder if the Trey and Kangster duet will be summer of 89

  20. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Safe travels AW and you other cats headed to the mountains.

    No problem with the festi set. Its not like it was a surprise to anyone. It’s still a lot better than what i did last night, which is basically nothing. I’ll tune in tonight to watch the re-broadcast. Why not?

  21. kayatosh Says:

    Thank you very much, AW. Your assessment seems spot on, per usual. I will probably exit Monday, one way or another. frustrating.

    saw the weakness from 10 AM until 10:30yesterday and got short. Then it reversed hard (for no apparent reason), and I continued to dig my heels in short rather than getting on the long bus. Got a little sell off into the close to give me some solace.

    I am a daytrader, but couldn’t pull the plug with a big loss, so i’m holding over the weekend.

    Perhaps QE2 (shock and awe) has been overestimated or already priced in.

  22. halcyon Says:


    The first list is the rumored lineup. The Trey/Kang was to kid you. The Trey/Mike Duo sounds interesting.

  23. albert walker Says:

    very cool
    I figured

    although a Kang and Trey personal duet in my hotel room would have been pretty killer

  24. carleethian Says:

    Well, I had a great time at ACL last night. The jams weren’t drawn out at all, but they were thoughtful when we got them. Page was fire.

  25. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Day trading is the most difficult endevours i’ve ever tried. Did it for 2+ years,, Kaya. I couldn’t take the swings anymore. Of course the 2 years i did it were the most difficult trading environment ever, perhaps.

    You have to have a set plan and never, NEVER, deviate from it. Only way to survive. i’ve watched people lose up to 40- 50k in one trade, and one dude lose over 100k because they got stubborn. Remember, the market doesn’t care if your long or short.

    It’s a lot easier to trade other people’s money. when its your own, whole different ballgame.

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