An Invite By Mike

"The Mossery" Invite

Ever the iconoclast, Mike Gordon has announced an out-of-the-ordinary mid-tour event coming up next Monday, October 18, in New York City. While Phish takes two days off between Charleston and Augusta, Mike will celebrate the release of his new album, Moss, with a participatory party in New York. Mike won’t be playing a usual show, but hosting a free event asking audience members to join him on stage jam for jam sessions with intruments to be provided. If you are driving from South Carolina to Maine, this might be the perfect pit stop, or if you’re in New York, head down to Bleeker Street and share this special night with Mike. Details from his website are below:
You’re invited to “The Mossery,” a free-form musical event on the eve of the release of Mike Gordon’s new studio album, Moss. The event will take place at a fully transformed Kenny’s Castaway on Monday, October 18th in New York City. There’s no cost to get in and you can come, explore and leave as you please. Guests will have the chance to pick up Mike’s new album which hits stores on Tuesday.
Attendees will have the opportunity to play along, with Mike on bass. We supply the instruments and mikes and you show up. We can’t guarantee that everyone will get to (it’s first come, first served), but we’ll rotate as many willing participants through as possible, because a rolling stone gathers no moss.
The first half of the event will start at 7:30pm and continue through 9:00pm, at which point we’ll rotate out all folks, making room for the next flock of people. The second half of the event, with all new participants, will begin at 9:30pm and continue through 11:00pm.


For more information, please visit

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769 Responses to “An Invite By Mike”

  1. kenny powers Says:

    thats right Palmer

  2. monsterpus Says:

    and props to you as well, Mr Powers

  3. kenny powers Says:

    dog faced boy!

  4. butter Says:

    Antelope – Spac 2, Greatwoods

  5. Mr.Palmer Says:

    This is a long set.

  6. DukeOfLizards Says:


    Antelope, SPAC 2 and Great W00k Forest this past summer.

  7. kenny powers Says:

    12 songs already…gotta be closer coming up. Lope.

  8. garretc Says:

    Haha, Summer Of ’89 starts up on Broomfield 3 and you can hear exactly one person scream in excitement, and it’s a girl.

    Just thought that was funny…

  9. kenny powers Says:

    Did I fucking call that or what

  10. Mr.Palmer Says:

    lost stream

  11. neemor Says:

    Also back-to-back Antelope’s in Portland and MSG late ’09.

  12. kenny powers Says:

    Nice call Neems. Love that Portland show

  13. Jtran Says:

    Stream was listenable now gone 🙁

  14. neemor Says:

    I like the song “Run Like an Antelope.”
    Well done, KP…
    Hope the next time I see you, you’re saying that shit to me…
    KP:”Dude, Antelope right here.”
    neems: “I’m down.”
    Trey:”Doddle doot doo da doo da doo doo dooooo…..”

  15. neemor Says:

    Front row Portland.
    In front of Mike.
    Oh, did I mention that?
    Yeah….it’s just that…it was fucking sick.

  16. Gavinsdad Says:

    Nice call KP. One helluva set

  17. kenny powers Says:

    Hahaha Neems:

    “I like the song ‘Run Like An Antelope'”

  18. kenny powers Says:

    II like ice cream.

  19. kenny powers Says:

    Ulysses Ronquillo

  20. tela'smuff Says:

    Huge first set

  21. BTB Says:

    Dog faced boy…it happen’d

  22. DukeOfLizards Says:

    I like turtles.

  23. Nagarjuna Says:

    Alright, I had a showdown today between red rocks and Miami tweezer to pick a champ. Fail. Couldn’t do it – it’s like sophie’s choice. Miami is a little smoother/more ambient but red rocks does this deconstruction/build up/step out beginning around 8 min I just love.  Both are dope. 

    Just took a nice bike ride to lil’ nagar’s soccer practice with broomfield Reba cranked. Sometimes being a phish head dad has its perks

  24. mr. murph Says:

    Damn. This set had so much flow. I got a video is pages dad.

  25. kenny powers Says:

    Tits McGee

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