Memories Of The Boardwalk

Trey and Giovanni Hidalgo - 10.31.10 (Michael Stein)


"Little Phish" 10.31.10 (B.Lovelace)


10.30.10 (Matt Wagner)

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639 Responses to “Memories Of The Boardwalk”

  1. KWL Says:

    frankie needs his space

  2. albert walker Says:

    no man it’s cool. always up for a little market talk.

    I only get worked up over cats in capes that hate Little Feat

    trying to motivate myself to hit this treadmill after the chaotic 12 hour day

  3. KWL Says:

    i don’t really have words for how fuckin sick dwd>wtu is

  4. DaNcInG fOoL Says:

    ^seriously, watch that vid i posted, hilarious

  5. KWL Says:

    there was some funny shit a few hours ago starting with chuck d’s suggestions for miner’s book

    gold, jerry, gold.

  6. KWL Says:

    i gotta go cop a 6 pack so i can go to this cat’s crib & get tall, ya dig?

  7. gus Says:

    saw this over at the green board and had to share. HOLY SHIT!

  8. Mr.Miner Says:

    “kinda funny, my bro Pu was back to his old habits of swatting cigs out of kids mouths this run, he used to to do it all the time 10 years ago”

    ^ this is f’n epic! Why haven’t I done this before???

  9. DriveByPoster Says:

    did anyone else notice the humor in the first night of charleston’s juxtaposition of Buffalo Bill and Dog Faced Boy? BB being Fish’s “favorite” song and DFB being his most “hated” phish song. Both songs were also played at Deer Creek this summer.

  10. Mr.Palmer Says:

    Checking in after a long day. Just had Apple give me a new iphone. Had the thing less than two months and it has a mystery bug in its software. Gimme a break.

    Congrats on the good news Miner in re: Book. Can’t wait to read it. You should be proud my man!

    Phish is good.

  11. snowbank Says:

    One more note – I think the rich people (those making millions a year) have done a really good job of pushing the tax burden down the ladder so the rest of us pay way too much in taxes. To us, the idea that you would not take risk to make more money makes sense, to those people it is a joke. They are going to do whatever to make shit tons of money.
    They have most american believing that taxes hurt innovation. They do – but only when the taxes are paid by the people making $100-$300k. If we reduce their taxes and bump the top, it would definitely create more economic activity.

    Here is the other thing though that contradicts what I was saying above. there is some interesting research coming out that should that high income taxes on the really wealthy lead those people to leave profits in their companies. They also make people want to own businesses so that they can control the capital they develop. If you lower taxes, instead of investing in new MFG plants, people take money out and buy yachts.

    So a HUGE part of the movement of MFG jobs to Asia was really about regan’s tax reform and not about cheap labor. The cheap labor thing was a smokescreen to what was really going on… which was that people were cashing out because they could keep more of the money and invest in “equities” whereas before the money would get taxed and you could make more by keeping it invested in the business you own.

    the result is that tons of money poorer into Wall Street as people liquidated their companies in favor of moving the money around. It worked great through the ’90s. The Dot com bubble was more about tons of cash looking for a way to grow artificially than it was about technology.

    Just some thoughts I need to write down somewhere…

  12. albert walker Says:


    I got to see the Custies face when he did it

    I’m a dick at shows. and I start shit with Phishies but that even impressed my ass.

    just slapped that shit right out of his molly rollin ass

    the look on his face was worth my ticket.

  13. snowbank Says:

    Re: Vid… that’ll make your asshole pucker.

  14. tela'smuff Says:

    just poppin in to say i just watched the Disease>WTU vid, and i’m eatin some words. i wasn’t blown away for some reason with that Disease on the SBD’s, but upon watchin the vid, it’s right alongside the Greek Light as my favorite jam of Summer ’10. Particularly, there are two sections that I love. One when Mike and Fish steer the jam, and then when Page leads it towards the end a bit. also, Trey finds a great little theme/jam near the end of Disease (out of the Mike/Fish jam) that is one of the best improve pieces I’ve heard from him 3.0. anyway, that was amazing.

    can’t wait for the book Miner! we’ll send it straight up the Amazon list!

  15. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    @ drivebyposter – even stranger, Not Tom was at both of those shows.

  16. [Not Tom] Marshall Says:

    If I were to pick up and move to Any ski town in CO which one should it be?

  17. William H. Bonney Says:

    Do you know who the top manufacturing country in the world is?

    “The world’s top manufacturing country is the United States, as has been the case since before WWII.” Saved you the reading if too busy, if not check it out. Certainly not the answer everyone likes to throw around.

  18. Mr.Miner Says:


    I got to see the Custies face when he did it

    I’m a dick at shows. and I start shit with Phishies but that even impressed my ass.

    just slapped that shit right out of his molly rollin ass

    the look on his face was worth my ticket.

    ^^ pretty much the most epic shit. LOVE IT!

    Cheers @ Palmer…

  19. Gavinsdad Says:

    McRib is back

    Saw an old CO roomate of mine at AC that I hadn’t seen in 9+ years. Forgot what an absolutely wonderful person she is. We are so lucky if we have good people in our lives.

    So Lycan….chin up friend…power thru…sorry to hear about your current circumstance.

    cop to me was “Yo son, i’ma go cop that waka flocka flame mixtape” or “I gotta go cop a bag of dope” but that’s just me.

    Many distinct phases of Phish this year. Leg 1 and leg 2 very distinct. fall even More so. boys seem to be enjoying themselves AND our participation and love. I leave the debate and dissection to you pros. You guys have taught me much.

    Char Zero at AC actually was slamming. Surprised me.

    My first show of 3.0 seems like decades ago. The Gorge seems like decades ago.

    Flyers Season ramping up.

    Hope everyone got what they needed this year. NYE run is icing. MSG 1 will be the third show so please buckle up if you are attending that show.

  20. sumodie Says:

    If I were to pick up and move to Any ski town in CO which one should it be?

    Jackson Hole

    ok, so it’s in the wrong state, but that’s where I did a 2 year ski bum stint. Epic mountain. Expensive town.

    Telluride CO is pretty frickin awesome though…also not cheap

  21. Mr.Palmer Says:

    love the random McRib comment Gdad…hysterical

    10/30 set I is the best 1st set i’ve seen since the comeback. Wasn’t at Utica, but that one’s tight as well.

  22. butter Says:

    what are you tryin to get bigjig out of lurking with the McRib comment @GD

  23. Gavinsdad Says:

    10/30/10 changed me. Can’t totally quantify how, but I was part of a group transformation. Haven’t listened to a note of it since. Putting it on my iPod tomorrow.

  24. butter Says:

    Char Zero at AC actually was slamming. Surprised me.

    ^i’ve pretty much given up hating any songs due to occurrences like these

    just gotta throw an outro jam onto Velveeta and complete the puzzle

  25. Gavinsdad Says:

    I am fairly sure that I could go toe to toe with BigJig in a McRib off.

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